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  1. saxon made cars from 1913 to 1923, could this be off one of those cars ?
  2. Right to left 1-? 2-olds 3-Franklin 4-olds 5-rambler 6-cadlllac 7-cadillac 8-rambler 9-olds 10-olds
  3. Any ideas as to what this came off , no markings that I could find..? mounting bolts are located inside the bucket (anti theft) ? The lens would be about 9” across thanks in advance
  4. still collecting dust on the shelf... any ideas ?
  5. This odd tool ? Has been sitting around my shop the past 20 +years I still have no idea what it does... any ideas ??? Thanks in advance!
  6. Trying to narrow down the year and placement of this emblem... About 3" long two studs on backside.... Any ideas? Thanks in advance!
  7. just the interior latch mechanism...(rusted solid)
  8. good day all , I am looking for a source / supplier of weather striping for my A sedan getting tired of windows rattling (lol) thanks in advance !
  9. Found in a box of T stuff any ideas ? Looks old because of the square nut- about 8” long
  10. Found in a box of T stuff, about 5” long, any ideas ? Thanks in advance!
  11. Had this door for a while don’t know what it came from any ideas ? 2’ wide x 22” tall thanks in advance !
  12. i think this is a T door ? any ideas as to what year ? thanks in advance !
  13. I’ve had these fenders for quite a while (40+ years). Any idea what they came on. Thanks in advance !
  14. Had this laying around the shop for the past 30years ,was mixed in with some RCH parts but don’t think it belongs... about 2 & 1/8” across any ideas ? thanks in advance !
  15. if any one is working on a RCH project or just looking for some parts just hit me up have : axels, 3rd member, brakes ,been cleaning out the shed & finding more stuff all the time.... no sheet metal or motor
  16. Now I have to get a tractor to put it on, Thanks !
  17. metal snare drum brushes for that cool jazz sound
  18. looks like a 1929 Jordan ornament
  19. could be 46 ford aftermarket ,I think Buick had more of a teardrop base...
  20. look like 1931 chevy scocks...
  21. I was thinking Packard or mabe Franklin … can not find any photo supporting this... mabe a foreign car ???
  22. Came across this light, trying to figure out what it came off of. Stands about 4” tall. Thanks in advance for your thoughts...
  23. last photo looks like it could be a horn button insert