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  1. mike brady

    Cooper Duesenberg at auction

    Bob, Bernie sold J183 about 5 years ago through RM.
  2. mike brady

    40th Concours d'elegance of America PHOTOS

    The Rollston convertible coupe Duesenberg has always been one of my favorites. The low raked windshield combined with a long wheel base chassis just looks right to me. It is nice to see it out again, it seems like decades since I saw it last.
  3. mike brady

    Cooper Duesenberg at auction

    Bob, I agree. Bernie Aaron deserves a lot of credit for restoring J214 back to its original form. As you likely know, it was for sale for many years and Bernie was the only one to step forward. There were certainly many other J's available then and many which would have been easier restorations. J214 has been in the Reynolds museum in Alberta since 1993.
  4. mike brady

    812 waterpump rebuild-who?

    I recently installed a Henry Portz water pump kit in a friends Cord and was impressively shocked at the reduction in operating temperature. Henry's kit includes seals, bearings, shaft and impeller (his own design) as well as full machining and assembly instructions. Unfortunately Henry is gone but I believe that his daughter is maintaining his website for now. I wouldn't use anything else and suggest you get a kit or two, if you still can. http://www.portzcordz.com/forsale.shtml
  5. mike brady

    Cadillac Starter

    Garry, Call Peter Fawcett
  6. A good Cord water pump casting for $300.00 is a deal. You won't find one at Hershey or Auburn for that price. Like Ed said.....check carefully that it is not cracked.
  7. mike brady

    Pierce-Arrow 1935-36 Delco-Remy Distributor

    You will likely hear from Ed Minnie A.K.A. edinmass
  8. mike brady


    Anyone know what this Cord sold for ? thanks, Mike
  9. mike brady

    Earheart car found

    We have a mutual friend who likely knows where Fred's files are. I will contact him and let you know.
  10. mike brady


    The Cord is a cabriolet, not a phaeton.
  11. mike brady

    Olds W30 trying to contact owner VIN search PA.

    Post a note on 442.com
  12. One with standard FB engine, one with S/C FC engine. Both have titles and are located in the Toronto, Ontario area. Call Eric for details at 905 985-9276 between 9 and 5, Monday to Friday.
  13. mike brady

    Pierce Arrow

    What a shame
  14. mike brady

    Reo Royale

    It looks great
  15. mike brady

    Car Storage Options/Suggestions

    I presume your not referring to a project car but one which is operable. Let your insurer know what your storage plans are and the value of the car you plan to purchase. Mine would not be comfortable with a the garage across the street, where I don't control the access.