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  1. Pierce-Arrow 1935-36 Delco-Remy Distributor

    You will likely hear from Ed Minnie A.K.A. edinmass
  2. Cord

    Anyone know what this Cord sold for ? thanks, Mike
  3. Earheart car found

    We have a mutual friend who likely knows where Fred's files are. I will contact him and let you know.
  4. Cord

    The Cord is a cabriolet, not a phaeton.
  5. Olds W30 trying to contact owner VIN search PA.

    Post a note on 442.com
  6. One with standard FB engine, one with S/C FC engine. Both have titles and are located in the Toronto, Ontario area. Call Eric for details at 905 985-9276 between 9 and 5, Monday to Friday.
  7. Pierce Arrow

    What a shame
  8. Reo Royale

    It looks great
  9. Car Storage Options/Suggestions

    I presume your not referring to a project car but one which is operable. Let your insurer know what your storage plans are and the value of the car you plan to purchase. Mine would not be comfortable with a the garage across the street, where I don't control the access.
  10. Question to reset or not to reset odometer

    I don't believe that the above response regarding legality is a completely accurate statement. In the Province I live in it is not legal and regulations vary in other Provinces in Canada. If any of the US states are moving towards the type of records kept by the Ontario Registrar of Motor Vehicles, you can expect to identify the odometer reading every time you re-new your plates. With this type of record keeping, an odometer roll back will certainly raise a few flags (at minimum). This may not be an issue for most frame off restorations, particularly not those that are not plated / not driven. If there is any remote chance you will sell this vehicle, you should first research the regulations of the state / province of the buyer. Since this is impossible, you might be better off keeping complete records.
  11. 1936-1937 Cord Coupe built from Phaeton?

    My two suggestions are: 1. Go to Auburn IN this Labour Day weekend, it will help you to decide what to do with your Cord; and 2. Of the parts you need, a good steering box will be the hardest to find. Likely not the most valueable part you need but one that does require some searching. I would start now. I have a few trans cases that you can have...if you want to drive to Toronto for them.
  12. Headlight Rivets

    Canadian Tire's hardware stock only caters to home owners these days. Even Home Depot and Lowes has a wider variety. Spaenaur in Waterloo Ontario does have a huge variety but does not stock the rivets Steve needs. I have ordered supplies from both Restoration Specialties and Restoration Supplies (and would continue to do so). The big difference I have found is that Restoration Supplies is much quicker at shipping their products. Bye the way, I have tried having McMaster Carr ship to a US address.......that doesn't work either.
  13. Headlight Rivets

    McMaster Carr does not ship to Canada. Restoration Supply Co has threaded rivet replacements which is probably what your looking for. Check page 38 of their catalog http://www.restorationstuff.com/pdf/RestorationSupplyCompany.pdf
  14. 810/812 interior door handles

    I would not be surprised to learn that there have been many runs. The reproductions I have seen need a lot of work. You might be better off looking for originals. Post in the 810 - 812 section of the ACD forum.
  15. Since I am employed in the traffic safety field, I too read the media report of this unfortunate event. I also looked at the collision location via Google maps. It's unfortunate that the media makes statements on collision causes rather than waiting for professional investigators to report all of the findings. It has been my experience that the media actually creates mis-information, by not waiting for all the facts. I'm not about to add to the speculations but I do suggest that there were likely multiple factors which contributed to why this collision occurred and also multiple factors as to why the collision resulted in fatalities. As the seat belt discussion continues, I suggest that those involved consider that there are often multiple contributing factors to why collisions occur. To presume that there is a constant, single contributing factor is unwise and not supported by collision data.