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  1. is "stopped great when I bought it" close to "ran well when parked"??
  2. ordered a 1 1/16" master cyl repair kit fm. C&G; hope it works out... p.s. I used to have a '56 Bel Air 4DHT... great car w/power pack etc.
  3. I haven't found leaks... if I can figure out the correct bore, I will get a master cylinder kit...
  4. 30 Ford, converted to hydraulic brakes...worked fine when I put it up on blocks for the winter...brake pedal went to the floor & it didn't stop... checked & topped off the reservoir (it was down 3/4)... still nothing...pedal goes to the floor:-( any ideas? in the past, with other vehicles, topping off took care of it in most cases braking was restored, although I sometimes have had to bleed air. but never no brakes
  5. trying to figure out how to get access to the brake linings to replace them (rears)
  6. The voltage reducer is for Model A's 12 to 6v...but the instructions show the horn with two leads.... mine has none:-(
  7. t to put a voltage reducer on my '30 which was converted to 12 v. This will be a 12 to 6v for the Sparton horn. I took the cover off, & there's ; no wiring leads... where does the original Sparton wiring hook up inside?
  8. thank you all....if you can advise on !. best place to get color tabs, and how/who did the striping??
  9. how do I add a car to my list of cars??? thanks, tta
  10. working on my Model A: I have a '31 SW Standard Sedan (Murray 160A) and I'm trying to find someone who has a proper restoration who might share some pictures of the paint job (I want to do Chicle & Copra) but how about the top molding & how do you do the hood & stripe, and particularly the interior. My references assure me that the interior window molding is maroon (what maroon?), and I find conflicts in how the dash is done (some say wood-grain upper, others say maroon), what the window moldings are supposed to be (mine are plain, not fancy like Mac's ad), etc, etc. Thanks in advance ttallaniii@gmail.com
  11. Want to repaint my "31, but not sure the way you remove the stainless cowl trim... The "online forums" seem to dance around the actual removal process.
  12. My '31 Chrysler CM6 battery is under a floorboard on the driver side. The floormat material is screwed down. The owner's manual doesn't describe getting the battery out. Mine has lost it's charge... what's the best way to recharge the battery (6v, pos. grnd)?? Tom
  13. Pulled the head off the "A" today, and when cleaning it up found a small crack in the water jacket near the center of the head. Is this likely to pose any kind of problem in the future. I doesn't go beyond the picture, and doesn't affect the cylinder area. thanks, Tom
  14. John will be greatly missed by all that knew him.
  15. Anyone know age/application for this old Mallory condenser. It is much larger diameter than modern... has "Mallory Electrical Corp., Detroit Mich" on the headplate. ??
  16. mea culpa 2828657 is correct
  17. Thanks; I tried googling the patent # and got nothing meaningful... what's the magic:-?
  18. Knob marked "Fromberg Inc., Maywood CA" and "Pat 2828557 has a 1/4" threaded operating shaft inside, and two smaller shafts... like some kind of puller???
  19. Can anyone ID this radiator cap? thanks
  20. TomTIII

    rotor ID

    More stuff to ID: the 1st rotor here is long (approx 4") and strange looking. 2nd rotor is much smaller, and probably so generic nobody will venture a guess. Also an old wood body bracket 4" base, 5 1/2" height (was in a box left over from a 20's Fisher body construct). More to come. thanks in advance
  21. All very good advice, but it is freed up, and moves up and down about 1/4" as noted. It feels like it's spring-loaded????
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