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  1. did you find clutch rod yet. if not i should have out of my old 53 ford h.t. john
  2. I have a dodge trans it could be a 1926 or 28 not sure johnanddee1956 @yahoo.com
  3. Turn the lock to acc or left all the way take paper clip or likes put it in small hole push in a little and turn key a little more to the left. then ti should pull out easy. works ever time for me. john Hanson
  4. JC Having computer problems and not to good picture sender I'll see what ican do tomorrow. This is a new Spotlight still in the box. Box not to good but spotlight is nice. John Hanson
  5. I kind of waited for some body to jump in with a good used one but i guess there are not to many left . I have a new one 450.00 + shipping John Hanson
  6. i do not belive it was 1967 i beleave it was 1968
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