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  1. Parting 56 Packard 400 2drht, basically complete, really nice interior that would save you a ton if you're replacing. Lots of good body parts, trim, glass etc
  2. If your only problem with it is the price you can make an offer, you're welcome
  3. I dont believe so but maybe someone can chime in? Thanks
  4. Been looking for skirts for my 41 Chrysler, can I assume 41 Dodge will fit? Not having much luck finding listings, also need a right rear fender and does anyone reproduce the rear fender gravel guards?
  5. Not sure you're defending the right thing, I watched a 23 Pierce Arrow melt into the ground over 30 years because the owner wouldn't sell. I got it from his estate and it got parted out, made a lot of people happy but it was sad to see a restorable car (belonged to the governor of Oregon) turned into a parts car. He had his reasons I'm sure, he was a guy that wouldn't sell a car, nothing more nothing less. You'd call him names but I guess that forums give that power to people. The ad for the 60 says he'll sell parts, his price is high but easier to come down than go up, I don't see that he's doing anything offensive, did you even read it?
  6. you're far too emotional about a car you don't own or don't want to own. You have no idea what I've bought and sold over the last 45 years, "Mr bigshot ebay"? oh brother, 🤣
  7. So this was a 50k car in the 1960s?? That's laughable, you have no idea what you're talking about. I didn't miss your point at all, you addressed this car in this post and people who don't sell parts at the price you decide they're worth. I sell lots of parts, usually on Ebay and do quite well and so do the buyers. Someone obviously hurt you deeply to go on such a name calling tirade, you're not owed anything particularly by someone who owns something you want and can't afford. Whiners taint the hobby, don't like the price, move on.
  8. I don't understand the hate thrown by people when they see a rusty car, looks like a junkyard car to me. I used to visit lots of yards in the 70's that had somewhat decent cars by todays standards but weren't worth restoring then. The ad clearly states that he hauled it there on a flatbed, not sure why that gets him called a prideful .... Yes, there are cars that were left out by people, sometimes ruining them, I own a couple parts cars thanks to them. Guess it's a shame you can't force people in a free country to do what you deem is best. Your price quotes for past decades are silly btw
  9. I saw this Cadillac last month when I picked up a car I bought from Lori, very impressive and you couldn't find nicer people to deal with! Good luck with the sale!
  10. Yes. It was a crude attempt, doors are good but the sheet metal, especially at the cowl is very rough
  11. Bought this on this forum a while back and just don't need it. Its in basically the same condition as these pics with the exception of the lights and tires, both gone. Asking $4500. Body is rough, would make a great speedster, mechanically complete with the exception of the front engine cover. My friend is going from the pacific northwest to Hershey with an empty enclosed trailer and can provide reasonable cost transportation, please message me with any questions or call 503-320-5180, text ok also
  12. Not to resurrect an old thread but I went and looked at the car when it was listed, Chris couldn't have been nicer. Family members were the ones holding out. Wasn't so much the salt air but poor storage in a very rainy region. The shed leaked badly and the lower rust was significant particularly on one side. I made an offer that was fair, he agreed but others didn't, probably a break for me