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  1. I have two of these and would very much like to find one more. I have two of the sheet metal versions I would be willing to trade.
  2. Sorry I've been so slow responding. I hope I can describe this logically. Apparently I had a situation where I was cross feeding the ignition to the lights and the lights to the ignition. The car has been wired and I have been moving it around the shop under its own power for about a year. I didn't have the headlights mounted or the tail light wired into the lamp until recently. I had checked the head and tail light wiring with a multi-meter and everything functioned. The problem didn't surface until sometime after the head and tail lights were installed but not immediately. The fuel pump did not start with the light switch pulled nor did the lights come on with the ignition switch. I used the wiring diagram and a little logic, changed a couple of wires and now it's working as it did. I'm wondering if there could be something inside the switch that caused the problem? Not a very good explanation but it honestly had been behaving as I originally described it. It's now fine again.
  3. Everything back to normal.
  4. Thanks for all the advice and I'll look more closely at my car but the key here is why had everything worked as it should one day and malfunctioned the next. The fuel pump is on it's own circuit.
  5. All my electrical items have been working the way they are supposed to work until yesterday. After I cleaned the reflector on one of the headlights I pulled the light switch to see if I had done any good and heard the fuel pump start. It's supposed to and has been getting its power from the ignition switch. I shut the lights off, turned the ignition switch on and the lights came on. I should add that the car has a separate coil and not the original style. I also learned that I can get power to the ignition by pulling the light switch. The engine will start without the key on but with the light switch pulled. I keep going back and forth in my mind on whether the light switch is faulty and is feeding power to the ignition or vice versa. Thoughts? I hate crawling under the dash.
  6. Just got the bumper clamps back and yes, now they are red. Black on the radiator shell? Do you mean on the area below the core around the crank cover? If so, no. I'd forgotten about that.
  7. It's amazing how much that little red stripe adds.
  8. Need a adjusting hole cover for my 30 Pontiac. I'm short one. I'm sure other models used the same item. Thanks!
  9. Wow! That's quite a treasure you have. Thanks to you and Tinindian.
  10. Thought I had seen a rendition of a '30 where parts of the hubcap were painted red. Can't find the picture now. Was this something that was done to all, most or did the artist just decide it was a good idea? I had a couple of beat up caps so I took one and painted it as you see in the photo. Any And all opinions welcome.
  11. I'll have to post a more recent photo. Very soon, all that should be left on the exterior will be the pinstriping. Running board covering is on its way and then it's interior time. The upholsterer has all the interior pieces. Still could use a bumper plate. My chrome plater didn't send them with the rest of the job, since has gone out of business and now I don't know if I'll get them back at all. Frustrating. Definitely would be fun to get them all together. Haven't been to your part of CA for many years.
  12. Thanks guys. No decision yet but may even be able to reuse most.
  13. They are the strips that clamp over the edges of the door panels. The nails in the strips are driven into the wood and hold the panels in place. The bankruptcy was a surprise. I didn't have them as a favorite so when I entered their name the news came up. There are articles from Hemmings and local news outlets.
  14. With Lebaron-Bontey in chapter 7, does someone know of a supplier for these strips in my photo? I went to their site yesterday and found they had filed bankruptcy the day before. The strips my upholsterer uses have large teeth that I'm afraid will be difficult to install and I can even see them splitting the wood. My searches have only found those same nailing strips. Any suggestions?