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  1. I have no idea what this goes to???
  2. An Eaton bumperette...for what?
  3. Thanks for the guidance. Tom
  4. Where are you? Here, in tidewater VA we have a shop that 1. Caustic-dips the tank; 2. Acid dips the tank, 3. Caustic re-dips the tank and power washes it. 4. Puts openings in the tank (as necessary) and empties all rust remnants and other leftovers with more power washing. 5. Epoxy-coats the internals of the tank, having previously silver-solderd or otherwise sealed any required cleaning openings. The process makes the inside of the tank impervious to any corrosion, and is thorough... not like backyard "sloshing" where you may or may not get all the rust and crud out of the tank. With water entrainment possible with ethanol blends, this is added insurance against rust. I am not in any way associated with this business. I think of it as a valuable resource, particularly because they have all the environmental/recovery systems in place to properly get rid of the crud. After you have dropped a tank or two on your face, you don't want to do it another time, EH? Tom: want more info: ppgallan@earthlink.net
  5. My '23 Buick series 45 is in decent shape, but the engine smokes when you put the pedal down. I don't think this has much in the way of oil rings. With a "blind bore" (no removable head) engine, it might be a chore to experiment with different rings. Has anyone had any experience with messing with this situation. Thanks, Tom
  6. The 124 Spyder has 32,800 miles on it, and is in generally very good shape, but I did a valve job on it, and also can't find the dual-ignition relay that you cut out for timing. The running timing appears to be good. It doesn't want to start when it's hot. I can't block out the relay to do the start timing (dual ignition) if I can't find the relay. I tried help from I.A.P. Charlottesville VA, and they say the rely is on the firewall... not on mine. I called Click & Clack (they have one of these) and as usual, no response. What does the relay look like? Help! Tom
  7. I'm not having much luck with posting anything, but here goes: the 1948 Royal 3 pass. cpe. has been in storage for over 23 years, and the left front drum won't loosen up. The other three drums were freed using a wheel (with no tire) and a 4 ft. "I" beam to get the leverage. The drivers side front moves, but not without effort using the lever. No way it will roll freely. I want to do brake rebuild thinking that it has been sitting for so long. The last brake job was done about 1000 miles ago, but many years. Thanks in advance, Tom
  8. I used to know a fine fellow named Pete Harmatuk... any relation?... he & I collected fossils in Aurora. Tom
  9. I know this is a challenge, any ideas? TTA
  11. Here's another filter housing I'm trying to I.D. Thanks, Tom
  12. I'm trying to I.D. this chrome piece. Any ideas? Thanks, Tom
  13. Here's an old exterior door handle I'm trying to I.D.
  14. Here's an unknown fuel gauge. Any ideas? Thanks, Tom
  15. Here's a Purolator housing #24582. Anyone know the appliction? Thanks, Tom
  16. [img:left]http://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/wX_9zjp8fy7Y-Y6gQjLefA?authkey=QWTDeso8vFU&feat=directlink A French tailight that I need help identifying. Thanks, Tom
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