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  1. .We own a model 87 great car,fast for its age. If a sleeve valve does not smoke some, it is out of oil .Make sure it is not stuck..Looks like a great car
  2. Heck you are 1 hour late we.open an close at 7, cant wait
  3. Sorry C Carl I'm on it now, Got you. Would love to have them, it amazes me he has two ,yes ,I want them, love to have them, not seen the price as of yet. We have 2 cars we are restoring at this time, so we need to see the owners price. I would not restore these cars. Our next car in the shop is a 12 Hudson, All original, never will be restored buy us
  4. not sure what you are saying, but not a Mercedes fan, nice car as well
  5. I did think it did sell
  6. I think the car had bad wood I think we looked at that car
  7. Great topic Wish he were here,we have many cars he wanted,never could with a large family.I know he is seeing the 47 Lincoln cabriole almost done,he wanted one
  8. Love to get the pair,hate to see them go apart.Are they for sale? All of our early cars are original.We have a new building ,They would be in good hands
  9. Give Truly Vintage on this forum a ring.
  10. I love it
  11. Ron,i may be of help,give me a week or so,way to many fires at the present time.
  12. Matt is spot on reasonable car to buy,complete and worth the money to drive You will never have that much fun with your money
  13. What kind of cord l 29
  14. I can fix it,we restore these tanks.also sell rebuilding kits.
  15. Not sure,we always pick our info at the meet