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  1. Letter from the "aaca" museum

    Got your point,well said
  2. Letter from the "aaca" museum

    Well,i am ticked to,not only the letter,but bringing Steve in to this.He is the hardest working man out there for our club.He will keep us posted.Everyone send a letter to the museum,cancel your name,be the end of it .Bad situation,only to get worse
  3. 1941 Lincoln cabriolet

    The car being a 41 is awesome,if it its as nice as it looks one heck of a deal.We have a 47 in paint ,Great car for the money
  4. Gas tank

    Did not know that,We have 49,s 59,s,behind the seat,still should not be hard to find.
  5. Gas tank

    The bed should not matter,it is behind the seat
  6. Restore my buick electra 1969 :)

    I am Very impressed as well,great pics on your build.Keep us posted on your great work
  7. 1970 fj40 for sale

    Got ya Roy
  8. 1970 fj40 for sale

    Not to sure it matter,no pics or description.
  9. Gas tank

    Send me a pic of the tank,we have a somewhat original 49
  10. Distributor rebuilder

    You do want it perfect it is the heart of the car.fast and cheap not so sure.Promised a fellow a vacuume tank 8 weeks ago,he still does not have it.If I can not put it on ours,it will not go on his
  11. 1925 Packard 243 Series 7 Passenger Touring

    I will chime in.She is a dealer,great posts,the car will sell.I just think, If something is incorrect on the car,by all means, point it out.Would I pay that for the car,no,could a deal be made,maybe.
  12. 1957 buick special power brake booster

    Our 57 stops fine with new brakes non power,now changing the master cylinder,I made up new cusswords.
  13. 1941 Lincoln cabriolet

    The second car this week with a killer price,Should have made the barn bigger.
  14. HELP With 1955 Nash Ambassador Custom

    Why are we talking about modifying cars.
  15. 1928 Pontiac rotor doesn't turn

    ,If that process was violent, why can we stick a nickel on the manifold of or v 12 vertical and stay there.