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  1. I did find a good home for my 23 and met a fellow buick friend!
  2. John - I believe we met in Gettysburg 7/2018 and discussed era tools, not a mistype - would like someone else to enjoy it as dad and I did (he passed in 2019)
  3. Dryden NY as far as I know it was done back in the 1980’s 607-423-3785
  4. 23-6-48 Buick Opera Coupe for sale, Sr. Gold and First Jr. awards in 2017 and 2018, after dad passed in 2019 the car has been barn kept and started regularly, it needs some TLC - clutch is starting to slip and it overheats on the few road trips that it was taken on, was showcased in the Buick Bugle 12/2016 - will consider offers over $5000.00 or BO - health issues dictate the need to sell and would not like it to sit idle
  5. Just my three cents worth of info, check to make sure (if you had the top off of the vacuum tank) that your gasket matches up with all eight screw holes and the ninth hole is not plugged - the extra ninth hole in the gasket fits over the breather tube protruding up from the tank and must be clear of debris, other thought is check your float in the vacuum tank - it cant have any holes or it will fill with gas and not work properly, make sure the float guide is seated in the center of the flapper valve at the bottom of the tank Jim 23-6-48 Opera Coupe
  6. Good afternoon all - doing some upkeep on a rainy day - what is the length of the fan adjustment spring on my 23-6-48 Buick? The one on now appears to be sprung and ends are out of shape, also where might I find the spring with the appropriate length and gauge - Thanks all
  7. I dont have the original gun but do have the flexible hose and pin type fitting, also have a stand alone grease gun
  8. Run a good grade fuel stabilizer, battery out and inside, fuel tank full, a few drops of mystery oil in cylinder heads and crank over, irish spring soap, dryer sheets and moth balls, put up on jacks or over inflate tires and roll the car once a week (no flat spots) and get out of house once a week and check on things and count the days till spring
  9. Took my grand's for a ride yesterday - 23-6-48!!
  10. Mike - Send me a PM, will take a pic, do not have the outer handle Jim - encon6523@outlook.com
  11. Forgot to mention it in the earlier post, Hugh is correct there are three small ports in the valve cover to add oil to lubricate, lookin at your pic - I cant tell if you need a drivers side window crank, may have one
  12. Have dealt with RJL in Penfield NY for supplies, I chose to purchase the wires and ends separately and fit them to my 23-6-48 myself, great guy to deal with and talk with, everyone on the forum is very helpful, there are so few of us with 23's Jim Milewski BCA 50735, 23 Buick Opera Coupe 6-48 - am located in Central NY
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