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  1. I am looking for a part number 1108392 starter with date code between September and first week of December, 1969. Date code will start with 9J, 9K, 9L, or 9M. If 9M, the day part of the code should be 7 or less.Part number and date code should be stamped on the body of the starter motor. Rebuildable core is all I am looking for, please let me know what you have.
  2. I am looking for a 1970 Buick A-body Sonomatic AM radio that is set up for a 8-track player. The tag on the side of the radio should read: Service Model 04AAMT or Service Model 04APBT. Rebuilt or re-buildable, either will work for me. Thanks, Stacey
  3. Still looking. After more research, I am looking for Smog parts for a 67 Big Block, not just any 67 Buick. Plenty of big cars and Rivieras for sold in California had these so let me know what you have. I bought a Smog pump and one of the valves from a seller over on the V8Buick forum, still looking for the rest of the system. Thanks.
  4. Pete - Do you have any 67 430 Smog pump parts in that pile of parts?
  5. Thanks for the info. I don't have the window sticker but I do have the original purchase order for the car. It was purchased by a guy from Minnesota who was stationed in California while serving in either the Marines or Navy, not sure which one. He ordered it in California via the Peninsula Fleet Services but picked it up in Detroit and drove it back to California, probably via Minnesota. The original options on the car are as follows; Reclining Strato buckets Headrests Deluxe seat belts Retractable seat belts Full console with tachometer Positraction Air conditioning Tinted glass Power brakes Power steering AM/FM radio Automatic Transmission Redline tires A scan of the purchase order is below. You can see a note on the upper left corner of the document that says "Detroit Pickup" Out-the-door price was $3931.22 and it looks like the car was ordered before '67 model year pricing was finalized. I haven't actually seen the rally wheels I bought for the car yet, the seller dropped them off at a relatives house in New Jersey. So I guess I wasn't sure about the argent silver center color anyway. Since rally wheels aren't listed on the purchase order does that mean the car originally came with steel wheels and hubcaps? Not that I am going to go out and find a set of those now, I like the way the rally wheels look.
  6. Short answer - I think just about any rally wheel with the right bolt circle would work. The original wheels in '67 look a little "flatter" from the outside and have centers that are painted Argent Silver instead of black. Other than that they look like pretty much any other 14 inch rally. Long answer - I like my my cars to be as close to original as possible. My '67 is pretty much all there and as it was when it was built in Flint. It is missing the California Smog system (I am looking for one), has 15 inch rally wheels with raised white letter tires, and the seat covers aren't original. It has had one repaint. Other than that it is very original. I want to be be able to take it back to the way it was built when it left the factory once I find all the missing pieces. There is no rational reason for this other than that's what I like in old cars. Now that I have the correct wheels I am going to get some 14 inch bias-ply redline tires (just as the car had when new), which is probably a head scratcher to some people too.
  7. I got the wheels from a V8Buick board member "Buicknos". I had a parts wanted ad posted there in addition to here. I am not sure if he is a member of the AACA forum but I am guessing he is. I think "Buicknos" is affiliated with or owns Cars, Inc. I bought his last 4 wheels in "A" condition which equates to used but really nice condition plus a "B" wheel to use as a spare. The "B" wheel is in a little bit rougher condition but still good for a driver. He has more "B" condition wheels so he might be able to set you up. He is a very nice guy and worked with me on delivery and payment method, very good to do business with. Stacey
  8. 80% of the Smog parts are common berween GS and non-GS cars. if anyone has smog pump parts of of any other 1967 Buick that they want to sell, please contact me.
  9. Not sure about the 850 code but 3 9/16 backspacing sounds like a 14 inch wheel from a late '70s car. Thanks for the reply. I don't think you will have to bother getting them down.
  10. Thanks for the photo and info. That should help.
  11. Still looking - I have seen some 67 GS400 for sale recently with the smog pump still installed, so they are still out there. Surely someone has one of these contraptions laying around in a corner of their garage? The picture above is from GS400 for sale on Craigslist. Nice car, by the way. The ad can be found here: http://southjersey.craigslist.org/cto/4939956500.html. The Air pump (or Smog pump as it was otherwise known) is the silver thing with all the hoses coming out of it above the power steering pump in the foreground of the photo.
  12. I am looking for a set of 14 x 6 rally wheels for a 66 or 67 Skylark or GS. 4-1/2 inch backspacing with 813 rim code and JK bead type. There are lots of 14 x 6 rally wheels that will fit my car, I am looking for an original set for a 1967 GS400 if anybody has some that they are willing to part with. Thanks.
  13. I am PM'ing you a list if stuff to see if you have it. Thanks.
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