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  1. Looks to be quite helpful to me. One day for a leed.
  2. More vehicle details: www.lanternmotorsfl.com/v/SwvE31s0Address: 12071 McGregor Blvd Fort Myers, FL 33919Phone: (239) 217-1309Website: www.lanternmotors.com $9999 C-list
  3. Here is a 31 DH motor. This is all I can find. I'm not sure when I can take more pics.
  4. Here is a pic of the transmission. I will try to post more soon. I'm asking 2400 for everything. drivetrain, wood wheels etc. see add in dodge brothers.
  5. I do but i'm not sure if a dodge and a chrysler are interchangable. I would much rather sell everything as a lot unless I get a very good offer. I'll be listing it on ebay soon unless I change my mind and keep everything for extra parts if I buy an all stock dodge brothers.
  6. If you cant find the bolts you are looking, did you consider a strong grinder to modify the head of a standard bolt? Just a thought.
  7. Do you have the hood side panels? If so what are the dimentions? ty
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