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  1. I've used a U-Haul trailer four times to pick up a car. Three of the four times, it was a good experience. The important thing you need to know is they have two different size trailers. The small one has orange runners and will only hold up to a 4,000 pound car. The larger one is silver and will haul a 5,200 pound car IIRC. They do not make any distinction when you make your reservation. The one time I got stuck with the small trailer, it was the time I was towing the largest car, a '39 LaSalle. I didn't realize the trailer was lower rated until I loaded the car. Fortunately, it was a short tow at lower speeds, so I pressed on. In my experience, the small trailers are older and not in the greatest condition. With this trailer, the 120" wheelbase on the LaSalle barely fit. The other three times, I was towing light, small cars (all under 2,200 pounds). Twice I did over 1,000 miles and did not have any issues. The trailers appeared to be newer with good upkeep. I wouldn't hesitate to rent one again. Old, small Newer, large
  2. Cars that HAVE sold is an easy metric to find. One needs to look no further then auction results. It's pretty clear from those that the trend is downward.
  3. I've spent years shopping for PreWar cars and have had the same experience as @PreWarQc. Anyone who shops actively will notice that prices are in decline. For all your years in the hobby, i doubt you've experienced this phenomena to the extent it's happening. You've been fortunate to see cars appreciate for most of your collecting days. There is another side to that coin.
  4. Since the car was originally sold in Canada, I would check to be certain the warranty is valid in the US. Am I having deja vu, or did we not have the same scenario a week or so ago?
  5. I tow with a 2016 VW Touareg TDI. which is rated to pull 7,700 pounds. I think the most I've towed was an open trailer at around 6,000, but the thing did it like a champ. I did one 1,000 mile day pulling a U-Haul trailer. It's super comfortable and a great daily driver.
  6. There’s a speedo ap. The one I use is called SpeedTracker. It comes in handy when your car’s speedometer is in KM/hr.
  7. I too long for the days before F&F when teenagers drove responsibly and movies didn't include car chases and gun fire. Something more wholesome, like Bullitt or Gone in 60 Seconds
  8. As I said above, you need to go where younger car enthusiasts go, if you want to see them. About a mile from my house, a group held a Paul Walker tribute cruise. There were easily a few thousand cars there. This done with no advertising, no registration and no fee. The police had to direct traffic because of the line to get in was so long. When I was in high-school and college, this sort of thing NEVER happened because we didn’t have the tools to coordinate it.
  9. Getting a drivers license’ is not a proxy for whether or not someone is a car enthusiast. The proof of their interest can be seen in the events they go to and the content the create for the web. I would argue that not only are they passionate, they are more involved with cars because they have many more outlets then we did at their age.
  10. I think you're conflating a lack of interest in old cars with a lack of interest in cars. Car culture among Millennials is very strong, you just need to look for it in the right places.
  11. One last point. I wish you a speeding recovery from your health issues.
  12. I have to disagree with your point. There are more auctions then ever and when you go to them, there is no shortage of buyers. The dip in interest in Prewar cars is a matter of taste. I was at the Auburn auction two years ago and saw a great illustration of this. At Auburn, they have two blocks running simultaneously. At one point in time, there was a pristine 41 Buick Special Phaeton and a 1998 Toyota Supra up for bid. The Buick stalled in the high $30Ks while the Supra was in the $80k range. There was no shortage of money in the room, only a lack of Prewar interest.
  13. Another thing that I think is holding the car back is where it's located. Getting a car from central Florida is a long tow for most people.
  14. I get it, you don't like social media even though you don't understand it. Please feel free to offer a better solution then mine.