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  1. I do have a distributor if you are interested I will dig it out and see what kind of shape it is in
  2. Yes Tinindian and the car I restored is identical I think to yours and the rad is from a '28 I was told, all parts came from Alberta, My 47 yr old son is now the owner and it was his great grandfathers first and only car,
  3. I have accumulated a box of mechanical parts inc rad but no body parts any one interested?
  4. I have a box full of parts I collected over the yrs while restoring a '27 Pontiac Landau sedan, includes radiator, and mechanical parts but no body metal
  5. If I remember correctly there was a device to suck water into intake manifold to increase power??
  6. I used really thin corprene and vaseline on both sides, mine doesnt leak
  7. boler76

    6v led bulbs

    Thanks for all the knowledgable replies, I will search for the proper replacement LED for my 27 Pontiac headlights, Has anyone done this already, if so what was the replacement part # and # of leds per light?
  8. boler76

    6v led bulbs

    is there a place to buy 6v LED bulbs to replace the old original bulbs in my 1927 Pontiac?
  9. I pressed the worm off the shaft and reversed it, that helped a lot as it got rid of some slop but not all??
  10. I am still looking for an ignition sw, the one with the drop down handle and key in middle, hopefully with the key and operational??
  11. That is a good omen, does it have the key in the middle at top of the drop down light sw handle? If so how much would you ask for the whole switch? Thanks
  12. I need an ignition switch , the one that has the key in middle and the drop down handle for the lights, Do you have such? Thanks
  13. Would you by any chance have an ignition switch for the 27? Email is
  14. That would be great,how much and how do you want to be paid? Can email me at