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  1. Thanks for your help everyone. I’ve spent a lot of time searching and haven’t found a match. I’m currently thinking that it’s a general purpose wheel out of a rim manufacturer’s catalog. The raised areas around the lug holes look very much like the rim could be drilled for 5/5 or 5/5.5 lug patterns, much like some current rims. I think a late 40’s Ford rim might be a really close match but I doubt if I’ll ever find an exact match. Thanks again everyone! Best wishes, Rob
  2. Thanks Leif, I’ll see where that leads me. Rob
  3. Hello All, In 1951 the Indian Motorcycle Company received an order from the NY Fire Dept for 10+? Dispatch Tow (DT) 3 wheelers. Indian hadn’t built a DT since 1942 and was reaching the end of its corporate life so it pieced these bikes together from leftovers in the factory, parts it machined in-house and odds and ends it bought off-the-shelf. The rear axle has a combination of a standard DT differential, hand machined axles, brakes from a ‘51 Studebaker and 5 bolt wheels. And that’s my problem - I need another wheel rim and I have no idea where to look. I would gues
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