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  1. do members of this board have any tips for spotting original brass scripts versus copies. I'm considering buying a collection of them, but the best I have to go on is that they were collected by a man who preferred originals, and had a lot of old cars as well. But his could be from the 50s and 60s too for all I know. To my knowledge, most brass scripts weren't stamped with a makers mark, but I could be wrong.
  2. Or do most of these come up as one offs in other booths? Just curious if anyone focuses in this area.
  3. Great thread, wish there more pics of some of the collections mentioned!
  4. Aside from the cars themselves, I know a lot of board members have specific interests in a number of other areas. I like vintage emblems and hood ornaments, along with a variety of odd pieces. Show and tell: Would love to see your collection pics of the following, as well as any other area not mentioned: Hubcaps Spark plugs Literature Pins Dealer items Emblems Jackstands Motometers Key/watch fobs Shifter knobs Premiums Hood ornaments Radiators Signs Tools Etc Thanks in advance
  5. Love that site, extremely well done. I spent a lot of time on it
  6. Beautiful. Agreed, that is one of the reasons I collect emblems and pins, because they dont take up too much space. I'm in marketing, and I also love the history or automobile logos and typography. In addition to hood ornaments, these are often the crown jewel that finishes off a car's look. Surprised more people dont collect these. We are a small group.
  7. Great point, I have a number of those smaller Nash and Cadillac emblems myself.
  8. It sure looks like the style of those scripts on the catalog page provided above by hanski. Any idea of the maker?
  9. Very nice. I like that Pulfer Rambler script up there. Haven't seen many of those. I think these kind of miniature emblems and fobs are a very nice addition, and worthy of any serious collection. Especially when they are 50 years or older, which most are. In most cases they were crafted in ways that have been lost to today's processes for similar items.
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