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  1. I actually just removed the entire assembly. I can take some pictures and send them over and see if you can make anything of it. I had to take 2 speedometers and make one. I did it about 2 years ago and forgot how it all went back together, to be honest. But i know it all seems to work great, minus this issue. If it can be solved without me sending it off that'd be great! I'll get some pictures later on todnight.
  2. Hi, Lance! I'm thinking the tension coil is wound too tight/is too loose. Everything works like it should, and by the I mean it no longer grinds, jumps around, or anything of the sort. The problem I have now is it's almost too sensitive - I'll be going 10 mph and it says I'm going 35. I just don't know how to properly adjust the coil so I know it's the correct tightness.
  3. Hello, I am looking for someone who works on property adjusting the Speedometer for a 1957 Buick. I have replaced the ribbon and gauges, and everything seems to work fine, however the ribbon is out of adjustment, and I'm tired of trying to fix it. Any leads/contact information would be much appreciated. Thank you!
  4. Hello everyone! I do appreciate everyones input, it really does help a lot and i value your time and knowledge. I bought the 4bbl intake back in 2017 and have had it sitting on a shelf since! I found one in a California junkyard and paid about $50 shipped. Im going to slap it in the ol 364 one day and see how it does.
  5. Nice looking Roadmaster, Lance! I am taking too long to finish one 57, can't imagine owning more!
  6. Hi John, and thank you for your reply! The two pictures that are in the ad above are two examples of paintings i have done, but i will include an image of a 1940 Buick i painted for a customer and a painting of the Titanic. You should get a painting! (If you want) Thanks again for your message.
  7. I am open to a couple more Buick paintings. Please see the advertisement below and let me know if you would like your car turned into a piece of art that you can use on shirts, framed on a wall or to show off to all your car friends! All of my work is done by hand. No tracing or photo manipulation. Let me know via email, phone or PM if interested. If not allowed on this page I apologize. Move it to where it needs to be, (hopefully not the trash). Thanks, BT
  8. I'd like to get it fixed as much as i can, because it does matter to me, silly. ?
  9. Thank you two so much. I appreciate the input. I'll have to try the odometer "trick." I think it's the speedometer itself, but it's possible it's the transmission gears.
  10. Hello. I was wondering if there is a way to adjust the speedometer on my 1957 Buick without taking it all apart again? Mainly I'm asking if they have an access hole in it to adjust the resistance. I've had the speedometer tinkered with a couple times, it used to not work at all. Now it works fine, but it's a little too sensitive, saying I am going 55mph when I'm going say 30. I believe the problems lies in the speedometer rather than the transmission, since I've messed with the speedometer a couple times and I know for a fact it was completely broken before. Thanks for
  11. Well.... "pole building" is probably more accurate. And yes, 10' doors! One is shorter due to finding it a lot cheaper. I appreciate the kind words! My dad is glad to have the car out of his woodshop.
  12. Hello all. I may be long forgotten on here by now - It's been a while. I'm slowly creeping my way back into the internet car world. Super fast updates on what I have been doing over the past year: - Built a garage for my 1957 Buick - Ended up buying my SECOND project car. - Garage is already full. While I did not work on the Special itself that much last year, I consider building a polebarn just for it, (and now my second car), progress on its restoration, haha. I'll include a couple pictures of the Buicks new home! I love my new polebarn, and I
  13. Awesome. Thanks so much for the information. Helps a lot. So even the 6 cylinder chevys are the same as a v8? Or are all v8 bell housing for Chevy the same ?
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