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  1. Ed, after many attempts , WD-40 in the switch got it, thanks for the advice.
  2. Em Tee , you are on the money, after weeks of trying, it finally worked...WD-40, good stuff...ta !
  3. Thanks Jim, just got the track bar bushings (poly as you advised) and put them in, WOW what a difference ! It handles like a new one.
  4. I see now , just had a look under car, makes sense , thank you.
  5. Thanks Jim, I'll check out the postage to Australia
  6. Hi , there is a clunk sound when I move the rear of the car side to side. No noise up and down, may be the bushes ? Any suggestions ?
  7. Hi , I'm in Brisbane, yes it does look different , not sure if I got the right one.
  8. Thanks everybody for your knowledge. I see "B1349046" on the valley near thermostat . I think 401 62-66 , so not sure if it is original engine ? Any thought on that ? Ed I have a CD as in photo, does that cover it ? Its not easy to read on a screen. A hard copy was too expensive , postage. And I very much enjoy driving it.
  9. Thank you, it is now Bronze Mist in colour, the 4 way drivers seat may be right. Not sure who put the GS badges on it. I've included some photos, would appreciate some feedback. I know the rear luggage rack is not original, but i like it...
  10. Can anyone please shed some light on a Riviera I bought in NJ and shipped to Australia.
  11. Hopefully this is the way to reply ! Just found I'd been replying to myself !! well i suppose I make sense..... Thanks Ed that's a relief I dont need a switch, I'll go through your suggestions and let you know. Too hot today.
  12. Thank you I've just tried that and its not making any difference , where to next ?