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  1. Being a working weekend no progress on the Special in regard to the water pump but had help late Sunday to pull the shed apart to access the Limited. It was a bit awkward moving one half out but doable. Sure made priming it easier. Next will be getting the chain saw out and some deforesting to access the drivers door... The daylight hours are getting shorter now as the summer comes to a close but took advantage of mild temperatures to relax a bit. Fortunately we have great neighbours and they came over to enjoy the night after smelling the wood burning. An hour here, an hour there, this scene will be just a memory.
  2. After lurking around the Forums for a while now and being inspired by more than a few that have displayed their abilities from professional skills to the amazing accomplishments of those just wanting to have a driver quality Buick, I'm taking a chance and putting myself out there in the hopes to be able to get organized and keep motivated in dealing with my 1958 Buick collection. Having watched with particularly special interest, Smartin (Adam) and his 58 Limited and now his 58 Roadmaster, I have to state that a specific demand from City Hall (a.k.a. Mayor Wife) two weeks ago has me making an immediate effort! In all fairness and before I get blasted for that comment, I have no one to blame but myself. My first car is my 1958 Limited two door that was a hand me down from my Dad back in 1971. After he and I changed the rear universal joint in only a carport and with a small assortment of tools, I kept driving it till I met my wife at a News Years Eve party our new neighbours next door held in 1973. We started dating that spring when she came home from University 1974 and….. With having purchased another 1958 Buick Special convertible in 1972 I had the choice how we wanted to drive around. It took me 6 years of dating and another 58 Buick Roadmaster convertible before I gathered up the courage to ask her to marry me in 1980. Not to be done collecting 58`s don`t I find another Limited identical to mine right down to the colour and options with only 57,000 miles showing on the clock. So…. I clearly got myself into my present situation on my own (with no real opposition I might point out) and complicated it by parking the 1st Limited (now really worn out) behind our two car garage in 1983 where it has sat out in the elements and hence the cause for the City Hall Order! It will and must be the focus before any attempts to work on the other cars as our backyard is getting more and more use with two adult sons, their girl friends and the amount of socializing we are doing now. I tried to use something similar to calling it The Buick Farm to which it was immediately pointed out that 1 - We live in the City and 2 - This is NOT a farm! So I tried another tact using the term Yard Art and the look was enough to kill and I'm glad I live in Canada where there are gun laws, phew! So with order in hand, I have started striping out the car with the remaining trim that was on her in the hopes of getting both the front and back windows out 1st. The front windshield will be a donor for my Roadmaster convert should all go well and the rear window, I might list for sale as my other Limited is fine and after 42 years of collecting parts from various swap meets, and two Buick collection liquidation purchases, storage for the big items has become a problem. I took the complete dash out several years ago, the engine and trans was taken out before I parked it in 83 and the interior was worn past saving then but the front seat frame will become a donor for the Roadmaster as it has a broken drivers seat back. How that happened is beyond me but that car was really mistreated before I got it and part of the reason it was such a good buy. The driver door will be a donor for the Roadmaster also as it was hit and would need a lot of pounding out beyond my capabilities. Sadly (or my current excuse to City Hall) it has been raining with thunderstorms on and off for just over a week here but we at least missed out on the ice storm today. I’m thinking I might post a list on the garage door to list the work in progress to date and have proof of progress to City Hall. Hopefully I’m not going to bore everyone here with this but as some one else stated, You can’t finish unless you start, so let the fun continue. Doug BCA# 35039
  3. dei

    For Sale Water And Fuel Pumps to Sell

    Any 1958 Buick water pumps?
  4. dei

    1954 century sedan. GA to NC

    I had experience with Mom's Buick Station wagon she bought new and was low miles after an accident years back and the Insurance gave her a low ball number. Bottom line, keep at them giving every bit of value and reason you can. Eventually they came up to a reasonable settlement saying that Insurance does not cover replacement costs... It sure didn't and her rates went up for the next three years as she lost her claims free rating! Hang in there. I'm pulling for you!
  5. dei

    The 2018 - 2500 Challenge

    Went to get the Special today to help get to the Challenge and after warming up smelled something. Guess I'm down till I replace a water pump....
  6. So my camera survived the dunking! Brought it with today to shoot some video of going for a ride this evening but... After warming her up in the garage and backing out onto the driveway... Guess I will be replacing the water pump next before heading on down the road! 😥 A spot from the transmission is one thing but from the cooling system is a whole other issue!
  7. Well Jim, As stated I have never done coil springs before and know they can have devastating consequences if not careful so, went at it like this. Even without the engine and transmission weight I placed my floor jack under the extreme edge of the lower lower control arm and jacked the car up as high as I could. I disconnected the shock tower brackets from the frame as the shock nuts would not come off. Then I cut the stabilizer links (again since the nuts were rusted) to ensure lots of travel for the lower control arm to lower down... Then I carefully unbolted the four upper ball joint bolts while the jack was in place with what weight was on the springs. The last one of the four bolts was a bit tight as the spring pressure was in play but... There was enough weight of the frame and body to prevent the spring from "popping out" and at no time felt I was in any danger. I must say that I placed enough wood and such to support the frame/body after lowering the jack allowing the control arm to drop down and release the spring to it's non tensioned position. A little wiggling and VOILA! Safely dismantling is one thing but putting them in well... I'll cross that bridge if I ever have to cross it. The reason for saving them at this point is to give them to a friend who has a Limited and is having front spring problems.
  8. Concentrated on my shed yesterday so nothing on the Limited. I'm separating it trying to save and place both halves along side of the garage to still have storage for parts and such. That requires unscrewing a million nuts and bolts at the ridge beam and ends but fortunately most are brass. Painting it will be the next issue when put in place but it will be out of eyesight for the wife for the most part so... one thing at a time Dear. Waiting for my point and shoot camera to dry out so no pictures for now... Went to get the wheelbarrow which sat outside and had collected water from the few days of rain we've had. I leaned over to take some bricks out that were in there and... the camera fell out of my overhauls top pocket! S*#@! Took the battery out right away and the memory card then left it sitting in the sun on the wood pile for the day after blowing if out as best I could. Still hoping it will function OK.
  9. dei

    The 2018 - 2500 Challenge

    That's OK, it still had some exercise keeping things in order.
  10. Yes Sir they are a one year only part so be prepared Sebastian.
  11. No miles travelled this past weekend as we have had consistently rainy evenings / early mornings and flipping between cold and warm the few daylight hours when it stops ... Every time a hurricane gets going in the Gulf weather is screwy here...
  12. dei

    Use Of Premium Fuel

    I have a '51 Nash Canadian Statesman from Dad that about 10 years ago when idling suddenly started leaving oil spots underneath her. There were no visible leaks but after wiping off the side of the block, noticed the dipstick would spew something out from under the head of the stick. Smelled it and it had an odour of gas to it and the oil was very thin! Put a new fuel pump on and looked at the old one. Age? Fuel? Maybe both... Sadly, we hear the lifters from that little 6 cylinder more now since Dad ran it like that for a few jaunts...
  13. If you count saving parts for my identical '58 Buick Limited in the garage... I drove this limited back in 1971 and quit driving it around 1976 for my Special Convertible. It has sat outside for the last 33 years behind my garage so... Went at dismantling it and when I tipped the seat back look what I found. We have had the long neck bottles for a long time and this one is a stubby (and the brand I used to drink).
  14. The plans today were delayed due to morning rain and showers till noon. Grabbed a quick sandwich and once it stopped went back to dismantling the Limited. Started out with soaking the bolts on the passenger door figuring they would be tough but... I'm not in need of this door and the glass is cracked but was amazed at the lack out rust on it. I'm going to need parts of the front seat for the Roadmaster some day as the drivers seat back has something broken and lays back way to far so put a socket on the bolts on the floor and with NOT much effort it came loose. Tipping it back to inspect the condition of the under the seat heater what do I find? With having stopped driving her sometime back in 1976 and the bottle being the old stubby style funny to find the tell tale signs of my youth... Definitely going to find a safe spot on the shelf in the garage. Does patina on this count? 🙄🤣 Moved on to the right rear quarter not necessarily for saving it but I literally will be cutting the car up in pieces (what doesn't crumble due to rust) to get it out of this spot saving the stainless and a few Limited specific parts still usable. With a sawzall and a 4 1/2" angle grinder with cutoff blade finally ended up with this. Took my time spraying various screws and bolts to extract the rear quarter window, power window motor and interior trim. By 3:30 it was time to clean up the tools and put back in my sons toolbox after carefully wiping them down (per request...). With no place right now to put the seat inside out of the way decided to flip it back in position for now still out of the rain. I know the thread should be about restoration and such but my goal is to save the parts still usable since I have it and put them on the shelf as spares for the good Limited waiting patiently inside my garage. Now to dismantle that shed tomorrow and allow me to work on the other side of the car...
  15. Great video! Kudos to your wife on the camera work. Clearly it runs in the family.
  16. After raining all morning and finally clearing up about 2pm went out to the Limited and took off the heater/defrost fan and housing, loosened off the steering box, took out all the master cylinder housing bolts expecting I had taken off the pedals and such inside but ... Turned my attention to the coil springs as I want to save them for a fellow '58 owner. I have never done this before so looked up on You Tube and with not having room to use coil spring compression tools, went at things slowly till I got the drivers side out. It went quite smoothly considering the weight of the engine and transmission were not in. Moved on to the passenger side and repeated the process. I put zip ties on the tops of each and will mark which came out of what side just because. Since it has warmed up and appears to be clear might go and get the Special and treat ourselves to another Sunday and Ice Cream cone.
  17. Love the picture. Brings back memories of filling up with my grandfather and sitting on the front seat arm rest going to the cottages. Sad to think those Gas Pump Attendant jobs are all but gone. I don't know if one made a living doing it but I had friends while at school working at stations for part time work / money. Progress I guess? Today it's the fast food jobs for school kids... Somewhat like when I was in college and computers were becoming part of the teaching cirriculum and before the micro chip. Then one could learn to be a Key Punch Operator making those hard paper cards writing programs... Think Cobalt and Fortran. Yikes! I just dated myself!😲
  18. dei

    Use Of Premium Fuel

    We don't have Chevron Gas Stations here in Ontario Canada and I think 94 non-ethanol / unleaded was last seen at the Sunoco Stations quite a few years ago.
  19. Hey Ken, Thanks for following along and the "likes". Funny you should mention the tape possibility to pass inspection your Dad did. When they first started inspections here I used a cut open tomato juice can on my Limited muffler which had a hole on one of the 6 in the dual exhaust system which I screwed it on with machine screws and that passed.😁 I have a new rocker panel in stock that really should be put on but then that rear quarter in front to the tire needs to be done which means at the very least I should redo the whole side below the side trim mouldings which means dealing with the holes under the headlights... Boils down to where to start and stop. Might indeed give the tape a shot as it can always be removed I guess.
  20. dei

    Use Of Premium Fuel

    My '58 Special has at least 140,000 miles on it and has never been opened up and still put regular in her during the summer which doesn't offer to ping but have not put my foot into it either. Having said that, I did put shell 91 octane in it the last recent fill up and after an 88 mile round trip noticed she seemed to be a bit more responsive on the throttle. My imagination? Maybe but it was one of those humid cool days and I always felt that made a difference too. Was told by a well known Cadillac collector around here that Shell high test does not have the ethanol in it and will not evaporate as bad when storing cars over the winters. His collection has quite a collection of V16's which he says are all kept up and driven as regularly as he can so figure his experience is trust worthy. I must say he has a '58 Special convertible also so again, his experience counts for something.
  21. Oh Yes John! Same with the power brake unit, the heater motor, the water control valve (hoping it is alright) and believe it or not, all four upper and lower ball joints were new about 3,000 miles before I quit driving her so... It's going to be a busy Canadian Thanksgiving.
  22. Meaning to be positive here, sounds like a winter project might be good for you and the car?
  23. Last two evenings I have been on a mission. With my contractor saying he is thinking of starting the back wall that had collapsed next week, I have to remove the shed and the Limited parts car. There are a few things on it I will be keeping like all the stainless and such so made a bit of progress after purchasing a new angle grinder and some sawzall blades. I had loosened some things awhile ago so managed to get the grill out last night. For as rusty as she is more than a few bolts came out with the help of PB Blaster. Looks like I'm going to need to stock up as moving on to the drivers side fender tonight I had to resort to the sawzall here and there. Finally got it off and will take the stainless off later as it will be easier to access those speed nuts now. With a little effort was able to unbolt the inner fender from the rad cradle. Next turned my attention to the only bolt holding that rad cradle on. NO WAY was it going to unbolt so went at it with the angle grinder. Finally cut it off and ground down that special nut(?) till she came loose. Next I went at the four bolts that hold the bumper brackets on to the frame. That required the sawzall but with good access it soon was off and will be stored as a good core for rechroming / trade / sale. Knowing the car was slated for parts some time ago, it still isn't easy as this was my first car and was a gift from Dad to start my driving career. To be cont'd...