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  1. Do not think so,he liked the early cars,but one has to wonder
  2. I think it was last year, but he sold some newer cars. He changed his focus on early cars. I may be wrong ,but I think Wayne commissioned his cars.
  3. See if 7 Acres would be considered ag in your area, of course another meeting, but easier
  4. Roy pm sent
  5. I need one, drivers side ,our tower is finished, but the pot metal arm is broken
  6. Great
  7. Bottom line, they are racing the stupid rules.Same with all sports
  8. Steve, fix your number will call.! hour away
  9. Right side of the steering wheel,The mount is located on the lower dash.
  10. I send vacuum tanks out sometimes without payment.I send pics of the progress. no reply,no send .Never had a old car guy get me,good family
  11. interested
  12. I'm all in ,Hate a crook
  13. it is a bit larger than the ones on the car,but may work.What do you want for it?
  14. I sent the photos to keiser , they are the original for the car and marked, Thanks very much kieser,we need you on this site
  15. Thanks,they at on my phone,can you get them?