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  1. Here are pictures of yet another 1934 Ford Coupe Ute that was rescued from a property out west. As you can see, these old Utes were really worked very hard, carrying heavy loads and driving on mainly unsealed roads. They were used until they just wore out, and were then left. A mate found this one is turning it into a street rod, as many of the original parts like running gear and interior was missing. Nevertheless, it will be saved. Enjoy the photos.
  2. The Ute that you saw at Hershey is a 1956 Ford Mainline Coupe Utility. The photos are from the original Sales Brochure. These also are getting hard to obtain over here and are fetching good money.
  3. Here is another 1934 Ford Coupe Ute that a friend had found. These photos were taken back in 2009. So, even 10 years ago, these were hard to find, and you had to take what you saw and not be fussy.
  4. These Utes are very sought after these days. I was just sent this picture of one that was just purchased. The new owner has his work cut out for him bringing this one back to life. You would be extra lucky to find an unmolested one these days, and it would not be cheap.
  5. Here is a great picture of what would be the absolute best 1934 Ford Coupe Ute in Australia. I know that it has hot rodded, but the sheet metal, fit and finish is 100%. an absolute credit to the Owner Rob. This is what the genuine 1934 Ford Coupe Utes should look like, not the Ute that Ford Australia is promoting as a genuine 1934 Ford Coupe Ute. Compare this Ute with the pictures above of this hideous creation made from a 1933 Ford Sedan.
  6. Compare the top photo of this made-up 1934 Ford Coupe Ute with the photo of the genuine one in the Museum in my earlier Post. While it might look a picture, don't be deceived. This recreated 1934 Ford Ute was made from cutting up a 1933 Ford Sedan for a send off gift for long time retiring Ford Designer, Lew Bandt. It originally started out as a 1933 Ford Ute, but after a bad accident when Lew was unfortunately killed, it was donated back to Ford by Lew's Widow. Ford then commissioned the Ute to get repaired, and during the process, it was changed from a 1933 model to a 1934 model. Since then, it has been widely used in advertising new Ford products, especially Utes.While it might look pretty in these Promo Shots by Ford, it is in fact a disaster, and nothing like the genuine article.It still retains Sedan doors, when the Coupes and Coupe Utes had differently styled moldings on the doors. The rear side windows are a completely different shape. It is very sad that Ford Australia continue to promote this mess as a genuine 1934 Ford Coupe Ute. A scale model has been made of it, as Ford Australia told the model makers that it was the genuine thing. It has also been featured on Australian Stamps and Coins, both of which continue promoting this myth as the genuine article.
  7. I believe that the 1930 Model A Roadster Pickup uses T Model roof irons? Regarding the 32 is sitting on Model A wheels just to keep the car mobile. Originally, it would have had 18" Ford Wire Wheels.
  8. Here is a picture of an original unrestored 1932 Ford Roadster Ute. Note how the rear sides form part of the body. This is how all Australian Ford Utes were manufactured until the release of the AU Falcon Ute, which came with a separate rear body that was removable. Unfortunately, this 1932 Ute was cut up to create a Coupe using Volkswagen doors. The finished product was not a pretty sight, but that was a long time ago when vehicles like this were practically worth nothing. Had it been a sedan, chances are that it would have ended up as a Stock Car, with the interior full of roll bars.
  9. By the way, Ford Australia produced this Model A Roadster Ute back in 1930. Notice that the rear body section is part of the body, not a bolted on unit. This was the beginning of the Utes in Australia. Ford Australia produced the roadster Utes from 1930 to 1938 inclusive. Then in 1934, they added the Coupe Ute in addition to the Roadster Ute. Utilities, or Utes as we call them were offered each year until 1959 when the carried over 1958 model was the last of the Utes based on the full size USA Fords. Then, the Aussie Utes changed direction and future Utes were based on the Falcons, the last of which was manufactured in 2016 when Ford Australia ceased manufacturing all together, a sad day indeed.
  10. You mean like this one that is on display at Gilmores, Hickory Corner, Michigan.
  11. These Lights have always been stored with the shinny part facing down and the "inside" facing up with the flaps on the carton tucked inside. That is why they look used, as they collected dust while being stored. They are NOS.
  12. As is common knowledge, Ford Australia offered a Coupe Ute in 1934. It wasn't until 1957 when Ford of USA offered a similar constructed vehicle. Ford's 1934 Ford Coupe Ute is claimed to be the first Ute constructed with integral cab and body, as you can see is the attached photos of this Barn Fresh exhibit in a Museum. However, back in 1931, Ford in the USA offered a Model A Deluxe Ute, as depicted here. While the body appears to be attached to the cab, can anyone advise if it was indeed attached, or whether it was separate? If it is indeed attached, that means that the Australian 1934 Ford Coupe Ute was not the first of this body style. What are your thoughts on this subject?
  13. These are New Old Stock. I bought them with other old Ford Parts from a Ford Dealer. Since adding the original photos, I used Chrome Polish, and them came up nice. One didn't come up as well as the other. Here are two more pictures of them after a polish. Ford Australia got their parts from Ford in Canada. Like Canada, our 1954 Fords also retained the Flathead V8.
  14. Have just checked the Numbers on this Carton, and around the corner on the bend is 6 - A. The numbers on the Carton marked Left are :- FORD - WINDSOR CTBL - DEPOT - A then CFDA - 1307 - A LH The Right Hand Side Carton is marked :- FORD - WINDSOR CTBL - DEPOT - A then C FBA - 13206 - A RH I hope that this helps identify these non matching Pair of Park Lights.
  15. I have these New Old Stock 1954 Ford Park Lights Housings, right and left in original cartons. If you look at the first picture with both of them side by side, they look identical. Check out the next picture and you will see Tabs on the left one and no Tabs on the right one? The third picture shows the underside of both. Check out the one on the left, and you will see two long Housings instead of Tabs. Final pictures shows the original Cartons. Does anyone know why the mountings are different on these two Housings? Did Ford make a running change during the 1954 Model Year? They are presently for sale on eBay in Australia. Would love to see if anyone has an explanation? Regards Mercman <><
  16. Need help in identifying this chrome shield? It is New Old Stock, but has a small rust spot. It measures approximately 11" in both directions. I don't know if I have it in the correct position, or if it is upside down? Does anyone know what it was originally off?
  17. Need help in identifying this Grille? Does anyone know what it was originally off?
  18. Here is a picture of my grandparents, my dad (in passenger seat) and his two sisters in what I think is an Oakland? Photo was taken in the twenties. We live in Australia, hence the Right Hand Drive. Can anyone correctly identify this Touring for me?
  19. You are correct in identifying this part as Ford. It is an Accessory Bumper End Tip for the 1960 Fords, as shown in close up photo attached. Hope that this helps.
  20. Here is a picture of my grandparents, my dad (in passenger seat) and his two sisters in what I think is an Oakland? Can anyone correctly identify this Touring for me?
  21. Here is a picture of that 1935 Studebaker when it resided in Australia, prior to it being shipped to the USA. A very rare car and unique to Australia.
  22. Can anyone tell me what this Splash Pan is off? Any help appreciated.
  23. Here is a picture of an imported 1957 Chevrolet 210 V8 Sedan that now resides in Australia. You can compare the length of the Chevrolet Script with the six cylinder version.