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  1. BuickBob49, I cannot answer your question authoritatively, as I am not an expert on Buicks, just interested in all makes of American cars. To answer your question, from the Sales Brochure, it says that the Interior is finished in "Super Dull Finish Leather". Also, attached are photos of an actual RHD 39 Buick dash and steering wheel, as well as the page from the Original Sales Brochure. If you are not familiar with this great Brochure Web Site, I am sure that you will find plenty to interest you on it. In addition to a section on USA cars, there is also a section on Canadian and Australia. I have been scanning old car brochures in my collection and sending them in so that everyone can benefit We have to preserve these old pieces of literature, as originals are fast disappearing. Frequently, I hear that when the original older owner dies, his off spring merely discard all old literature into the Garbage Bin. If any reader has any Brochures that are not listed, I am sure that the owner of this Web Site would appreciate good scans. Regards Mercman <><
  2. That is a great picture of a 1939 Buick Special that is for sale in Just Cars Magazine. Notice the split rear window that General Motors Holden fitted to these Australian 1939 Buicks.
  3. General Motors Holden only offered the 1939 Buick Sedans in either Spacial or Century in Australia. It is obvious that this 1939 Buick Limited is an Imported Model. This car is currently undergoing a full restoration in Queensland.
  4. Here are pictures of a Australian Holden Bodied 1939 Buick Special Sedan.
  5. By comparison, here are pictures of the USA Special and Century. Notice the position of the door handles and the one piece rear window.
  6. Thank you all for your comments. I am trying to locate a picture of an Holden built 1939 Buick. The picture that I have is large, but I am unable to tell if it reads Special or Century? In the meantime, these pictures are from the Australian Sales Brochure. You will notice that the door handles are in line with the chrome strips. Another difference is that these Austrian built Buicks have a split rear window, while the USA models have a single piece. These pictures are from the original Australian Sales Brochure.
  7. I meant to tick that I would like any thoughts on this vehicle. Thanks.
  8. In Australia, General Motors Holden offered the 1939 Buick 4 door Sedan in either Special Series 40 or Century Series 60. The Special road a 120 Inch Wheelbase while the Century road a 126 Inch Wheelbase. I recently came across this great picture of a 1939 Buick taken in Queensland's bush. Can anybody determine if this car is a Special or a Century model? Thanks for your help.
  9. Thanks Drwatson for your help. I had the inkling that it may have been Canadian. I am a bit of a Hubcap collector and this one had me completely stumped. The attached picture are the DeSoto Hubcaps in my collection. I have since purchased a 1960-1961 DeSoto Hubcap, not pictured. I think that my DeSoto collection is now complete, except I don't have the rare DeSoto Adventurer hubcaps and am not likely to either. I mark the years on the reverse side for identification. In 1958 and 1959, Chrysler Australia imported DeSoto Firesweeps, so all the others have been purchase from the USA. The earlier DeSotos (and Dodges) sold in Australia up to 1956 were all based on the Plymouth, with the 1955 and 1956 models retaining the same body as the 1954 models with slight changes. Not a cheap hobby with our poor exchange rate and the high cost of postage. I hope that you enjoy the attached pictures.
  10. I have a collection of DeSoto Hubcaps in my collection, but am unable to identify this one? Can anyone identity what year this DeSoto Hubcap is. I can't seem to find any reference for this one? Maybe, it is Canadian? Any help appreciated.
  11. I have a collection of DeSoto Hubcaps in my collection, but am unable to identify this one? Can anyone identity what year this DeSoto Hubcap is. I can't seem to find any reference for this one? Maybe, it is Canadian? Any help appreciated.
  12. I have a friend who is chasing this chrome trim with the V8 molded into it. It is for an Australian 1938 Ford Coupe Ute. The piece that he is looking for is like this. Thanks for your help.
  13. Hi there, This photo was sent to me from a friend, asking if I could identify the car on the right? It looks to have been rebodied? The car on the left appears to be a Vauxhall Sedan. Any help appreciated. Thanks.
  14. Licence Plate says 1922. Thanks all for your help.
  15. Anyone heard of the Clydesdale Truck? This picture was in a 1936 Magazine.Regards Mercman <><
  16. Hi there, Thanks for your help. From this information, I found this picture of the same car in a Museum in New Zealand. Regards, Mercman <><
  17. Can anyone identify this car? Thanks for your help. Regards, Mercman <><
  18. Do you mean like this 1947 Buick Super Sedanet?
  19. For those of you not familiar with these Australian Utes, here is a picture of a fully restored example. This was the last of the full size Ford Utes, as in 1960, the Ute was based on the Falcon.
  20. Thanks to an Australian friend, I have been able to identify this part. It is the rear stone guard for the Australian 1958 Ford Mainline Ute. See attached picture.
  21. This is the one from the 1950 Buick. Hope that these pictures help. Mercman <><
  22. For 1948, the circle got more support with little bars on each side, like that one.
  23. The top parts is Buick, but I don't know what year. This ones is off a 1947 Buick and you can see that the top part is similar, but the mounting part is different.
  24. That lower Hood Trim Piece is off a 1939 Chevrolet
  25. Hi there, A friend of mine has an Australian assembled 1958 Dodge Custom Royal Sedan. Unfortunately, it has non-original Park Light Lens fitted to it. Can anyone help him out? He has a son working in the USA, so if you are able to help him out, I will pass any details onto him. I have added a picture of the correct ones that he is looking for.