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  1. Info for Matt See you like the wheel painting frame, another easy idea if you have a spare front axle is to mount it on a table, and slip some old bearings in the wheels and spin them on the axle, but you are limited to 2 at a time. regards Kevin BC
  2. Kevin BC here Do you have a earth strap between the motor and the chassis, my Dodge 8,s both have a strap from the engine rear mount/bel housing to the chassis, by passing the rear engine mount to give the motor a good earth, it is not relying on the front solid mount of the motor which could have paint , or rust preventing a good earth though the front mount, which is the only contact of the motor to the chassis. regards Kevin
  3. Rich Neither of my cars had any plate around the pedals, especially the tourer, which had the angled piece of floor in the car but no carpets or gaskets left in it. You can see in the photos above the motor trimmer has edged the carpet around the pedals, I'm undecided as to whether I will try and seal it further or not,there is not a large gap around the pedals , I guess it depends how much hot or cold comes in there in the future. I was more concerned about the visual aspect of the gearbox sticking out of the floor, with the pedals it is not all that noticable, half under the das
  4. Here is a photo of the pad in situ, I think it has a thin plate imbedded in it to make it sit nice and flat, you have caught me out , I found that I still need to do a bit of cleaning up on the gear stick & cover Kevin
  5. Kevin here Will take a photo of the shift pad in the car tomorrow, with a bit more detail Kevin
  6. Richard Sits on top of the carpet, with 4 screws to hold it down, or you could glue it to the carpet, but gluing it is pretty permanet, On top of the carpet it provides a nice defined edge around the carpet, and around the shift housing. I reckon I may have got it from 'Steele" rubber in the states. I just checked Steele, your car is the same as mine, they have them for a 28, but they are quite costly. I think I have an old one here, that I could send over to you if you want to have a look at one to make one up. Kevin
  7. Kevin BC here Here is a photo of the rubber around my 1930 Dodge gear stick, as a staring point in your search. It is exactly a copy of the origonal on mine(Richards Body). Don't know if it dates back to 28 models. Got it from the states, will have too look it up if of interest to you, can take a photo of it inplace if you need it regards Kevin BC
  8. Kevin BC here, When I pulled the seals out of my 30 DC 8, there were no shims either, and that was at 44000miles, so would guess that was the first pull down, so perhaps they did not all need to be shimmed.
  9. Kevin BC here again with some photos. In the 2nd photo the threaded part in the bottom of the bag I ground the sides of the fitting, the ends of the bag are glued together , and then glued to the vertical pillars under in my case the wooden plinth holding the arm rest and window winder mech. The window actually winds down into the bag, which you can see is approx 2" wide. Sorry I don't have more photos of the window area Regards Kevin
  10. Taylormade Kevin BC here from downunder, I had serious doubts about keeping water out of my windows especially the rear quarter vents, on my 30 Australian DC Dodge8, as any water that got in had no where to run except to the wooden door pillar or into the back corner of the car. the doors at least had a couple of slots cut in the wood that the water could escape through. My Car was actually rusted out in the corners at the rear of the guard from water running to that area, and sitting in years of dust , mixed with timber. The cars when made weren't meant to be still in use 90 years
  11. Richard Kevin BC here, fellow down undera Just looking at your latest pictures' your hinges look in good nick, but thought I would let the Aust members know, about brand new hinges for Phaetons & Roadsters in Australia,looks like they were the same for some time as I have the same hinges, and latches on my 1930 DC 8 Phaeton.They are Chev hinges and you can get brand new hinges ,door latches, door extension bars, inside handles, inside front handle pivot brackets from "the Filling Station" which is a chev reproduction company in the US. The parts are identical. Budd cars
  12. Kevin BC here from down under Martin Lester Smith (lestersmith@bigpond.com.au) try Martin Lester Smith from Melbourne, I had a few purchases from him for my 1930 DC 8, and recently got a NOS crown wheel and pinion, still wired up together on a board., Don't know if DK is the same as the DC , but he did have another DC one ,but may have a DK set, as his father many years ago bought out an old garage down Geelong way , and it was full of spare ring & pinion sets, amongst other items regards Kevin Brincat-Cotton
  13. Kevin BC here from Aus You would not believe it, I have just been emailing a friend looking for headlight rims as I am doing up a set & one of the rims is out of round & cracked through, and the other has a crack in it , can you contact me via email at bc3s@bigpond.com regards Kevin BC
  14. Kevin BC here Just as well the bearings in your box were in good shape, I replaced mine in my 1930 DC 8, a couple of years back , got the bearings, and outer cones OK but got the last inner cone avaiable in Australia, so had to have the other made, but all turned out good, my point being that if you see bearings & cones in your travels grab a set. I did find that the cones & bearings appear to be the same or very similar as in the old grey Fergi tractor , so that could be a possibility if anyone gets desperate in the future. Just a point of interest on the st
  15. Hi guys Try a company called "Replicore" in New Zealand, I recored my 1930 Dodge 8 with one of their cores, they make all types of cores from vintage cars to oil coolers for vintage aircraft. NZ is a bit closer than England I reckon, transit might be a bit cheaper????. Just interesting to view their web site even if you don't purchase from them Kevin BC
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