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  1. Sorry I forgot it does not have a 2 speed behind the trans. I have only driven it about 20 to 30 miles.
  2. I have never driven a 500 or 540. It can't be compared to the 290 or 370 I have driven. The 290 feels like a light and sporty fun car. The Horch is more off a heavy and stately cruiser. possible one of the heavier cars i have ever driven. it feels very similar to my SJ dual cowl.
  3. I was in a position in November to acquire a collection of cars from a family collection that had begun in 1956. thisis one of the cars a 1937 Horch 853.
  4. Not to de-rail your Mercedes thread alsancle but are you familiar with Horch's? I have one would like your opinion on it.
  5. Lot 101 was a 1886 Benz recreation. Lot 110 was a 1931 370 k that the pics on the catalogue do not do justice. Lot152 was a 1934 290 Cab a. This car was not detailed well and had a rear spring issue. Once solved and wiring replaced turned into a very nice car. I have pics on my Facebook page under vintage rod shop. I will post a link a little later
  6. One of the 380k's looked wrong the front and rear fenders and how the matched the trunk looked very fishy. hard to put my finger on it. lot 118 was on my list to inspect in person, but I couldn't feel comfortable with it. I did however buy lots 101, 110 and 152. 152 needed a little work but i knew that going in. I will say I have never had the kind of service from a auction house as I received at that auction.
  7. Just out of curiosity, where any of you guy's also at the London auction in 2013. What were your thoughts. I heard that the cars were low due to being shopped around for a number of years. Would this be true? I had pretty good luck [on behalf of a customer of mine}. Did any one else buy anything?
  8. Hi I have a restored 1931 Reo Royale 2 dr victoria. send me a PM if you need any help with pics or information. I bought it restored so I may not be a huge help for parts locating, But I will try my best.Good luck on your new adventure.
  9. Hello I am very interested in the j408 please pm me or email at kirk@vintagerodshop.com Regards,
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