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  1. Tinindian is correct-single red stripe. These are all NOS including one out of the original box shown.
  2. None of my '30 Pontiacs (three were original cars) had gaskets under the cowl light bases.
  3. Dave, that would be great if you could check with your friend. I don't seem to have the top spacers for either side. Rick
  4. Ha, in actuality my car is a 31 Pontiac. I just figured I would have a better chance of getting answer on Chevrolet forum. All the top and windshield parts with exception to the medallion in the middle of windshield base seems to be same between Chev and Pontiac for 31-32. The parts I am asking about specifically are the round/cone shaped spacers that protrude from the body panels on the lower. The bolts holding the landau arms on pass thru these and they space the landau arm out away from the quarter panel. I know there is some kind of spacer on the top landau arm as well to space it out from the top frame; so, my question is if these use the same spacers on top as on bottom. I only have one bottom.
  5. I'm taking stock of what I do and do not have for my 31 Cabriolet. I have one of the spacers that goes behind the landau bars. Can someone tell me if the spacers at the top (landau bar to top frame) were the same as the ones used at the bottom (landau bar to body)? Thanks Rick
  6. That 29 Phaeton is stunning and it looks to be a Stewart bodied car. That 1930 Phaeton that Reid mentioned in the old Cars & Parts article was actually a Holden bodied car-built down under. Comparing it to my 1930 Stewart built Phaeton, you can see lots of differences in every body panel and even windshield frame. Sorry, I couldn't find pics of just my phaeton but you can barely see it beside the sedan shell. I so wish my 30 was in the condition of that 29. One reason I haven't yet tackled mine is I keep building my skills or I know I will need a lot of help in repairing a couple of body panels that someone 'goofed' up back in the day.
  7. Well, I for one am glad that you have protected all these cars all these years that others may still enjoy them. It is equally impressive that after all this time you are letting them go to others. I know some that will not part with even a door handle to help others who love these old cars like we all do. Take a bow, you've done a great job taking care of these treasures!
  8. Does anyone know if this power seat switch plug is reproduced or does anyone have one or two in good condition? From what I have learned it was used on 1957-58 Cadillac, Pontiac, and Oldsmobile. Maybe others? Thanks, Rick
  9. Does anyone have a pair of chrome AC vents for 1959-60 Chevrolet? Thanks, Rick 314-283-6578
  10. PLK, Those in the first image that have been repaired-were the round bases broken completely off then repaired of was the filler material added due to wear? What is the filler material, solder or brass?
  11. I have been a member off and on. Can you share more info on who I should contact?
  12. I'm searching for a convertible windshield center post outside chrome for a 46 convertible project. As I'm sure your know they are shorter than the closed cars.
  13. I posted once before but thought I would try again. I have a future project that I've been collecting parts for: 1931 Pontiac Cabriolet Coupe. 1931 & 1932 Pontiac/Oakland, Oldsmobile, and Chevrolet all shared the relatively same cast windshield assembly to my understanding with exception of the center medallion that ties the two cowl bases together. I have everything except the windshield posts. Does anyone have a pair they would be willing to part with to save another one? Or does anyone have information on reproduction castings? Any help would be appreciated! Rick Kingston Springs, TN 615-504-4801