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  1. I can fix it,we restore these tanks.also sell rebuilding kits.
  2. Not sure,we always pick our info at the meet
  3. I never met a bad old car guy.
  4. Buy both, there will be no ill feelings
  5. link will not work for me
  6. We rebuild vacuume tanks and like Bill hershe sealer,never a call back
  7. We restore Vacuum tanks I nave always sent them out without payment, We respond and.I know ,Never been burnt from a car guy
  8. Do not think so,he liked the early cars,but one has to wonder
  9. I think it was last year, but he sold some newer cars. He changed his focus on early cars. I may be wrong ,but I think Wayne commissioned his cars.
  10. See if 7 Acres would be considered ag in your area, of course another meeting, but easier
  11. Roy pm sent
  12. I need one, drivers side ,our tower is finished, but the pot metal arm is broken
  13. Great
  14. Bottom line, they are racing the stupid rules.Same with all sports
  15. Steve, fix your number will call.! hour away