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  1. Hood ornament? Any interior plastic parts? Gas tank filler pipe with gas cap? Steering wheel? 11" Anco original wiper blades ?
  2. My two-prong wheel puller isn''t going to work on my '48 Chrysler with a 5-bolt pattern. Is there a puller designed for that purpose?
  3. If anyone needs some tech support, I can offer at least some... although I'm dealing with some demons with mine. TA
  4. Again, 1932 Chevrolet closed car original or SK2...757-238-2984 or ttallaniii@gmail.com
  5. looking for a rebuilt or at least operable Trico closed car wiper motor; original '32 Chev with "heart" cover, or the SK2 replacement motor. I have one that's chrome plated, and I think for an open car... open to trades.
  6. Were the interior window garnish mldg pieces on a standard sedan painted plain or woodgrained???
  7. Housing length is 56"; cable is another 2"
  8. Oh, found the roof material at Filling Station, and got Covercraft cover, now I need Trico info. Anyone knw the Trico vac wiper motor numbers for '32 Chev closed car??? I have a motor for an open car.
  9. got the manual...thanks
  10. need 32 Chevf closed car wiper motor... 757-238-2984
  11. Roof trim pieces, or suitable material for the roof seal whatever you call it, Trico WW motor NOS/rebuilt, NOS door handle (driver door- sedan), shop manual, ideas on best sources for a custom car cover.:confused:
  12. Well, if this helps anyone else, I found a Delco helpline, and the tech people were great: ID's many applications. They're @ 800-372-0222
  13. when I Google the part number it refers to this AACA forum...:-{
  14. does this look familiar to anyone?
  15. TomTIII


    Any Ideas??
  16. GM/Amer Mtrs 327 ??? Delco 7120 - ? :confused:
  17. It didn't show up in my 1942 & earlier parts reference book; I was hoping for a fluid drive, but likely 50's vintage eh?
  18. "Old Cars Price Guide" lists a '26 or '27 Special Sedan @ $360. as a parts car condition 6, about $1090. if it's restorable condition 5, and unfortunately around $10,000 if an excellent restoration... which would probably cost twice that much to accomplish.
  19. Unfortunately the top is missing from the box.
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