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  1. One of the nicest Mascots going.
  2. Haha @edinmass I never said cheap! just resonably priced all things considered.
  3. I am glad you ended up with that car @auburnseeker I looked at that myself. However I still have the engine on my boattail apart and my coupe is amost done the body wood. However, may i sugest the Duesenberg A as the next goal. In my opinion the prices are resonable on the less sporty bodies.
  4. Haha, I am not the independantly weathy guy enjoying the easy life of early retirement.
  5. The fold in rear trunk rack and the rubber extrusion for the running boards are fantastic. I wonder what it would be like to drive?
  6. I am lucky to already own it. 1932 Auburn 8-100A speedster
  7. When you are speaking to potential employers and shop owners please be very clear and honest with your own personal abilities. Not having experience doing something is not a bad thing but over selling what you can sucsessfully complete is. Be very clear what your strengths and weakness is. It will encourage rather than discourage that you have realistic goals and abilities. it also show humility and a willingness to increase you knowledge and skills. Also you must understand that the learning curve to get good at anything that involves skill has a whole lot of sucking before it starts to pay off. Don't give up. There is huge reward in this industry, not just in being able to be the guy that can repair what others can't but a industry that is in desperate need of skilled people. This equates to job security. Good Luck
  8. Still looking for a set of wheels. Had no luck at Hershey.
  9. @Restorer32 Do You have a vender booth for hershey? This will be my first time and would like to stop by and put a face to a name. Thanks, Kirk
  10. These are an 8 lug wheel. Appreciate the effort, thanks very much!
  11. Can you post a link to the ad? All I could find was a set of 19" Marmon wheels. The hub bolt pattern is incorrect for a Packard.
  12. It would appear that I am also in need of a rear bumper iron for this car. Not the chrome bumpers themselves but the main iron that supports them. The one we have has been bent and straightened many times and has some cracks and waves that will be impossible to get rid of.
  13. As the title says, looking to purchase serviceable wheels suitable for a 1932 Packard 903. These are the 19" wire wheels with lock rings.
  14. Normally I would agree with you @JFranklin but this section is for contributing members to advertise their business. I see it as poor taste for someone to interrupt with the intent to promote a different company. Remember this section is the commercial advertising section not the open discussion section. If I am wrong then my apologies to @Restorer32 for further interrupting his thread.
  15. Nothing like hijacking a comercial add thread to promote a different company.