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  1. Trying to get an app. ID'd. It was originally in a box of early Buick items I had.
  2. I'm in the process of taking the head off the 1931 "A", and after removing the distributor set screw, I freed up the distributor body, but I can only move it about 1/4" up from the head, and it springs back in, like there's a little troll down there keeping it in:-? I haven't read about this in any of the how-to books... I have a wood wedge under the body that holds it up maybe 1/8" :-(
  3. Found this in a box of misc. today; seems to me I have seen one before. Brass, 1 1/2" OD. :-?
  4. Does anyone have an old WIX oil filter reference. I have several PC-81 cartridges, and wanted to find applications:-) Thanks, TA
  5. TomTIII

    Cap ID

    This is a NOS Franklin Die Casting Co. non-locking No. 108 "cap"...OD is 3 1/2", "ears" 1 7/8", ID 1 3/8" : any ideas as to what it's for :-? It is heavy and chrome-plated.
  6. I don't know if this violates the "one car" policy, but here goes: looking for what this stuff goes to... Lister oil pressure gauge... looks to be teens or 20's two cowl lights that came out of my box of leftovers after a 31 Chev job one smaller cowl light 4 1/4" lens "DODAP" 2 1/2' face 12v fuel gauge "441197" clock speedometer pics attached thanks tta
  7. Took the head off the 1932 and the exhaust valves look more like sombreros than the two replacements I had previously bought:-? Also had a thingy fall out of the head; looks like it would fit into an intake port, but there's only this one I found after transporting the head car to shop. And those two exhaust valves remain very stuck for no apparent reason. :-( Anyone know of exhaust valves like these? And which port the insert fits/foes to?
  8. Re-doing the brakes on my 48, and the shop manual says nothing about removal/replacement of the master cylinder... just how to rebuild it. Any guidance before i blunder into this?? Also, my 1947 has a very noticeable vibration in the engine, with or without the clutch pedal being depressed. All cylinders fire OK, #1 has 60 psi vs others @ about 75 psi. There is no obvious knock or weird sounds. Had some pros listen to it, and so far no ideas.
  9. Interesting, my first "old car" was a '31 coupe; bought in 1969 for $100., and spent 3 years restoring it... then sold it for a spanking loss:-(
  10. Thanks very much... I guess I could make one. If you decide you want to sell that one, let me know (I'm in Suffolk). Tom Allan
  11. Do you have a photo with a ruler for scale?? TTA
  12. Need some 1932 Chevrolet valves. please call 757-238-2984 Tom
  13. need an engine hand crank that fits the 194 cu in 6 cyl. TA
  14. Is there a reference that would date (ie month) the manufacture of a 1931 Chrysler CM6 ser# 6,536,927? thanks TTA
  15. You're right, very helpful, and I think I talked owner into re-joining AACA. They also rebuild fuel pumps. TTA
  16. out of the nine auto parts suppliers listed under Terrell, TX, none had vintage Chevy????:-(
  17. looking for at least two 1932 Chev exhaust valves, hopefully a little less than Filling Sta or Kantor prices.
  18. It was running fine about 4 weeks before this happened. Gas wasn't that old:-(
  19. I parked the car, running fine. Tried to start it a month later, and it backfired and barely ran. Compression check indicated none in #4 & 5. Took off valve cover, and #4 & 5 exhaust valves stuck. Tapped on #4 and it was like driving a big nail... all it did was go further down. Put liberal amounts of penetrating oil and 3 in 1 oil, and tapped the valve retainer, and the valves remained stuck. Put a pry-bar under the upper spring and tapped for over an hour, no motion. No idea why suddenly two valves would be so stuck? Anyone have an idea. Can you remove the head without taking off the radiator (the last time I did a Chev 6 was 1969, on a bare chassis which was easy... this is in a restored car.) Any idea in re best values in parts/sources?? Thanks, Tom
  20. any ideas about what this is???
  21. My 1931 "Chrysler Six Instrction Manual" lists 14 tools (pg 74) that came with the car. Does anyone have a picture of them/one/any of them. I have the car, but not 1 attributable tool. :-( that'l be the next project...
  22. Offers considered. Thanks for the info. I noted three for sale on Ebay... but none look to be verifiable NOS. TTA
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