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  1. Did you sell the wheels and tires?
  2. 34 is a single point distributor, 32 is a dual point. Bobs automobilia sells rebuilt vacuum advance modules. Yours looks like it has been modified a bit. All those updraft carbs had problems with the preheat tubes in-the manifold above the carb as mentioned earlier. Examine cam gears carefully. Good luck!
  3. Bob, has the same thing come up with my 34 66S. It had a GM logo on it. All the 33/60 heads I had as parts had the Buick logo. I think the castings were changed for the 34 model year? I finally found another 34 head to replace my cracked one. It had cracks too, but more repairable. Seems like everything had cracks in the 30s. Had a terrible time with exhaust manifolds too. Had to use 33 stuff on the 34. Again, they had different casting marks on them too!
  4. Interested in any 34/60 parts you may have
  5. Any chance you still have this harness?
  6. Needing bolts and nuts to secure the rim onto the fallows
  7. Anybody out there know of any repair or service information for the fan clutch hub on my 60 series 1934 Buick? Trying to find out what goes where and how it works. thanks! Greg
  8. I am taking my car out east to Ct. next week. Will return from there sometime the week of 7/17 from there headed to Kansas City with empty enclosed 23 ft car trailer. If you need something brought back along the way. I am not interested in wrestling greasy heavy junk around however. You may contact me at Greg@rsvpfilmvideo if interested.
  9. Sadly, i am on the look for a new shop to finish the restoration project on my 1934 66S coupe that was was started by Dave Lewis Restorations in Springfield, Ill. Dave passed away earlier this summer and his shop will be closing. The car is about 50% complete. All the work was completed to the highest level. Wood is done, frame is done. Engine work has been started, but body, paint interior and chrome remains as well as reassembly. Was wondering if anyone out there can recommend a shop that is good with these older cars that I might interview. I am in the midwest. thanks, Greg
  10. Greetings fellow form viewers, I am in dire need of some valve lifters for my 60 series engine rebuild. I need six, but will consider any quantity used or new. As I understand it, any 60-80-90 series engine from 32-35 should be a suitable doner. Thanks Greg
  11. I am looking for a set of roller litters for my engine rebuild. Water got into my block and ruined 4, but I will buy a full set if necessary. This is for a 66S car. Thanks. Greg
  12. Greetings, Planning on removing the oil pan and pump for clean out on a 32 56 series sedan. I would like to attempt this while it is in the car. Any cautions or challenges in getting this done? Hoping some one can shed some light on how much trouble I am in for? Working without a service manual again. Thanks, Greg
  13. Greetings, Today I am working on the 1932 Buick again. Have redone the front hubs and brakes and moving on to the rears. My problem is how to get the rear wheels and brake drums off the rear axle. I have removed the nuts and locking washers off the keyed tapered axle ends, but don't see any way to get the wheels to slide off the axle without some sort of pulled. This style of wheel has a threaded grease cap that screws onto the large fine threaded end of the wheel. I am guessing there is some type of puller that screws onto the wheel threads and allows you to push on the end of the axle to remove the wheel and drum. Book says "don't bang on the axle or the rim, but does not specify how to remove the wheel. Anyone out there with experience in removing these old wood spoke wheels from the rear axles? There are no holes or lugs inside the hub to fasten onto and nothing to hook a claw puller to. Thanks, Greg.
  14. Bob, Thanks for your reply. I have not done the pan clean out yet and probably won't go to detergent oil in this old engine without a rebuild. I am assuming I can get the pan off while the engine is still in the car and give it a good cleaning. I might as well take a look at the pump while I am at it, but I was not aware of the bypass valve. Wonder if I can (or should) eliminate the valve to get full time filtering. I may just try some clear plastic lines to test my idea. Wonder what the pressure cut off point is?
  15. I am aware of the NOS look alike kit for the rocker arm only filtration, as from the factory. This is a driver in original unrestored, painted with a brush condition. I just want a modern filter that is connected to the main oil flow of the engine so I can get some of the dirt out of the system after I drop the pan and clean out the sludge. This car has been sitting for 35 years or so. Rockers were plugged up and stuck, but now work perfectly. Don't want to go thru the engine, just get it to running/driving condition before selling it.
  16. So I am fishing for a solution to oil filtration on my 1932 series 57 engine. Not really worried about being "all original" on this project. The oil cooler on this car was removed and a U shaped return tube was fashioned to replace it. A common fix as I understand it for the leaking originals. I was wondering if I could use a modern spin on filter adaptor connected to the block fittings to run the engine oil thru a new style filter. I would like to do away with the filter system that only filters oil going to the rocker arms and just go from block to head with the small 1/4" line. My question is, what wide of the oil cooler is the feed side, and which is the return? Will this idea work to get me filtered oil to all the engine passages and am I running the risk of changing oil pressure where it is needed to be kept high or low. Thanks, Greg
  17. Thanks for your quick reply. I need to get some pictures and measurements for the ones I have to make sure they are the same, but good to know you might have some. They are the bolts that you described in you post. Let me get into storage and get mine located. Thanks, Greg
  18. Does anyone have a resource for the special bolts and nuts that secure the outer rims to in inner wooden spoked rim on a 32 Buick 50 series sedan? I have a few of the originals, but others were cobbled together using carriage bolts. Thanks, Greg
  19. Thanks again for your insight, good advice has been tough to come by on this project.
  20. Have heard of the acetone/ATF idea. I will take your advice and try this first. I assume I can try this without taking the head off, just the plugs out. I have already removed the rocker arm. I was planning on removing the pan anyway to clean sludge out and possibly repair/replace the oil pump.