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  1. No worries @Black River. This is good information.
  2. @Black River, I can't tell from the photo, do you have the stock drums on the front, or have you converted to the car to discs? Nice car!
  3. Update on this thread: I was finally able to get all four wheels on the car. Here's what I ended up doing: 1. Removed stock front drum break setup and installed a Wilwood disc break kit (https://www.opgi.com/riviera/1963/brake-systems/disc-brakes/BR03001/) 2. Had a machine shop mill a chamfer on the end of the rotors to fit inside the center bore of the wheels—the end of the hub on the rotor was hitting the outside end of the center bore of the wheel. 3. Also had the machine shop enlarge the center bore on all four wheels slightly. That way they fit perfectly around the h
  4. Hello @Jim Cannon, Thanks for your interest in my car and your willingness to help decode its history. I have a few photos of the car, but not many detail shots. If you'll let me know what I should photograph, I'll shoot and upload photos of those details so you can get a closer look. The car is in pretty rough shape aesthetically, but mechanically it is very sound. I drive it pretty regularly and plan to restore it to near factory condition in the coming years. Any guidance you can provide on what definitely needs to be preserved would be much appreciated.
  5. Thanks for all the input. I had an inkling that this car was fairly early off the line, but wasn't sure how to verify that. The VIN on this car is 7J1001104 which would seem to jive with the low body tag number. This car also has power vent windows which is an option I've not seem on many 1963 Rivieras. My exposure to this year/model might be more limited than yours, Ed and Tom.
  6. Thanks for your help @1965rivgs. How can you discern the week of production from the body tag?
  7. I guess what I'm asking is, what does the "100" after the FB mean. Does that mean this was the 100th car off the line in 1963? Thanks for your help!
  8. According the decoder on the Riviera Owners Association website (http://rivowners.org/features/Ev_Stats/colortrim/63-65.html), I think this placard is indicating that this car is serial number 100.
  9. I'm trying to verify the serial number on my 1963 Buick Riviera. I thought that I had determined it based on this plate located on the firewall, but now I'm second guessing that. Is this the right place to find the serial number, or should I be looking somewhere else?
  10. I'm sure Summit would take the wheel back, but I really like the looks of the Boss 338 wheel. Since the wheel clears the rivets on the front drums, I supposed I could just have them all machined to clear the hubs. I will probably still need a 1/8" spacer on the front to clear the steering control arm, but that shouldn't be hard to find or have made. When I finally solve this puzzle I'll post some images so you can see how everything turned out.
  11. I picked up a pair of Mr. Gasket (http://www.summitracing.com/nv/parts/mrg-2371/overview/) 5/16 wheel spacers from Summit Racing. They fit the lug pattern and around the rivets on the front hubs, but the center bore isn't large enough to fit around the hub. Even if it did fit around the hub, it doesn't look like the lugs would be long enough to show enough thread to safely keep the lug nuts on. So, I guess I'm back to square one. I'm thinking the best approach is going to be converting the front to disc brakes and machining the back wheels to fit around the stock hubs. Any other ideas?
  12. steelman, I bought the wheel from Summit Racing. I'm sure there's adequate material to make the center bore larger to fit around the stock hubs and axles. I'll look into that this week. The wheels are 8" wide, so keeping them centered in the wheel wells makes good sense.
  13. I found it odd that the drums are riveted to the hubs. I've never seen that before. If I switch the hubs, I'll definitely leave the rivets out. I'm going to start with a universal spacer and see how that works out. If I'm not comfortable with how that comes together, I think I'll go with the idea of converting the front brakes to disc. There is room to machine the wheels to fit the large hub on the rear, so that'll solve the problem on both ends.
  14. Any idea what brand the spacer is? I have seen many universal spacers, but none seem to have a center bore large enough to clear the hub.
  15. Thanks again for all of the info Ed. I'll do a little more tinkering on the car and then update you on what I decide. Any idea what a set of 1965 front drums should cost? There's a Riviera parts house nearby called Rivi Central that I can probably get them from.
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