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  1. I have the same issue with my 82. However if I turn the volume up and down it goes away. The volume control may need some cleaning.
  2. Does anyone know where the passenger side power window relay is on a 1982 Riviera convertible? Thanks, Roger
  3. Matt, I think it's a 200. I had a 1953 Cavalier sedan and the taillights were horizontal.
  4. What a great tour,fabulous destinations,great food, fun and friendly people. Thank you, Roger
  5. How about Hemmings oil?
  6. My 40 Buick owners manual says to use 80/90. I use gl-4 as opposed to gl-5. Gl-5 may not be good for soft metal such as brass.
  7. Rodney, Yes that is a 40 Special. I do get a little impatient at times but this forum is fantastic and I use it all the time. Tom, That worked out well,antenna back in service. I did pumps,drive motors and refer equipment for 35 yrs. Always tinkered with cars but I seem to have gotten that car collector disease and there is always something that needs to be repaired. Thanks to all, Roger
  8. Thanks Tom, That looks like it will work. Can it be done by myself or should I wait for a helper? My helper just went to work, poor girl. Barney, The antenna was working just fine before it fell. Hopefully it still does, if not I will be in touch. Roger
  9. Well,looking at it all, there is only one way to get to it. Have to take the inner wheel cover out. Thanks for all your input. Many responses for 1st. gen Rivs, not so much for newer ones. Roger
  10. My antenna has fallen into the wheel well. How do I get to it? It does not look very easy. Thanks for any advice. Roger
  11. Joe, You must be the smartest person in the world!
  12. Ben, Thanks for that website. Added it to my favorites list, very informative. That rear seal looks like a tough job. Think I will keep an eye on the leak and monitor it and if it gets worse I will try the repair. Meteor
  13. Ben, Who is Old Tank and where is his website? Thanks, Meteor
  14. Thanks Matt, I did not realize the 42 manual was more detailed. That is great I will check it out right away. The 40 manual does not have any info on the seal. I thought I would have to pull the trans. Thanks again for the help. Meteor
  15. Thanks 39 Buick, That's a great site. I have the service and repair manual for my 1940 Buick. I was hoping to get a response from someone who has replaced the seal so I could get some advice and issues that may turn up.
  16. What is the best way to replace the rear main seal on a 1940 special 248? The repair manual is not giving me much information. Thanks, Meteor
  17. I've owned an MGTD for 15 yrs. Fuel pump and voltage regulator are the only items I've had to replace. I would change the condenser. Had that same problem with my 40 Buick.
  18. There is a 30amp circuit breaker in the fuse panel,near the top center on my 82. Mine had stopped working one time and the connector in the driver side armrest had come loose.
  19. I've used American Collectors for the past 15 yrs. Good rates and paid the one claim I had with no hassle.
  20. I have a 1982 Riviera convertible, door panels are probably the same. You are in for a fun time. There are some odd clips holding the panel in. You need the Fisher Body service manual, it can be found on the net pretty easily. My door panels were taken off by the previous owner. Most of the clips are broken and the panels are somewhat loose when you close the doors. It is a very difficult job if you don't do this regularly. Roger
  21. Well I think I have the problem solved. I had the alternator rebuilt with a self-exciting regulator and now it is a one wire system. I know the purists will not be happy, but this is the best solution for me. Thanks to all, Roger
  22. Ok Joe, You are right. I am getting 14v back to the exciter. Should I put a resistor in to bring it down to 6v? Roger
  23. Joe, Yes I connected it to the sender with a 2 spade connector. I leave detailed notes on everything for the next owner. I will probably get under that dash and repair it at a later date. You and Larry are really knowledgeable and are very helpful. Roger
  24. Joe,sorry but you are wrong about the ops. It works exactly like the gen light. It grounds to the block and completes the circuit for the dash warning light and when it gets pressure is 12 volt. So it works the same as the gen light. I know getting under the dash and tracing the wires would be better, but as I said I did not want to do that right now. Thanks again for your help and don't be angry! Roger
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