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  1. Did you sell the wood spoke wheels?
  2. 34 is a single point distributor, 32 is a dual point. Bobs automobilia sells rebuilt vacuum advance modules. Yours looks like it has been modified a bit. All those updraft carbs had problems with the preheat tubes in-the manifold above the carb as mentioned earlier. Examine cam gears carefully. Good luck!
  3. Bob, has the same thing come up with my 34 66S. It had a GM logo on it. All the 33/60 heads I had as parts had the Buick logo. I think the castings were changed for the 34 model year? I finally found another 34 head to replace my cracked one. It had cracks too, but more repairable. Seems like everything had cracks in the 30s. Had a terrible time with exhaust manifolds too. Had to use 33 stuff on the 34. Again, they had different casting marks on them too!
  4. Interested in any 34/60 parts you may have
  5. Any chance you still have this harness?
  6. Needing bolts and nuts to secure the rim onto the fallows
  7. Anybody out there know of any repair or service information for the fan clutch hub on my 60 series 1934 Buick? Trying to find out what goes where and how it works. thanks! Greg
  8. I am taking my car out east to Ct. next week. Will return from there sometime the week of 7/17 from there headed to Kansas City with empty enclosed 23 ft car trailer. If you need something brought back along the way. I am not interested in wrestling greasy heavy junk around however. You may contact me at Greg@rsvpfilmvideo if interested.
  9. Sadly, i am on the look for a new shop to finish the restoration project on my 1934 66S coupe that was was started by Dave Lewis Restorations in Springfield, Ill. Dave passed away earlier this summer and his shop will be closing. The car is about 50% complete. All the work was completed to the highest level. Wood is done, frame is done. Engine work has been started, but body, paint interior and chrome remains as well as reassembly. Was wondering if anyone out there can recommend a shop that is good with these older cars that I might interview. I am in the midwest. thanks, Greg
  10. Greetings fellow form viewers, I am in dire need of some valve lifters for my 60 series engine rebuild. I need six, but will consider any quantity used or new. As I understand it, any 60-80-90 series engine from 32-35 should be a suitable doner. Thanks Greg
  11. I am looking for a set of roller litters for my engine rebuild. Water got into my block and ruined 4, but I will buy a full set if necessary. This is for a 66S car. Thanks. Greg
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