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  1. Gordon did my 65 Riviera door jambs, very professional and excellent results
  2. Very interesting article all of my pre-war friends, I wish my problem was just foaming, I own a 23-6-48 Buick (featured in the Dec issue 2016 of the Bugle as a refresher) I have had over heating issues, too many, two days ago (after having health issues) I started the 23 and was very happy as it fired with one key turn (hadn't been started since July 2018 in Gettysburg) - well it boiled over on me, the radiator had been cleaned years ago, and previous conversations with my dad indicated that the water pump was never worked on - soooo I removed the cover plate and exposed the impellor - yup you guessed it, not much there - this is where I need help in replacing it, does anyone know of a reliable fabricator? Any and all ideas are welcome, I will be removing it based on previous posts, as for now she sits on jack stands in the barn - thanks in advance J, Milewski Jr. PS will be at the Buick Nationals in Strongsville with my 65 Riviera, will look all of my pre-friends up
  3. Congratulations Brian from the Milewski's - Jim and Bert and Jimmy and Sue! Merry Christmas !!!
  4. Congratulations Brian - I have been retired for almost six years and busier then ever, Mom and Dad send there congrats also !
  5. I know it has been beaten to death, but what are the numbers stamped on the engine about an inch from the "LT" - 271 mean, my other numbers are stamped and match up with the VIN - is it a production number or ? My riv is a 1965 custom sport, astro blue with blue cloth interior - 401 - thanks
  6. All ready have our hotel reservations and am looking forward to the show - being a newbie at a ROA show, if cars are not judged on a 400 point system, how are they judged?
  7. I have a 65 Riv - astro blue, just had it shot by a paint guy using a camera to match the color - came up as Floridian Blue, interior code is listed as 611
  8. It was my first AACA show and oh boy what a show - met lots of nice people, venue was great and host members were very helpful, made ROA reservations for June 2019 for the same site, and made AACA reservations for Charlotte in 2019 - lookin forward to both shows - Thanks again Chesapeake Region
  9. Thank you Sir! Did not think to look in the magazine
  10. AACA Eastern Meet - I had a great time/experience at the Gettysburg National - I have read that I need to write the VP of Judging to request the comments made about my vehicle - my problem is that I am unable to find an address or name - Please help and Thanks Again, looking forward to attend more meets - Class 17B AACA vehicle #34265, member 907479
  11. Am heading down tomorrow with our 23 Buick Opera Coupe for the AACA show and will definitely be attending with our 65 Riv next year !
  12. Hi Terry - I got the e-mail/text favor and posted earlier under the thread Hi Terry - didn't think it was you as it only comes up Terry and not your full name - hope all is well otherwise, mom and dad doing fine! Jim and Sue
  13. The last time I was texted and e-mailed by "Terry" asking for a favor it turned out that our good friend Terry (doo dah way) was hacked - has any one else been texted or e-mailed?
  14. Good morning Terry - I too got the request and thought it was bogus - you usually put a "dooh da day" in there somewhere - hope they get the b@@@@@d! Jim
  15. Thanks for the pic, just wondering why it was never installed - it is now!