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    Great add,and car chrome alone is 30 grand
  2. FS- 1932 Franklin 3 Window Coupe W / Rumble Seat

    Call Dennis again,We love it
  3. FS- 1932 Franklin 3 Window Coupe W / Rumble Seat

    Mike ,we need this.I will send pics of the barn
  4. FS- 1932 Franklin 3 Window Coupe W / Rumble Seat

    To bad we have to many projects .I would love to have it.
  5. gas in oil pan

    You do not need a electric pump,Unless you are collecting insurance for a car fire.
  6. My brother and myself talked my Dad into a model A to restore,He was retired,and not well.He always said,he had all the tools to do it. Most the restoration was at Dads house,but my brother drove it to his house Christmas day ,snowy icey,right in the middle of the yard.That was over 20 years ago,still have the car,still a first place car.Never will forget it.If he could only see what he started by taking us to old car shows,when they were old
  7. No comparison to a Chevy,Hands down.What a great car at a great price,The chrome and stainless alone is half of that .Good luck with the sell,some one will get a great car.
  8. Tired of Sad Posts..This one Hurts.

    Absolutely,and the knowledge he left behind,scares me with very few folks interested.

    I,am sure he will sell it,nice rare car.
  10. Help Identifying These Antique Metal Wheels

    David I agree They are interesting as well
  11. 1916-17 Oldsmobile 7 passenger V8 big touring car.

    I do not think he,is talking actual #s,but original.Great car.Love it
  12. Help Identifying These Antique Metal Wheels

    I personally Think they were hard rubber.No provisions that I see as demountable.
  13. 1949 Packard Super Eight Sedan

    You could not restore one for less,Great example,well done.Love the car
  14. 1923 Franklin

    Love the car,someone buggered it up.never seen a price.
  15. Contact

    I know Brian,he is just a couple of miles away.I have his#,pm me and I will get you in contact,with him.Thanks Tim