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  1. I went to my parts book. Hadn't used it for a time. I checked several items and the only parts I found compatible were the heads and water manifold.
  2. I checked the parts book and did not find the impeller listed as an individual part for the 30. I'm still curious since the diameter and shaft size are the same. I assume Impeller thickness would be the other critical dimension. Looks like a somewhat different vane design.
  3. Thanks Rob! Just what I needed.
  4. Can someone tell me what parts of a 28 would be compatible with a 30 Pontiac?
  5. My 30 seems to cooling properly now but I ran across this item on eBay and am wondering if the impeller might be the same dimensions. Mine is in the car but has a partially broken vane. Anyone have a spare one they could take some measurements on? The seller provided the following: impeller - 3 1/8", shaft .45 inch, fan mounting pulley - 2 1/4". The kit packaging says it's for a 33-36 Pontiac. Also, are the pump vanes supposed to face the block or the radiator? Thanks!
  6. No thermostat. Radiator and block have been flushed. Coolant shows no signs of deposits. Will be able to get it on the road soon and see if the radiator work done this winter was helpful. Radiator shop said it wasn't bad. Thanks for sharing your experience.
  7. Got my radiator back and installed. Shop said it wasn't bad. Fixed a small leak I wasn't aware of. Weather is such here that all I have done is run it in the shop. Just idling it will rise to about 180 and then stay there. We're at 6000 ft with lots of hills and am wondering how yours reacts to it having to work harder?
  8. I've been away from the forum for a few days. I assume you used it in the front of your 32 so it is large enough to do the front of the 30?
  9. Been a while since I've been here but I could use some help. Does anyone make a rubber front floor mat for the 30 Custom Sedan. I put carpet in mine but now I've decided I don't like it. Can't keep it clean and it's hard to keep in position.
  10. I repacked my pump with packing from McMaster-Carr and all is well. It truly is an amazingly simple unit. I actually have no leaks although I have a pan under the car to monitor the situation. Next step is the radiator. I've found a shop that is reputable and isn't afraid to tackle a 90 year old unit. I'll let you know how it all works out.
  11. My water pump is OK but got an email from The Filling Station the other day that got me wondering. They list a pump for Chevrolet, 1929-1934 with modern seals and bearings and it looks like a similar bolt pattern as the Pontiac. They say it replaces GM part number 601108. Anyone have any idea if they might interchange?
  12. Will be removing my 30's water pump, again soon. Had it off, machined a new shaft and new packing. Fine for probably 100 miles. Not good now. More than a little seepage. What should I be looking for?
  13. Will be removing my 30's water pump, again soon. Had it off, machined a new shaft and new packing. Fine for probably 100 miles. Not good now. More than a little seepage. What should I be looking for?
  14. Nice vinyl tire cover that was meant to cover my 19" spare. It did fit well on the dismounted tire I brought the upholsterer but it will not go on my mounted 19" tire and rim. I believe it will work on an 18" rim. It is 28.5 inches in diameter and 5.5 inches wide. Sturdy vinyl with draw string. $70 plus shipping.
  15. I switched my 52 268 over to Pertronix several years ago. Haven't regretted it but haven't tossed my point parts away either.
  16. Back to strong oil pressure. Gotta believe there was some little piece of crap that got lodged in the little line that leads to the gauge from the block. Oh well, learned a few new things about the car. We'll see what the next issue will be.
  17. On second thought, it doesn't seem like a large enough hole to have caused a total loss of oil pressure. Still needs to be remedied.
  18. Found the problem, I think. Crank wire a hole in the supply line. Probably something I overlooked. Should be a photo attached.
  19. Not yet. Had a few other tasks get in the way. I did put an electric drill on the pump and ran it in some oil. Seems to pump quite well. Have to check the lines. Don't know why, at this point, I didn't get more volume out of the gauge fitting in the block when I cranked it. An early 50s Buick must be like an early 50s Pontiac. I've done it a couple of times on my 52 and have decided things will have to get serious before I do it again.
  20. Dropped the pan and removed the pump last evening. Need to look more closely but all looks intact. Beginning to wonder if the oil line to the gauge got plugged. More to come.
  21. Distributor out. All pins intact. I now assume the dog on the pump that mates with shaft is sheared?
  22. Had it out, knew about the set screw but totally forgot! Embarrassing
  23. Checking gauges when I start an engine is something I always do. Had 30-35 lbs as I left the garage. On these old engines I find myself checking often. I had gone less than a half mile when I noticed the gauge read 0. No particularly nasty noises (yet). Tried to remove the distributor. It is loose and has a small amount of up and down play but won't lift out. Something is obstructing it. I plan to drop the pan anyway and look for issues. Any advice at this point?
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