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  1. Unfortunately the restoration would cost more than the value of the car could ever attain. But still a inexpensive full classic if you wanted a survivor car. Some people have much more time than money. I however have neither time nor money.
  2. Did he polish it into a different car?
  3. Stutz dv32 and Duesenberg have the brass carbs, So does my L29. are you interested in selling it.
  4. This is very true. I just came back from a concours in Tacoma. I took my Cord L29 that was restored about 30 years ago. when i got it filty dirty and crummy paint. with about 8 days of detailing and 3 stages of wet sand and or polish we won third in class and peoples choice award. A good detail-er can completely change the look of the car.
  5. The ee-22 carb would be found on a KA series Lincoln. I would like to buy it. Please
  6. Reproductions, sure that would be like driving a Excalibur.
  7. Thats a good thing. The cost to chrome the shutters and make them straight is very expensive. The last one I did was on a 34 Packard 1107. I shudder to think of the cost.
  8. I would also be interested in purchasing.
  9. Just posting for the interest of the board. 1933 Reo Royale at the Mecum auction this week. https://www.mecum.com/lot-detail/CA0815-219904/0/1933-REO-Royale-Sedan/
  10. Very nice car. I had a customer that brought me a 1933 Lincoln KA convertible coupe to restore. That car changed my automotive appreciation and interests for ever. May you drive and enjoy your car in good health for years to come.
  11. Hi Victor, How did the viewing go? were you able to strike a deal with the owner?
  12. Victor, Good to see your still adding to your beautiful collection. I agree that the Stutz has a tonne of potential but i agree that the owner selling for 20 to thirty thousand is probably not going to happen unless he really wants to see it go to someone that will do right by the car. Open bodied Stutz's have definitely risen a lot in price even being a rebody. Do you have any knowledge on how many origional parts are on the car. chassis?, engine? Trying to asess a value sight unseen is virtually impossible. I feel the only thing you can do is get a price from the seller and decide if you are willing to pay. After you buy the car and repair the body you will be into it for more than it worth but at least you will have a boattail to enjoy driving in sunny mexico. can you really put a price on that. :} Kirk
  13. Hi Helmut, I will pull the information for you tomorrow. Was this the car Thiesen had for sale at his dealership in Germany? beautiful car. Congragulations.
  14. Leo was a man I never got to meet in person but spoke to many times on the phone. As a young man getting into this hobby/industry I had found many older gentlemen very reluctant to speak at length or sell parts for cars I owned or was working on. The general perception that young people just wanted to wreck cars by turning them into hotrods or ratrods is a pretty common one. Leo was always willing to answer questions and help me with parts locating spending hours on the phone together just talking cars. This community will sorely miss a true enthusiast like him. Rest in Peace
  15. It is absolutely easier to buy a bulk collection the buying individually. I recently purchased a fifty carr collection and the tax matter and licensing was very easy.
  16. Looking for a pair of headlamp bar end castings and a pair of sidemount wheel nuts for Duesenberg model J. Thanks. Vintage Rod Shop.
  17. Even though it is expensive to live in this area, I can't think of very many other places I would rather be. We have for the most part very good weather. We can ski on one of the best mountains in the world and have a great dinner ocean side on the same day.
  18. So I am confused. You think the Chinese are buying land for pipeline right of way export? You do know there are mountains at play here. I know the Great lakes are large. piping water from Lake Ontario to Richmond does't pencil. I know that Alaska is exporting fresh water to China via Tankers. BC is considered to have the Best fresh water quality in Canada. I will give you another geography lesson. the Keystone pipeline was to start in Northern Alberta and go virtually straight down to Texas. Not to pump deliciously clean lake Ontario water to Richmond. The pipeline we do need is from Northern Alberta to the coast of BC is called the Kinder Morgan Pipeline. This one is needed because your President in all his royal wisdom would rather keep importing oil from the middle east than buy that Damm Canadian Dirty Oil. Hey whats a little more money to the middle east. That's a fairly stable region. Right
  19. True words. Even if you drive about 45 min out of vancouver to the suburbs a entry level house on a smallish lot starts at 550,000 and you can expect to do some mild reno's on top of that. When your farm land that is locked in the agriculture reserve runs about 200,000 per acre it runs up the price of everything else.
  20. The car collection in question was a Canadian collection. So no money was to come into the us. I also feel you do not have a good grasp of Canadian Geography. How would a Pipeline in western Canada {which is needed by the way} ruin your view of lake Ontario? Also the western Canada fresh water supply has no bearing on lake Ontario?
  21. I completly agree the difference in driving my 1930 l29 vs my 1932 auburn boattail is startling the two speed axle makes a huge difference. After seeing they 1932 Packard on the podium at RM it was nice to see and hear it go down the road.
  22. Hi Ed, My 1915 Pierce Arrow 38c would like to wish your 1915 T A very happy Birthday.
  23. Hi Bill, I own a 1933 1242 Pierce and live in South Surrey. I will keep a ear out for parts hitting the market
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