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  1. The advice above is consistent with my experience. If I can look at a car, I will make every effort to do so. Any car I've purchased without seeing has had something wrong with it. Usually it's minor, but enough I would have asked the seller for a concession. I now expect minor issues and pay accordingly.
  2. There are few things that are more needlessly expensive then cheap legal advice. Having both planned my estate and settled family members', I'm glad I had an experts help.
  3. I'm need to refurbish the tail lights on a 90"s car (Nissan Figaro) that has a chrome bezel around the light. As it common of the era, the piece is actually plastic. Does anyone know a good process or source to refinish plastic parts so they look chrome?
  4. Cool. Thanks. Is there a serial number or data plate anywhere on the truck?
  5. Damn, you guys are good. It is a Diamond T. Here’s some additional pictures I took today. I did find a plate on the motor which is a little hard to read, but I think it says “JXA” and the number “G512233”
  6. Because of the weather, I wasn’t able to poke around it at all. Looks like it’s carring a load of tetanus. 😬
  7. I am now the proud owner of the beauty you see here. We’ll, technically, I own the property its on, so I guess its mine. 🤔 Any idea what it is? I was told it was a Mack truck.
  8. It appears they may not be making much progress. 👇 https://electrek.co/2019/02/18/tesla-standard-model-3-battery-website-fans-panic/ Are you still hauling for them?
  9. We seem to have this discussion about the future/health of "the hobby" quite a bit around here. I think anyone's perspective on this is a function of how they define "the hobby". If you are looking at a narrow slice, like Prewar cars (which I love and have two of) then there is reason to be pessimistic. I prefer to look at it in the most broad sense, which is people/activities involving motor vehicles. There are so many more options for pursuing an interest in cars then there were 20 years ago. I often find myself needing to choose between more then one event. And while we like to complain about the car shows on Discovery, the amount of quality automotive content on YouTube will fill your free time easily. And while car magazines aren't what they used to be, the internet is full of great content. I get that the economics of "the hobby" are challenging. I'm a Gen-Xer who couldn't afford to own a second, fun car until I was in my 30's. I found other ways to satisfy my car-lust. I started by collecting auto books. As I got more money, I played with motorcycles. I always found events to go to meet other enthusiasts and see cars. My point is, if you think there is a problem with "the hobby" it might be that you need to find other ways to enjoy it.
  10. The grass isn’t always greener, especially when the powersource is: German household power prices at record high -Verivox Germany’s Economic Backbone Suffers From Soaring Power Prices
  11. Nice car. I can't get over how long the rear quarter-panel, overhang and trunk are. Pure Americana!