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  1. Hi, I live in the Detroit area and I need a gas tank, sending unit, straps, etc for my 1969 Delta 88 Custom. New or used, does anyone know where I can get one? Thanks..
  2. Hello, I am in the process of rebuilding my Dynaflow transmission off my 1957 Buick Special. I have bought a complete rebuild kit, (with all clutches and plates, etc), but I have run into some other complications and am in need of some other parts that a rebuild kit does not come with. I know that a lot, (if not all), of these parts can be found on various websites, but I wanted to post an ad here just in case anybody has any spare parts laying around. Here is my list of needed parts: 1. Hi-low Brake Drum (part # 1388730) 2. Reverse Drum and Ring Gear (Part # 1354974 ???) 3. Front Band 4. Reverse Band 5. Parking Pawl (JUST the pawl if possible) (the actual piece the gear sits into) The bands I have are worn, so is my Hi-Low Brake Drum, and the reverse ring gear is worn with the teeth all messed up. The Parking Pawl must have been out of adjustment for so long, because the slot where the gear sits into is all rounded off. I may be able to fix it, but I thought I should ask anyway. Even if you have just one of these parts, please do not hesitate to let me know. I appreciate your time and I'm hoping someone has these parts! They do not necessarily need to be brand-new... but in good, working shape. Thank you, Brandon T. Missouri.
  3. Hello! Ive been posting a couple pages already for things im looking for on my Buick. Sorry if it seems like Im spamming! However, im looking for a few parts, id greatly appreciate it if anyone has them. 1. Wiper Bezel and switch 2. Outside door handles (its a 4 door HT) 3. Front passanger window glass/ frame 4. Inner taillight bezels 5. Rear bumper (ends or center) I am also looking for a parts manual Thank you again! Brandon
  4. Does anyone know of a manufacturer who is still willing to make valves for an L-head mercer? I have been told that mine are far too thin to reuse.
  5. I received this information below, in blue, through the WPC Club Email. If anyone is interested please contact the party directly by phone or through the email link. Do not contact me or reply to this posting. Looking at her photos in the link below, it appears that some of the parts are 1957-1959 Imperial parts, as well as some for 1953. Thanks, Ian " Hi Ian, I contacted you regarding trim metal for a '53 Chrysler. Please see the link below to view the photos of everything I have. If you would be so kind and post on your site I would greatly appreciate it. I will accept a reasonable offer on any part however I would prefer to sell the lot. I can be reached at 734-558-9729 and/or email. I reside in Vegas. Thank you for your assistance. Shari Pratt Email: sharipratt@gmail.com https://www.dropbox.com/sc/gbruc8ufrxspwxo/AAAR8cE-Pb1XQ-C-HxPJXIQYa
  6. Hi All, I've called all the Denver metro junkyards I can think of and am not finding any boattails around. Do any of you know where I could find a 1973 Riv parts car in the Denver area? I'm mainly looking for a front bumper, headlight/turn signal housing and driver door handle. (See my parts wanted ad over in Buick Buy/Sell for details..) Thanks and Happy New Year!
  7. Looking for a 1932 Plymouth chrome crank hole cover. Please contact John at johnbisceglie@gmail.com Thanks!
  8. Hi all. I'm new to the forum. I have a few older cars, the youngest of them being a '63 Grand Prix - a car that I've found to be surprisingly well built. I bought it from a dealer in Concorde, CA (just outside of San Fran). It turned out to be a much better car than I'd realised. Can anyone recommend someone who supplies parts for these cars? I've ordered a few parts this year from California Pontiac Restorations - dealing with a guy called Nathaniel, but I got my fingers burnt. They supplied a few parts for me, but then mistakenly sent some parts to Austria instead of Australia. He now refuses to answer any of my emails. Very disappointing, and a wad of money that I have to consider lost. Cheers, Lloyd
  9. Email me with what you need. I will send you a pic if I have it.
  10. For sale: 1947 Plymouth Deluxe Coupe for parts / salvage. Car is located in Bolton, Mass. The car has been outside for several years, but has many pieces in good condition. Quality pieces include handles, moldings, bumpers, vin plate and more. Many good pieces from bumper to bumper. Please email for pictures. Prefer to sell to one buyer to help a restoration project. Will divide pieces if needed. Price negotiable. Please contact John Hannon at jwmarquis@live.com or 508-733-4086. Thank you!
  11. We have on back order with Ecklers a Corvette Pillar Post Weather-strip latex Part #49251. If you have one in stock, please contact me. I also need the rubber that fits on the t-top where the window rolls up. Thank you, Joanne Pistorius 813-714-1019
  12. Hello everybody, I am in search of a few parts for a 1924 Studebaker Special Six “EL”. Robert Kapteyn had a extra parts catalogue I was able to purchase, thanks again, Robert! It really helped out in locating the proper part #'s. Unfortunately Studebaker parts int. did not have any of the following parts. I posted a few pictures of the project, including the motor so you can see some of the parts that are missing. If anyone has these parts, or knows of any place i can locate them i will really appreciate it, thanks in advanced, John Rear Double flanged hub (would prefer one with a brake drum but can get an extra drum if hub is by its self) Radiator cap for motometer P/N 106169 Wood Steering wheel P/N 105148 Gas tank Cowl lights and backing plate
  13. FOR SALE: a 21-25 Model T frame straight and no rust complete with pressed steel running board brackets & battery box. It is locared in Piscataway NJ 08854. Anyone in need for their next project? Asking $200 obo. Please call Tom 908-693-5535 between 9AM & 9PM EDT.
  14. The 1960 Buick LeSabre my late mother won in 1959 is now on its axles in the side yard of her house. It kills me since my dad and I used to go hobby shopping on the weekends in this when I was little. It was put on blocks (wood) in approximately 1976, to keep my brother from driving it, and it never moved again. All the glass is intact, body has blemishes but no major damage, all original cone tail-lights, trim, engine, chrome, is there. The doors still close solid. Sadly, and for obvious reasons, the floorboards are gone, the upholstry rotted out. I can't say what the condition is of the seat springs, etc. I don't want it to go to the junker for scrap. We're in the process of selling the house and I really hope someone here in the Washington State/Oregon area can help me find Big Blue a new home. We're running out of time. Whomever gets her just needs to figure out how to get her out. We'll clear the fence and debris away. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks everyone!
  15. We have called every where we can find on the internet and no one has one of these.... do you any of you have any ideas? It doesn't have to be one specifically for a coronet net, it just needs to be 11x2. Thanks! OCH
  16. It was recommended by someone that I post this in here, it's a for sale ad, but specific for the franklin. Click the link below to see the pictures. This car along with several others will be selling to the highest bidder on July 3rd beginning at 10 am. Bid online at www.cornleairon.com - you can also find complete details and more pictures on website. Register for the auction to get email reminders for this auction. Includes the parts for a 1917 Franklin 4 door convertible - Complete front end, engine, transmission, drive shaft, rear end, steering column, headlights, extra front end, extra engine parts, 5 aluminum doors and windshield frame. All parts have been stored inside. No title. See pictures and complete information here: https://cornleairon.hibid.com/lot/15635382/1917-franklin-4-door--convertible--complete-parts-
  17. Hi, I have several parts from my 1924 Buick for sale. Too many to list them all. Highlights include: complete rear end with drive shaft gauges complete engine that cranked before I removed it. All push rods Clutch pedal and much more. Contact me with what you need and I'm sure I have it. Thanks!
  18. Just taken out of garage after long time parked. Ambitious restoration or great parts car. Car is complete all there. Please call Joe at 773-720-6989. $1600 obo.
  19. Brake pressure valve # 4464 018 1 wheel insert. Am located near NYC. Please advise...
  20. Some of you may have seen my posts in Post War. I got to DVAP's Casa Grande location today. These are the guys with a TV show - Desert Car Kings. I called their Phoenix number earlier in the week & they asked what I'm looking for. When I said '51 Buick, they referred me to the Casa Grande location. It seems the older stuff is over there. Anyway, they didn't have what I was looking for (this time), but it gave me a better idea of what they do have. They let me into the yard. Buick row is just past Dodge and maybe 2 rows of Chevy, right before Cadillac (to explain some of what is in the background of the photos here). They seem to have about as many '50-'52 as they do '54-'56 (most of them '55's), and not much later than that, though there are a few. To the photos: Big sign on the building is because the towing company must have got tired of telling walk ins - no, they're next door... Here you go - Buick row: Here's the one with my candidate radiator - no joy:
  21. I bought this Studebaker # 466487 emblem at a yard sale. I have no idea what year or model it goes to or where it fits in the car. Can anyone help me? Also I would be happy to sell it to anyone who could use it.
  22. I bought this piece of 55 - 56 Packard 400 chrome trim (it was marked that on the back) at a yard sale but have no idea where it goes on the car. Can anybody help me? It looks brand new. I would be happy to sell it to anyone who can use it so please pass this along if you know someone who might need it.
  23. Hey folks, I may be a newbie here, but surely most, if not all Duesie fans, will be familiar with the vehicle of which I speak. I work at Canepa Design in Scotts Valley, CA, where the 1919 or 1921 (depending on who you speak to), Duesenberg Straight 8 or Model A (depending on who you speak to), chassis #601 and engine #1001 or chassis #602 and engine #1000 (depending on who you speak to), is painstakingly and lovingly being returned to its original configuration after the circa 1927 conversion/upgrade to many model J parts. While some information regarding this vehicle may still be in question, information I've garnered thus far, leads me to refer to it as a 1921 Duesenberg Straight 8 Model A with body by Bender, chassis #601 and engine #1001 (chassis and engine numbers confirmed by the original identification plate).The primary parts changed were; tires, Buffalo Wire wheels, ft. hubs, rear axles with hubs, front and rear bumpers, headlamps, some steering components, as well as a few other items changed along the way. Regardless, as this vehicle progresses through the restoration process, a few parts have become available to help some other Duesenberg owner complete their Model J projects. In particular the parts we are currently looking to determine a value and ultimately sell are both front, dual-post mount, headlamps (Guide Lamp we believe, based on markings on the reflector bucket and lenses - although some have reported, based on old photos, that they may be early C.M. Hall or Bausch and Lomb) and the fender to fender mounting bar with four posts. Also, the front and rear, upper and lower bumpers, retaining plates with hardware and mounting brackets. And, both front wheel hubs with Wire Wheel Corp of A. Buffalo NY (Buffalo Wire Wheel) C6 wheel locks, both rear axles (hollow) with integral hubs and Buffalo C6 wheel lock (all wheel locks carry the Duesenberg name plate in the center of the cap). And to top it off, all six matching Buffalo 78 spoke wire wheels with tires (note: five tires are Firestone High Speed Gum Dipped Heavy Duty 6-Ply and one is a U.S. Royal Tempered Rubber Heavy Duty 6-Ply, all are 7.00-19 and black-wall. Also the tires allegedly pre-date WWII and thus are suitable for show purpose only). I have pictures available to anyone who is interested. If you can help me with determining a value, or may be interested in purchasing these parts for your own project or inventory, please contact me via the links on this forum. Thanks for reading. P.S., the car is nearing completion and we will be posting more photos of it here and at our company website: www.canepa.com
  24. I have some random parts left over from when we had a Porsche. if anyone knows the exact years that would be nice (i think 1974 to 1976). If anyone needs anything we mostly wont to just get rid of them (so we will sell for cheap) but need some money for paint (for our 1924 dodge) so just make an offer if your interested in anything. location is Utah. You can post below or email me at Daviondude@yahoo.com
  25. I have listed a large assortment of Model A parts (some Model T) for my father. He sold his 1929 Model A and has a LARGE assortment of parts left he wants to sell. I have an auction on Ebay going that will end Sunday Evening. This is a no reserve auction that started at $1. Take a look Here: If that doesn't work look here: http://www.ebay.com/itm/261246900751...84.m1555.l2649 Some Specific Items: - Engine Block - 2 Engine Heads - 3 Transmissions - 4 Carbs - 7 rims that are 19" Link to 100+ Pictures <embed width="480" height="360" src="http://pic2.pbsrc.com/flash/rss_slideshow.swf" flashvars="rssFeed=http%3A%2F%2Ffeed738.photobucket.com%2Falbums%2Fxx27%2FHlone%2FFord%2520Model%2520A%2520Parts%2Ffeed.rss" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent">
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