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  1. GeraldT

    1924 Master Touring for Sale

    Alas I must admit that I am unable to complete this restoration project and am looking to sell my 1924 Buick Master Touring. When I purchased the car, it had already undergone substantial amount of restoration with engine and many parts done. Looks to be a frame off. The upholstery was not done. The car was parked in an underground garage which caused surface rust on shafts and so was about to send off water pump and starter/generator for restoration. Great condition through and through. Asking $6500 which is what I paid. Have accumulated some additional parts over the last couple of years. Please contact me via cell if interested: 510-332-9588. Located in Northern California.
  2. Hi Pete, I'm looking to get $6,000.00 for the car. As per pictures, I have some that I will post. For additional pictures I will need to pull car out of storage garage and do a full series. Jerry
  3. Good evening all, I'm selling my nearly complete 1924 Buick Master Touring car. Previous owner had gone 80% through a full frame-off restoration and I have been storing car for the last three years. I have removed the starter/generator and water pump to send off for rebuilt. I also collected the correct tail light and one of the cowl lights. One front bumper part is missing. Car has original seats and top bows and irons are in great shape. Feel free to call me directly to see car 510-332-9588 or email Gerald - Oakland CA
  4. Thanks for the reply. The car is in Medicine Hat AB if that is not too far, feel free to write back
  5. Covered Transport Needed Vehicle: 1924 Buick 5 Passenger Touring Pickup City - Dayton OH Dropoff City - Oakland CA Desired Date of Shipping: Anytime starting now Contact: Gerald Robinson Phone: 510-332-9588 Email:
  6. Need: Enclosed Transport Either From Medicine Hat Alberta or Sweet Grass Montana (your choice). Drop Off: Oakland CA Vehicle: 1924 Buick 5-Passenger Touring Time: Any time now. Contact: Gerald Robinson 5103329588 email:
  7. Have a 1924 Buick Convertible Location: Dayton OH Destination: Oakland CA Date of Move: Anytime now Contact: Gerald Robinson Phone 5103329588 email -
  8. Folks, Anyone have a recommended regional auto transporter that works the North West region? Would appreciate any recommendations.
  9. Have folks ever imported a very old car from Cananda? Other than paying the import tax of 2.5%, it appears to be fairly straight forward? Also, anyone use a vehicle carrier that would run across the Washington border into a small town in Alberta CN?
  10. Leif, Do you know what the cap, rotor, condenser and points parts numbers are for the 24-45?
  11. Allan, I was interested in engine parts and currently with ignition components. You have answered my question and I think you!!
  12. Leif, Another question in general is whether or not there are replacement parts interchangeable info? Do you know of a website or paper resource for looking up interchangeable parts?
  13. Folks, Assuming pre-war Buicks had some replacement part interchangeability with other brands and models. Is there a resource anywhere (printed or in electronic form) for parts interchangeability?
  14. Good evening all, I have a 1924 Model 24-45 Six Cylinder. Would like to know the specs or part numbers of the Delco Ignition Systems if that exists anywhere. Trying to find ignition parts and would like to know what other brands and models used this Delco system. Any insight here?