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  1. I guess I should have known, but it sure has some complicated stuff on the inside.
  2. Any ideas about these items??
  3. Another cap; perhaps a fuel cap witha screw vent.
  4. Any ideas as to this radiator cap ID...
  5. Any ideas about what these fit: Big A 416 L, ? T-60R, "Quality" brand replaces 85-9298???
  6. This is a Mopar product, for something with pistons i think, but what?
  7. The following didn't show up using Google: I have tie rod end (no brand shows) #85-9298 Perfection Speedometer cable/housing #03316 ITM #6074-002 points "Quality Built" oil/grease seals #251538F 375832 ????? Thanks in advance. TTA
  8. small clip 1 1/4" x 5/8"... I have a lot of these...
  9. Royal business coupe...not many around. I pulled it out of a barn in CA in 1976, and patched it together using two other parts cars. About the time the last bolt was tightenet, I drove it 600 mi. to Seattle... no problems. After 30 years in storage, all the expen$ive chrome is deteriorated, interior shot, and who knows about the rest. Somewhere I read that 1200+- business coupes were made between '46 and '48. A restored New Yorker just sold on Ebay for $53,000.
  10. finally got the "project" cars into my new shop for some work... the bucket list includes a couple of buckets of paint.
  11. I have put these on Ebay.
  12. It isn't mine, but I was asked to put it on Ebay on behalf of a friend. I was going to start the listing @ $9.99 but really have no idea what it's worth??? TTA
  13. Stainless pair... don't know what car????
  14. Stainless... any ideas as to what car?
  15. OK, this is a tuffie... can anyone ID the provenance of these stainless trim pieces??? TTA
  16. Any ideas about what year/series these were for?? TTA
  17. Any ideas as to what this goes to?? 0810 on the back. TTA
  18. Does anyone know where to find an ID # that would categorize these vac. wiper motors?? They are both TRICO and have the usual patent number boxes.
  19. I presume this is a spring dust cover...Detroit #42083?????? any ideas as to application. Thanks again, TTA
  20. This headlight rim is 9 1/2" ID, 10 1/4" OD and looks like Chev. Any ideas? TTA
  21. This lens looks much like that on the '31 Chev. I used to have. Any ideas??? 9 1/2" O.D. flat TTA
  22. Here's a Delco-Remy generator for GM probably LATE 30'S EARLY 40'S, does anyone have a reference that would match it's # (1102667 91 9) to proper application??? thanks, TTA
  23. TomTIII

    Fuel pumps

    thank you very much! TA
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