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  1. old car fan

    Avanti R2, 1963, refresh

    Give me a list.ran into a stash of parts,you. May be able to build 4 tsp .Do not know how many model a,s.We were thinking of buying it all.No time
  2. old car fan

    1927 Chandler Knight Parts

    Danny,the post is very old,all the same,good luck
  3. I disagree ,I think survivor are great.even this car.with no pics,hard to tell what needs done.I do agree that the money is not there.
  4. old car fan

    1937 Cadillac business coupe

    As far as your offer,that's great,I do the same for old car people,that will work as well.always like contact info as well.thanks
  5. old car fan

    1937 Cadillac business coupe

    I'm ready for it,New engine will be in tomorrow
  6. old car fan

    1937 Cadillac business coupe

    Do not mind paying for it.check is ready,send. It to who and where
  7. old car fan

    Failed Again! 1977 Seville

    Yes,anyone can throw parts at it.find a new shop.
  8. old car fan

    Five Dollar Book Sale

    I will take the cookbook,Ohio 45430
  9. old car fan

    Thanks To all you fellow forum members..

    That's what the hobby is all about.loving it.when the time comes you can't help,or get mad,it's not a hobby.
  10. old car fan

    1957 Cadillac Brake Booster

    We May have one,or parts what are the symptoms.
  11. I will post pics this weekend..it is in a basement next door.has been for years,got it about 5 years ago.
  12. Amazing to find another Davis owner.the other car's front to back.Oakland Mitchell and Studebaker
  13. Ironically,we have a 15 Davis,similar shape,about ready to get it out of storage.also have a 19 Oakland touring car,our Oakland is a older restoration,but still presents well.