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  1. I use K&N HP 2003 on mine... yes a little pricey and prob quality-wise similar to WIX. Just avoid FRAM with whatever you choose.
  2. I snugged up my shifter linkage with a cheap grommet assortment kit you can prob get anywhere. Found what I needed and it is working so much better now. Before either Park or Reverse wouldn't engage. Now, all quadrants work as they should. Of course had to adjust the shifter rod connection. Do so from Park, according to the manual. In my case, it was 125-Piece RAMPRO #2390. UPC 815518023904. You can search for that UPC number and find it.
  3. Friends, My speedometer seems to stop working... runs smoothly for a while and then drops to 0 while I am moving (any speed). Sometimes the next day, it works for a mile or 2 and then stops again. I have replaced the cable and put in a new driven gear (19 tooth). So, when it works, it is really smooth The gear came from james kehr and is one of those Chinese made ones. Anyone have a good experience with those? Anyway, I am thinking that the teeth are not meshing like they should. Can anyone provide me details on the driver gear specs? I wonder if that ha
  4. Adam, I had my '63 AM radio redone by an old radio guy from Farmington Hills area of Detroit. He removed all the old stuff and replaced with modern solid state electronics, which also "upgraded" the AM to AM/FM, MP3 4-way stereo (front/back) and sub-woofer connectors. He also upgraded my speaker (the only one in the car) to have stereo in the stock location. However, it is bone stock on the outside. All of the controls and push buttons work as before. Someone could stare at it all day and not realize it was a fully modern radio. Still looks and functions the same as original.
  5. Hi Tom, I have those. I think I shared them with Jim originally. None of these have any date codes on them, but assuming FB89 is correct, the FB25 & FB43 were on or before 07B.
  6. I found a tag that does have a date code of 07B for FB89. However the "font" of the date code is a little smaller than normal. Hopefully that is factory stamped that way. We know that Silver Arrow I was modified from FB43. I am not sure if they had "pilot" runs or not. I wouldn't think that pilots were sold, however in the '60s we can't really know for sure what they did with their early test builds. So, presuming the 07B is authentic, then the first 200 were built in July & August (which I would call pilots).
  7. Just drove the '63 Riv today. Gave her a bath. Filled her tummy with yummy gasoline. Put her blanket on and then in bed for the winter. Sweet dreams (for both of us).
  8. Begs the question, one for each trim level? There are many other differences between the trim levels, so I wouldn't doubt a subtle difference in the rear package tray to make the higher trim level that much better. For each who posted, if you can update with which trim level you have, Standard or Custom... maybe the answer will start to appear.
  9. I had my '63 Radio converted to electronic this year, just before Lexington. The guy who did it is about 45 mins from my house and did a fantastic job! He is a retired radio guy and just loves working on radios. Got mine done in about 2-3 weeks (the manufacturer of the circuit board sent him a bad board, so it took a few days longer than normal). For train fans, he has an awesome model railroad in his basement that goes around the entire work shop, through the walls and nearly along every wall, of course with multi-tracks and working crossing signals. If you do decide to go with a conversion,
  10. I also had this situation with OPGI. Bought the kick panels and what showed up was different than the picture in the catalog. I worked with them to understand the problem. I even sent to them a paper trace copy of the original kick panels. Basically there are 2 designs for 63-65. You just need to know which ones you have. Clarks has both designs available. Their catalog is correct. Buy from Clarks.
  11. Makes me want to start a new thread, "Girls dreaming Buick!"
  12. I recently purchased a copy of the first picture from a guy in the Netherlands who claims to own the negatives. He indicated that this photo was shot in March 1963, but did not know the location. does anyone know or recognize the building or location? this is one of my favorite pictures.
  13. Here is a quote from another, but completely unrelated post that seems to fit the "level" of discussion here.
  14. 1963 Chicago Auto Show Caption: "A popular display in the 1963 Buick exhibit was the full-size four-door hardtop that automatically split itself down the middle, exposing the inner components of the engine bay, drivetrain, six-passenger interior and large trunk.".
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