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  1. NZCARNERD, You make an interesting point when you say that 10% of the 57 Chev sales still exist in NZ. In Australia, sales of the Chevrolet for calendar year 1957 was 2015. Australia had a much larger population than NZ, but we could only garner this many sales. Bearing in mind that this figure is for Calendar Year, so a big proportion of these would be 56 models. Just for comparison, Calendar years sales for 1956 was 1649 and for 1958, it was 1418. So, some of that 58 total would have been 57 models. Regards the survival rate, I would doubt very much that the survival rate would be that high in Australia. It is a known fact that you Kiwi's take better care of your old cars than we did/do in Australia. Just for your information, all Right Hand Drive 57 Chevs used the carry over 56 Chev Dash. Attached are pictures of survivor 57 Chev 210's in Australia.
  2. Hi Dave, Thanks for the Tip. I located this Forum and have added my question. I hope that someone can identify these Bumper Guards for me. Regards Mercman <><
  3. Happy New Year to AACA Forum Members. Can anyone identify this pair of Bumper Guards? They are about 10.5 inches long. They have a reinforcing plate on the rear. Any help appreciated, so that I can advertise them for sale. Regards Mercman <><
  4. Hi Curti, Couldn't find the "What is it" Forum, so re-posted it on "Technical". Thanks for the heads up. Regards Mercman <><
  5. Happy New Year to AACA Forum Members. Can anyone identify this pair of Bumper Guards? They are about 10.5 inches long. They have a reinforcing plate on the rear. Any help appreciated, so that I can advertise them for sale. Regards Mercman <><
  6. In Australia, the only 57 Chevrolet that was offered was the 210 series 4 door sedan with the six and manual 3 speed transmission. Only black wall tyres were offered and only Poverty hubcaps were fitted. We didn't get the choice of body styles, and running gear like your got in the USA. The only choice that a buyer here got was the colour of the car, and that was limited, as not that many were assembled here. Count your Blessings. This is the illustration in the Australian Sales Brochure. Regards Mercman <><
  7. Happy New Year to AACA Forum Members. Can anyone identify this pair of Bumper Guards? They are about 10.5 inches long. They have a reinforcing plate on the rear. Any help appreciated, so that I can advertise them for sale. Regards Mercman <><
  8. Thanks to Mark I, I now have the answer that I was looking for. It seems that both Hollanders made the original mistake by listing the "same" hubcap for both years, and carried on the error. This is not the first time that I have found errors in Hollanders Hubcap Identification Book. In the Link that Mark I referred me to, it says:- The first pic is a 65 SS wheel cover. Notice the two steps underneath where the spinner is and the depth of the black recess under the spinner part. The second pic is a 66 SS wheel cover. There is only one step underneath the spinner and the depth of the black part is shallower. Now, I can see you owners of 1965 and 1966 Chevrolets checking the Spinner Hubcaps fitted to your cars. This makes our hobby interesting. Thanks for those people who responded to my question. I think that we have all learnt something today. Regards Mercman from OZ <><
  9. Hi guys, I realise that the Centre Plastic is different on one, as it does not have the SS Centre. I located this picture on eBay, and it was perfect to show the different depths of the centres. Unfortunately, my hubcaps are all packed away and this was the easiest way to get a picture illustrating these differences. However, that is not the issue. The issue is that the dished section on one is much deeper than the other. I understand that this style of Spinner Hubcaps was used in our Chevrolets, like the Chevelle etc. however, they were fitted to the Impala SS models. In the above picture of the 1966 Chevrolet Impala SS, as mentioned, it had one of each style, both with SS centres. Attached is a picture of the various full-size Chevrolet Hubcaps in my personal collection. You will notice that both of mine have the SS Plastic Centres. Also attached is the Listing from the original Hollanders, plus the current listing by In both case, they only list one hubcap for both years, when in actual fact, there are two. Because of this difference, I believe that they represent two different years, 1965 and 1966. I need someone to tell me which one is 1965 and which one is 1966. By the way, I live in Australia and have had to purchase these hubcaps on eBay from the USA, a very expensive hobby. Can anyone help me with a definite answer? Regards Mercman from Oz <><
  10. In my collection, I have two similar Chevrolet SS Hubcaps, that are slightly different. I have looked at the original Hollanders Hubcap Guide, and they make no distinction between the two, simply listing them as 1965-1966 Chevrolet SS. I have also checked the Web Site -, and once again, they list one hubcap for both years. I thought that I would see what these hubcaps are listed for sale on eBay, and once again, they are listed as 1965 and 1966, plus other years, which is not correct. Now, when you take a closer look at this pair that is on eBay (actually being sold as a set of 4, but I only show 2 for this Post) you can see that they are different. The centre on one is deeper than the other one, meaning that when they were released, one was original for the 1965 Chevrolet SS, and it was revised slight for the 1966 model. Getting back yo the various sets that are being offered on eBay, if you look closely, many are "mixed" sets, which means that they are not a set at all. Back in 2013, I attended a car show at Wendover, Nevada and saw this beautiful 1966 Chevrolet Impala SS Convertible, and it had one of each style on the drivers side, and the owner was shocked when I pointed out that they were different. Can anybody out there tel me which is the correct one for 1965 and which is the correct one for 1966? Thanks for your help in solving this puzzle. I look forward to hearing what people have to say on this subject. Regards Mercman from Oz <><
  11. Here is a picture of the underside. Notice that it has a support piece bolted on. Don't know if this is original or an after thought?
  12. Can anyone identify this Engine Splash Pan. I believe that it is off a Right Hand Drive automobile, which would make it slightly different to a Left Hand Drive automobile. Any help appreciated.
  13. The Hubcaps at the bottom left of the above picture is the hubcap that I want to know what year it is. I will attach another picture showing the reverse side that have the years written on them.
  14. Hi Rusty, Thanks for your reply, but I don't believe that it is. I have attached a picture of the DeSoto Hubcaps in my collection. The hubcap second in from teh right is a 51/52 model. This Hubcap is a mystery. Maybe it is Canadian? Since this photo was taken, I have managed to locate a 60/61 model.
  15. Can any members tell me what this DeSoto Hubcap is for? I have a collection of various DeSoto Hubcaps, but I am unable to determine what year this one is for? Thanks for your help.
  16. Hi 55er, Thanks for the clarification on how these wheel covers are mounted. When these cars were new, very few were seen over here in Australia. I do remember a 1962 Olds 98 Convertible that was converted to Right Hand Drive, and it had the small "dog dish" style hubcaps. In recent years, a few similar Olds have been imported, some with these "holeless" wheel covers, and i always thought how inconvenient it would be to check the tyre pressure. You have answered my question, thanks. Regards Mercman <><
  17. Hi Oldford, thanks for identifying this hood mascot for me. I was looking at American cars. Regards Mercman <><
  18. Hi there, These are nice 1959 Oldsmobile Hubcaps, but I have a question to ask. How come Olds never included a hole for the Valve Stem to poke through? The 58 and 59 (shown above) Spinner Hubcaps plus the 1960 Olds Hubcaps never had a Hole. Olds included one for 1961 but the 1962 and 1963 Spinner Hubcaps again missed out again. I live in Australia and we don't see many Oldsmobile here, as they were not sold here after 1949. I have been collection American Hubcaps, and have the ones in the attached picture in my collection. I am missing the 1962 Olds Spinner Hubcap. I have purchased these from eBay over a period of time, but with the cost of the hubcaps plus the postage, I don't think that I will be adding to this collection. Back to the subject, do owners of these model Oldsmobile have to remove the hubcap every time they wish to check the Tyre Pressure?If that is true, after a few years of taking off and putting back on, surely they would loose their original grip and be subject to falling off during travel. I would like to read comments on this subject, "no hole for the Valve Stem". Thank you.
  19. Can any members tell me what this Hood Ornament is off? Thanks for your help.
  20. I have this pair of 1950 Imperial Full Wheel Covers, which have different backs? The rear of one is unlike anything that I have seen before. Thanks to c49er, I now know that the unusual one was for Disc Brakes. See the following pictures.
  21. This Imperial full wheel cover is correct for either 1953 or 1954, or both. The Hubcap Reference Books that I have looke dat say that the 53 and 54 Imperial Hubcaps were teh same. Is this correct, or was there some slight difference between the years?
  22. I just purchased this full wheel cover at the Long Beach Swap last month. It is what I now believe is only correct for the 1952 Imperials. Apart from the Crown in the centre, it looks exactly like the 1952 Windsor/Saratoga and 1952 New Yorker full wheel covers.
  23. Thanks to everyone for their help, I am starting to narrow down what is correct for these cars. Firstly, the Imperial. This is now what I believe is correct for the 1951 Imperial, but don't have any of these. See Picture below. It is the only year with the smooth centre, as the others have a recessed circle.
  24. Hudsy Wudsy, Can you please add a Photo of the 51 Chrysler Full Wheel Cover, as when I go on Google, all I get is what is in the picture below, all different years etc, including the photos of my Chrysler Hubcaps that I added above. Regards Mercman <><
  25. It seems from the above comments, that the 51 and 52 Chrysler Full Wheel Covers are the same. While I was in the USA last month, I purchased an Imperial Full Wheel Cover from a Vender who didn't know what year it was. When I got it home to Australia, I compared it with my Chrysler Full Wheel Covers, and came to the conclusion that it must be from a 51/52 Imperial. That is because apart from the centre Medallion, it is similar in all other respects as the 51/52 Chrysler Full Wheel Covers, complete with small Dimples around the outside edge. Please compare the attached picture of the Imperial full wheel cover below with the two Chrysler wheel covers shown in my earlier post (two on the bottom left) and let me know your thoughts. As for looking at Google, I have done that, but when you type in a year, it seems that the illustrations don't match up, as there are a variety of different years shown, even though I only type in one year. That is why I am seeking help from Members of the AACA.. Thanks. Mercman <><