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  1. General Motors trucks did in 2007. the half ton trucks switched back to drums because they had problems with the inside rear pad on the passenger side wearing to quickly.
  2. I have never watched the show but they rented my 1931 Stutz DV32 and my 1915 Simplex Crane. Paid well too.
  3. I have looked extensively at the 4 person speedster car number 2046 that you posted at Hersey in 2019 also when it went through a previous Bonhams auction I believe in Monterey for a no sale. It is a very nicely done car. The seating position for the driver however is a bit tight in my opinion with a extremely vertical seat back. This however was the only thing that i did not like. the quality of the work done is quite high. the perportions are very nice front to rear. The low louverd frame covers are very sporty. I know I spoke to the owner a few years ago I just need to rumage around to see if i can find the number for him. I own car number 2315 and they are a fantastic car to drive. I have had mine up to 76 miles an hour of the highway and still had a couple left in her. Braking however needs a long term plan. I have relined the driveline brake and the park brake shoes, had a the rad recored and repaired the carb. The next job is to remove the Janky electronic ignition and go back to full mag.
  4. A incredible arrow straight 1947 Lincoln Continental for sale, Black exterior Red Leather interior. Top in perfect condition. Powered by the origional 292 cid v12 with 125 hp. 738 produced as a hand built luxury vehicle. Recognized full classic. Well Maintained and fully restored. all top and window hydraulics rebuilt and work excellent. Great driving car, Perfect to show or tour. Located in BC Canada. will assist with broker to cross border. No taxes or fees to bring back in to the USA. Will send more pictures on request. Asking 63,000.00 USD
  5. Delivered new to Mr. Shea, President of Shea's Brewery in Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada. Originally ordered as a spare car to supplement his other two chauffer driven cars. This car saw only minimal use. Repainted once, known ownership since new. The Packard also went through a local auction in 1973 where it achieved a buyer at 20,000.00 by Jimmy Pattison. A local sucessfull business man. historic Documents and ownership papers included in sale as well as a audio recording of the auction of 1973. Runs and drives well. Mostly orginal condition drive train. interior in fantastic shape. Paint and body very nice. Perfect tour car. Twelve cylinder power with hydraulic brakes. More pictures upon request. Asking 85,000.00 USD
  6. Bump back up to the top with a price correction. Now asking 105,000.00 USD. Car is located in British Columbia, Canada. Will help right buyer with Brokerage assistance. No taxes or fees to bring car back into the USA.
  7. I am a repair and restoration shop about 5 miles north of the border at the i5 border crossing. We can still cross for commercial reasons. If you bought the car personally you may not be able to come up to get it. I can pm you the name and number of a carrier that that crosses back and forth transporting cars i think he even runs up and down the i5 corridor.
  8. Today's trailers and trucks are a lot better. No windows. I don't want to advertise what I have. To many people what to take what they don't earn.
  9. Not surprised @edinmass always cheaped out with his car and truck maintenance.
  10. I purchased a couple from Skip over the years. If Mark is doing them the the same level you can't go wrong. A cheap solution to a known problem
  11. 105 thousand is cheap for a Royale Convertible coupe. I also agree the poor fitting top means nothing. Put it down and drive the car.
  12. One of the nicest Mascots going.
  13. Haha @edinmass I never said cheap! just resonably priced all things considered.
  14. I am glad you ended up with that car @auburnseeker I looked at that myself. However I still have the engine on my boattail apart and my coupe is amost done the body wood. However, may i sugest the Duesenberg A as the next goal. In my opinion the prices are resonable on the less sporty bodies.
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