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  1. Does anyone have a Wagner spring reference???
  2. now all I need is the car to attach to the window crank handle...:-)
  3. Out of the "junkyard" in 1973: mostly a '48 Dodge, but others too.
  4. Have radiator caps that I can't ID, any ideas on Unk. 1, Unk. 2, "R-12", script manufacturer "WS" and what may be a 1931-48 Chev oil filler cap marked "65" (Stant SO-65), and a locking (heavy) gas cap???? see pics Thanks, Tom
  5. Thanks, I had got that far, but never really found out what era. TTA
  6. I have one of these I was thinking about putting up for sale. Anyone know proper vintage, application, and value range??? There's one on Ebay now that's rather pricey.
  7. Looking for a source of 11" original-type wiper blades to fit '46-'48 Chrysler. I bought "Trico Classic" 11" blades from RockAuto, and they don't fit at all.
  8. Thanks Bud, everything helps some. TA
  9. Need a good K2 or SK2 , prefer the SK2. I have a KSB600 NOS, but it doesn't fit my Chev. Tom
  10. Wow, thanks: Gates #'s;Hoses: VF-1, VF-4, VF-14, VF-16, VF-23. Belts: 8227, 8222, 628, 465, 614, 8205, 8210, 8213, 8266. Also: do you have a listing for a WIX PC-100 cartridge... it's a X-reference to the Salem P-21SR?
  11. Kleener P-1330 which equates to a Purolator L40082, but has slightly different dimensions. I want to use it in a '48 Chrysler. the others: Ace PH7 on the box lists Buick 59-. Cad 60-, Oldfs 59-, Pontiac 60-, Rambler V8 60-, but no end dates, Ace X-70 similar start dates for Cad, Chev, Diamont T, and REO, Salem P-70FF that I do have the apps. from the box, Salem P-21, Salem P-174. I also have a bunch of Gates hoses & fan belts that their website can't ID.
  12. Does anyone have oil filter references for ACE, Kleener, or Salem cartridges? TTA
  13. https://sites.google.com/site/guidetotaillightcodes/Home/oem-codes-page-1 I'm learning to answer some of my own questions using this website... very helpful
  14. In August, 1978, about a month after the paint dried on my Royal Cpe, I drove 14 hrs from CA to Seattle, with a dog & HH goods... went through Drain, Oregon where it was 104 deg,. and the car stayed right on 165 deg.. My conclusion, these are certainly driveable collector cars. Now I'm starting over on my coupe that had been in storage far too long. TA
  15. I just put the pedal on Ebay, but couldn't determine the year(s) applicable.
  16. Anyone got a Hollander '46-'56 that would know what radios are equivalents for a '48 Chrysler???? Thanks, TTA
  17. Mickey McChesney answered my question: Closed cars walnut woodgrain. Thanks Mick.
  18. My 1923 45 touring has linoleum in front same as running boards & metal trimmed, and carpeting in the rear.
  19. Came out of a junkyard in CA in 1976, so I'm relying on old notes in the box I just dug out of my junk pile that say " '47 or '48 Dodge & Chrysler etc." So good enough, it certainly isn't Chrysler. TA
  20. From Tom: My email is ttallaniii@gmail.com... the above parts I listed are wants, I'm also looking for another radio. I have a '48 Royal Bus. Cpe... if the chrome on the center stop light is good, that's also of interest. An approximate weight of the parts I listed wil help in postage calculations. If you have access to regional rate box "B", it can save a lot. Tom 757-238-2984 (VA)
  21. I think I got these out of a late 40's Dodge... can anyone confirm (I think it was a '47)... but I may have it all wrong.
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