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  1. So is it cowl or cowel lights ? any way Iam trying to figure out what these came off of about 9” tall thanks in advance
  2. is there a DOT after the Mail ? that would mean that the front door is also missing (it would have read "COM")
  3. Any guesses as to year & make ? thanks in advance !
  4. you need these adapters that go on the lug studs in order to mount the hub caps to your rim
  5. saxon made cars from 1913 to 1923, could this be off one of those cars ?
  6. Right to left 1-? 2-olds 3-Franklin 4-olds 5-rambler 6-cadlllac 7-cadillac 8-rambler 9-olds 10-olds
  7. Any ideas as to what this came off , no markings that I could find..? mounting bolts are located inside the bucket (anti theft) ? The lens would be about 9” across thanks in advance
  8. still collecting dust on the shelf... any ideas ?
  9. This odd tool ? Has been sitting around my shop the past 20 +years I still have no idea what it does... any ideas ??? Thanks in advance!
  10. Trying to narrow down the year and placement of this emblem... About 3" long two studs on backside.... Any ideas? Thanks in advance!
  11. just the interior latch mechanism...(rusted solid)
  12. good day all , I am looking for a source / supplier of weather striping for my A sedan getting tired of windows rattling (lol) thanks in advance !
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