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  1. I have a 1940 Chrysler traveler with the 8 cylinder engine, I purchased the car last fall. I get a backfire like noise through the intake? under acceleration, mostly hot. The carb, fuel pump were rebuilt over the winter. Has a new set of plugs, plug wires and distributor cap. Seems better but still noticeable. I set the timing at TDC.The car was restored and engine rebuilt about 10 years ago but was never driven.
  2. Looking to buy a 1940 Chrysler heat riser. Only thing I could find was individual parts ,no kits. Its not the same as the 6 cylinder Plymouths. Anyways the part number are as follows. 671169 plate,654793 shaft,651251 bushings ,need 2 Or has anyone repoped them?
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