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  1. a coherent car for sale ad is hard to find in any language 😉
  2. if someone buys it I have a nice pair of welled fenders, some sidemount hardware, some gauges and one fender lamp
  3. I don't speak spanish but the car obviously is not for sale, the parts are, wheels, suspension, steering column etc
  4. I believe this one is earlier but is the same configuration, will wait to hear from you.
  5. Does anyone have an 11 Auburn catalog with pics of the models? Looking for a pic of a model M roadster, thanks.
  6. Looking for a larger speedster tank, approx 36" by 16" or close, leads appreciated
  7. looking for this emblem, 1964 Kelsen
  8. Interesting about all Chryslers having red wheels, my wheels look factory and definitely don't have any trace of red on them.
  9. Near Portland Oregon, car came from high desert of Eastern Washington, very clean
  10. The reason I haven't restored it is because I have to pick and choose my battles, last count I had 18 cars. I'd want 13k for it, bought all the new dash plastic. It turns over but didnt try to start it. My Lincoln is a 42k original car, needs nothing but love. Have a nice Fulton visor for the 41
  11. Here's my 41 New Yorker, a really solid and complete car, been saving it for retirement, someone would have to want it pretty bad for me to let go
  12. Parting 56 Packard 400 2drht, basically complete, really nice interior that would save you a ton if you're replacing. Lots of good body parts, trim, glass etc
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