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  1. My six cylinder 1923 series parts book shows timing gear set 159366 - includes crank, cam, water pump, gears and woodruff key Jim
  2. Mark - take it from one who did this - me - make sure that nipple lines up with the top of the pump, if it is not installed properly then you will only burn the gas in the canister, there wont be any suction - I too used cork gaskets with a little bit of sealer Jim
  3. Andy - the thread that Brian and Terry are talking about was very helpful ,(Hubert's) as I redid my 23 water pump this last August, my problem was with my impellor and a strange coating of a latex material, removed it, sand blasted and coated it with JB weld - works like original now. I used glands from Bob's Auto as packing material. From reading your original post, it sounds like your shaft is scoured and is chewing up the packing - just my two cents but try using emery cloth to clean both sides of the shaft on both sides of the pump, then repack tighten but not over tight as you need a little leakage to lubricate before removing the whole unit. Jim
  4. I have a 23-6-48 Buick and the parts catalog I have shows parts for the 23 series six cylinders, I show a valve lifter roller #37818, as too other years I don't know - sorry
  5. We had it stripped of old black/deep deep burgundy almost ten years ago and had it stained black
  6. That is the part, just curious, it does make the wires lay side by side and neater, thanks Larry for replying!
  7. Dad and I visited his shop several years ago, we didn't buy a pre made set, instead bought the pieces parts from him and made our own, if I'm not mistaken our center wire for our 23 was a different thickness as Larry states, have had no issue with them. Real nice fellow and very helpful. Terry - the end caps snap on top of the plugs and fit snug. Larry - just a question - do you have a small piece of metal that holds the wires under the cover that secures them? Hope everyone is doing well!
  8. When you live in the northeast and don't have a heated garage for your cars you search the internet and help fellow enthusiast - it looks like you have a 1922 Marvel model H carburetor
  9. Happy Holidays - I have a 65 Custom Sport Riv and I replaced my line with a basic air line from NAPA, it needs to be a snug fit on both ends - the line worked for me
  10. This is my 23-6-48 Marvel carb - Happy Holidays
  11. Only thing to do in central NY on a snowy/cold day is to check the site - Good Morning Morgan, I redid my 23 Opera Coupe water pump several months ago and repacked with the graphite rope that Bob's sells, had no leaks when I ran it and easy to install as it comes in two half circle pieces - just my two cents
  12. Gordon did my 65 Riviera door jambs, very professional and excellent results
  13. Very interesting article all of my pre-war friends, I wish my problem was just foaming, I own a 23-6-48 Buick (featured in the Dec issue 2016 of the Bugle as a refresher) I have had over heating issues, too many, two days ago (after having health issues) I started the 23 and was very happy as it fired with one key turn (hadn't been started since July 2018 in Gettysburg) - well it boiled over on me, the radiator had been cleaned years ago, and previous conversations with my dad indicated that the water pump was never worked on - soooo I removed the cover plate and exposed the impellor - yup you guessed it, not much there - this is where I need help in replacing it, does anyone know of a reliable fabricator? Any and all ideas are welcome, I will be removing it based on previous posts, as for now she sits on jack stands in the barn - thanks in advance J, Milewski Jr. PS will be at the Buick Nationals in Strongsville with my 65 Riviera, will look all of my pre-friends up