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  1. I send vacuum tanks out sometimes without payment.I send pics of the progress. no reply,no send .Never had a old car guy get me,good family
  2. interested
  3. I'm all in ,Hate a crook
  4. it is a bit larger than the ones on the car,but may work.What do you want for it?
  5. I sent the photos to keiser , they are the original for the car and marked, Thanks very much kieser,we need you on this site
  6. Thanks,they at on my phone,can you get them?
  7. 30dodge,not a exact match,but very close.Sill unable to post photos
  8. Will try to post pics today.
  9. Someone has these ,HELP
  10. Need at least 3.they are stanweld.Seem to be a ss on the bottom corner.I have pics,but I may have to send to keiser ,I will add they are not specific to this car,may be others i
  11. I was just under our Mitchell for a week,I would not know how to safely put them on,without major inforcement
  12. Why Would you use one is my question .Got to know
  13. I am all in,but with no answers
  14. I posted this in the Mitchell section but everyone stops here first,i need pics of the rear axel assembly.Brake side.Trying to get the old girl ready for her 100 year birthday drive