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  1. looks close to a 1937 Cadillac (missing chrome)
  2. looks like a "clum" headlight switch that mounts at the bottom of the steering collum similar to one on my 28 hupmobile
  3. Clearing out the rafters and and came across this e set of horns Any ideas as to what they came off ? about 21” long Both marked autolite 33 9 Long horn stamped hw 4201 short horn stamped hw 4202 thanks in advance
  4. Rim has the studebaker look but a small wing (nub) & different mounting hole ,I think this is late 20s any ideas as to what it came off ? thanks in advance !
  5. I think this is mid to late 20s any ideas as to what it came off ?
  6. Came across this cool nickel device, any ideas as to what it came off or it’s function? about 3” tall fine brass mesh inside and what looks like gears? (See photos) & 4 windows around the outside thanks in advance
  7. Found this neat handle escutcheon plate & was trying to figure out what it came off part # 18847 about 4&1/2” long thanks for any help
  8. Trying to figure out what year this came off of ... Iam thinking it’s a trunk emblem or mabe a fender skirt emblem ? thanks for any help
  9. Looking to I’d this ashtray that’s been sitting on my work bench for the past few years i used it to hold assorted washers (worked rather well) now its its time to find it a home... but don’t know where it came from any help appreciated !
  10. nice brass side light off a ??? jewel door glass , one glass has a crack . about 12” tall open to offers
  11. Very nice brass horn pretty much dent free - with new bulb patented Jan 5, 09 sounds Great !!! asking 200 w/ free shipping (USA)