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  1. I am a repair and restoration shop about 5 miles north of the border at the i5 border crossing. We can still cross for commercial reasons. If you bought the car personally you may not be able to come up to get it. I can pm you the name and number of a carrier that that crosses back and forth transporting cars i think he even runs up and down the i5 corridor.
  2. Today's trailers and trucks are a lot better. No windows. I don't want to advertise what I have. To many people what to take what they don't earn.
  3. Not surprised @edinmass always cheaped out with his car and truck maintenance.
  4. I purchased a couple from Skip over the years. If Mark is doing them the the same level you can't go wrong. A cheap solution to a known problem
  5. 105 thousand is cheap for a Royale Convertible coupe. I also agree the poor fitting top means nothing. Put it down and drive the car.
  6. Hi @alsancle I am doing well. Just trying to get a couple of cars screwed togeather, and keeping my head down.
  7. I have this one for sale. 1931 Model 43.
  8. One of the nicest Mascots going.
  9. Haha @edinmass I never said cheap! just resonably priced all things considered.
  10. I am glad you ended up with that car @auburnseeker I looked at that myself. However I still have the engine on my boattail apart and my coupe is amost done the body wood. However, may i sugest the Duesenberg A as the next goal. In my opinion the prices are resonable on the less sporty bodies.
  11. Haha, I am not the independantly weathy guy enjoying the easy life of early retirement.
  12. The fold in rear trunk rack and the rubber extrusion for the running boards are fantastic. I wonder what it would be like to drive?
  13. When you are speaking to potential employers and shop owners please be very clear and honest with your own personal abilities. Not having experience doing something is not a bad thing but over selling what you can sucsessfully complete is. Be very clear what your strengths and weakness is. It will encourage rather than discourage that you have realistic goals and abilities. it also show humility and a willingness to increase you knowledge and skills. Also you must understand that the learning curve to get good at anything that involves skill has a whole lot of sucking before it starts to pay o
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