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  1. dictator27

    Anyone know what this engine is from?

    Six cylinder, right hand drive, Perrot type brakes? British or European? A shot in the dark, but got to start somewhere.
  2. Why do you want to change it?
  3. dictator27

    1950 Studebaker Champion Clutch

    It sounds like the spot welds on the clutch release cross shaft in the bellhousing may have broken. The transmission and bellhousing will need to be removed to reweld the fork to the shaft.
  4. dictator27

    Unknown woody, can someone help, please?

    This appears to be a 1937/38 Matford.
  5. dictator27

    Distributor mounting bracket

    No picture
  6. dictator27

    1930s truck in an Australian movie

    Brockway about 1934-35.
  7. dictator27

    Another Mercury - 1955 I believe - but what model?

    Not a Mercury expert, but believe it is a 1953 Custom.
  8. That makes two of us!!! My son calls me a technoweeny­čśü. Go to YouTube and look up "1928 Austin 12/4 on a test drive". There are other videos available, too. This car was the basis for the famous London taxi and stayed in production until about 1948 basically unchanged.
  9. 1926-27 Austin heavy 12/4.
  10. dictator27

    Another "What am I"

  11. dictator27

    Mystery engine - 1920s six

    Not a Hudson person, but I think the car in the background is a Hudson just based on how close the reveal mouldings are. The engine appears to be a modified Essex Super Six based on the large hole in the bracket on the left side of the engine, which was for the lower rad hose.
  12. dictator27

    Retired #oldcarprincess

    Congratulations on your new job, Victoria. Congratulations also on successfully accomplishing something which must have seemed pretty daunting when you first looked at it. Please do stay in touch, there are far too few women here.
  13. dictator27

    Double Clutching

    My 27 Dictator: 1-2 upshift 4 to 8 mph 2-3 upshift 6 to 14 mph 3-2 downshift let speed drop to 10 mph shift to neutral, release clutch, blip throttle, depress clutch shift to 2nd. 2-1 downshift, wait until car has almost stopped moving, shift to neutral, release clutch briefly, step on clutch, shift to 1st. As tramcar pointed out, these are low speed engines, my Dictator's engine develops its maximum horsepower at 2200 rpm, so winding it up does nothing. Don't worry about the car behind you. Drive the car the way it was designed to be driven.
  14. dictator27

    1920s gauge cluster, what is it?

    As can be seen, the oval section is an actual stamped part of the dash board, hence the "embossed" description by Studebaker. It is very rare with only 97 Canadian assembled cars being equipped with it and about 2,000 US built cars. Why it was changed so quickly is anybody's guess, but I would suspect possibly production problems or maybe sales resistance?
  15. dictator27

    Labatt home - London, Ontario

    1934-35 Hudson?