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  1. This appears to be NOS: for ref: the inner (red)washer is 2" dia, the overall I.D. is 2 3/4", the overall O.D. is 3 1/8" inside "printing" is 168303 PAT PENDING 959 Jarvis. whazzitfor?
  2. driveshaft and one good wire wheel available? TTA
  3. Are there any "shop manuals" out there for the CM6 series?... If so, would like to know if any are for sale: or reprints available. thanks, Tom
  4. Does anyone know if you could have a dealer or manufacturer-installed overdrive at time of purchase for a 1931 Chrysler? I know Borg Warner started making them around 1929, so who was installing them? TTA
  5. 46-48 Chrysler: turn signal knob, 87" rocker moldings, any NOS chrome??? TTA 757-238-2984
  6. I have what appears to be NOS or otherwise nearly perfect rocker molding (94")for Chrysler products (I think 46-48 C-39), what I need is 87" NOS rocker molding for the 46-48 Chrysler C-38 series. There is a set on Ebay for $495. but whoa... and the C-39 by same seller is $695. a set... all I need is a trade straight across. Thanks, Tom
  7. Anyone know where there's a 280 8 cyl Lycoming 8 for a '34 Auburn??? Tom
  8. If this car is still for sale, please call me at 757-238-2984. Tom
  9. TomTIII

    1932 horn

    how does the horn bracket attach to the headlight bar on a 1932 Chev... I can see the screw/bolt, but not what it's attached to. I want to attach a second horn to the right side...:-?
  10. I'm looking for the 87" rocker mouldings for a Windsor coupe. Also want to get a 1990 Miata owners manual. Thanks, Tom
  11. Need info/source for a proper vacuum wiper motor for a 1932 Chevrolet closed car.... I have a motor, but I believe it's for an open car (see picture). thanks, TA
  12. Thanks very much... let me know when the reference(s) are for sale. TTA 757-238-2984
  13. where do I find your sale items? Tom
  14. Here are some numbers: Gates belts: #628, #465, #8222, #8227 Goodyear #32, #76, Mopr 402732, lifeline Autobelt 54013
  15. Numbers coming... would really like a photocopy of an old Gates ref. Tom
  16. I have several old Gates fan belts and hoses with no viable reference (ie website doesn't list any of them...too old). Does anyone have a gates reference or know where to find one?? thanks, TTA
  17. Have a '47 Chrysler Windsor... just had the engine tuned up, and it sometimes is smooth under light load, but at idle there is a vibration around the clutch area, and while driving, same, but when in gear if you hold the brakes and give it a little gas it smoothes out . This is a fluid drive... any ideas? Tom
  18. Need a shift and a turn-signal plastic knob(s) for a '46-'48 Chrysler. Thanks, Tom 757-238-2984
  19. plastic gear shift and turn signal knobs for 1946-48 Chrysler... Tom 757-238-2984
  20. 1. Does anyone have the build-plate paint codes, or know a source for 47 and 48 (Royal Bus. & Windsor Highlander coupes)? 2. I have seen an original dealer promo picture of a two-tone re/maroon Traveler; were there any coupe two-tone paint combinations? I'm working on two coupes ath this time, and trying to decide on colors. Have some chips. Thanks, Tom
  21. Looking for some interior & trim parts for Windsor Cpe... also: rocker mldg stainless Tom 757-238-2984
  22. Also noted, it looks almost identical to one for sale at the Volo Auto Museum.
  23. Back to you Robert: we discussed this briefly on the phone yesterday...the Collector Car Price Guide has this car in #2 condition listed @ about $21,000. in the 2010 edition. I think many of the valuations in that guide are optimistic in today's market. An antique automobile appraisal company may be of some help if you intend to sell the car. If you plan to keep it, I recommend you join AACA if you haven't already, and Buick Club of America (BCA). Good luck, and email me if you have specific questions. Tom
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