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  1. This is for a friend (not mine). He would like both left and right fender corner bars (under the headlights) as one of his is cracked and the other has some pitting. It is a 1958 Buick Special. Any leads appreciated. Doug
  2. I stopped into the shop with the gas tank today and... owner said he hired two guys to replace the ones he lost two weeks ago and my gas tank is next after one that was ahead of me. Hoping that one is the test for the new person and not mine... I am to be called when they open it up to see just how things look but have assurance that they can rebuild / clean things up with a guarantee. Stopped into my mechanics about the Cougar and said to get her in and they will go back over things for sure. Glenn is a car guy at heart so noticed the look on his face that he was surprised something had failed with his repair. I told him I want the car for this Friday City sponsored Cruise Day. The Woodward Dream Cruise is starting with cars coming in all this week and it would be nice to pop over one evening too before the "very busy" day Saturday! All this would have been nice in the Special but with everything in life, timing is what it is. My 2500 mile challenge with her is pretty much out of sight this year. Getting there is half the FUN?
  3. After lurking around the Forums for a while now and being inspired by more than a few that have displayed their abilities from professional skills to the amazing accomplishments of those just wanting to have a driver quality Buick, I'm taking a chance and putting myself out there in the hopes to be able to get organized and keep motivated in dealing with my 1958 Buick collection. Having watched with particularly special interest, Smartin (Adam) and his 58 Limited and now his 58 Roadmaster, I have to state that a specific demand from City Hall (a.k.a. Mayor Wife) two weeks ago has me making an immediate effort! In all fairness and before I get blasted for that comment, I have no one to blame but myself. My first car is my 1958 Limited two door that was a hand me down from my Dad back in 1971. After he and I changed the rear universal joint in only a carport and with a small assortment of tools, I kept driving it till I met my wife at a News Years Eve party our new neighbours next door held in 1973. We started dating that spring when she came home from University 1974 and….. With having purchased another 1958 Buick Special convertible in 1972 I had the choice how we wanted to drive around. It took me 6 years of dating and another 58 Buick Roadmaster convertible before I gathered up the courage to ask her to marry me in 1980. Not to be done collecting 58`s don`t I find another Limited identical to mine right down to the colour and options with only 57,000 miles showing on the clock. So…. I clearly got myself into my present situation on my own (with no real opposition I might point out) and complicated it by parking the 1st Limited (now really worn out) behind our two car garage in 1983 where it has sat out in the elements and hence the cause for the City Hall Order! It will and must be the focus before any attempts to work on the other cars as our backyard is getting more and more use with two adult sons, their girl friends and the amount of socializing we are doing now. I tried to use something similar to calling it The Buick Farm to which it was immediately pointed out that 1 - We live in the City and 2 - This is NOT a farm! So I tried another tact using the term Yard Art and the look was enough to kill and I'm glad I live in Canada where there are gun laws, phew! So with order in hand, I have started striping out the car with the remaining trim that was on her in the hopes of getting both the front and back windows out 1st. The front windshield will be a donor for my Roadmaster convert should all go well and the rear window, I might list for sale as my other Limited is fine and after 42 years of collecting parts from various swap meets, and two Buick collection liquidation purchases, storage for the big items has become a problem. I took the complete dash out several years ago, the engine and trans was taken out before I parked it in 83 and the interior was worn past saving then but the front seat frame will become a donor for the Roadmaster as it has a broken drivers seat back. How that happened is beyond me but that car was really mistreated before I got it and part of the reason it was such a good buy. The driver door will be a donor for the Roadmaster also as it was hit and would need a lot of pounding out beyond my capabilities. Sadly (or my current excuse to City Hall) it has been raining with thunderstorms on and off for just over a week here but we at least missed out on the ice storm today. I’m thinking I might post a list on the garage door to list the work in progress to date and have proof of progress to City Hall. Hopefully I’m not going to bore everyone here with this but as some one else stated, You can’t finish unless you start, so let the fun continue. Doug BCA# 35039
  4. Going to be a last minute decision regarding the Dream Cruise Jim but will let you know if coming. Sending you a PM in answer to yours. Thanks. As you well know your car sure attracts attention, young and old! I really need to get a set of tires on the Overland and get behind her wheel again... There is really nothing like driving a true "antique car" on the open back roads is there. My wife and I are planning on going to the Windsor Cruise with friends (hoping for no rain...) so hope to see you there. Otherwise, will be out at our Village / Museum Car Show Labour Day Weekend (if I don't go to Auburn to see the Wells Fargo Limited go up for Auction). We saw Len, his wife daughter and partner Larry in the restaurant when going for supper at the end of the WAMBO Show. A small bit of trivia, Larry and I went to High School together and can attest to my having the Special way back then. Noticed he was driving a nice late model Riviera. It was a nice show and weather was great!
  5. Had a call from Tony Friday who owns the only other '58 Special here in town, asking about an antenna cable and speaker connection on his car. Told him I didn't have a spare cable but sure I had the radio out of the Roadmaster in the cupboard in my garage. Indeed the radio was there and so was the cable. I also found a spare used headlight switch I need for the Special since it does not regulate the dash lights very bright. Will make a visit to Tony's today and show him what the connections are before he takes the dash apart. Then, Heading over to the shop that has the gas tank and speak directly with the owner about when to expect any progress with it... Then, Stopping by my mechanics to see about getting the Cougar tail lights looked again... Will be fitting in work somewhere in this plan.
  6. With the Special in a holding pattern and car shows just about every weekend, decided to drive the Cougar the 40 miles with a friend following (just in case) acting as a buffer due to the brake light issue. All went well and started by filling up with some premium. This is the first tank since storage for the past year. Pulled up to find others doing the same. Sadly fuel price is holding high at $1.30 per litre but the digital dash said I could go 685 kms before empty so happy for driving her today as it is better with mileage than the Special would have been... Once parked and up to registration found out the Town planners decided because it is the 30th Anniversary of this show they were waiving the usual 10 dollar fee per car! Bonus!! It is a nice show in the town core area and has wood boats on the river front, a large firetruck display and parade rides, motorcycles, live music entertainment and the shops were open for the wives!! I brought my tent figuring shade might be an issue (always a blessing) and we set up like we owned the place. I saw Gary's 1914 Buick about two blocks over but kept missing him. Never thought to take a shot of his grey ghost. With a lot to see guess we were never in the same vicinity at the same time. To keep the thread about Buick's, I did see this Buick LeSabre. It was my kind of car, presentable from a bit of distance, obviously there to be enjoyed, being driven and a convertible! Another that caught my eye was this Chev and the pup in front. It had a fantastic paint job and no expense was spared on the pedal car either! Now, we don't have waves for surfing around here but this display was ready for action if ever there were some. Really nice Pontiac! Their 50/50 was to be drawn at 5 pm so made the best of the day before thinking about leaving. It got up to just under 11,000 dollars each way and the announcer said they would top it up to the 11,000 dollar mark for the winner. Naturally neither one of us won but as the expression goes, If you don't have a ticket, for sure you don't have a chance. We decided to stay for supper before heading home and with satisfied stomachs headed back taking the long way. Stopped at place called Mitchells Bay for a photo opportunity. Good day, Good friends and the cars performed nicely. Now to get moving / pushing on with the Special...
  7. Put a call into the shop that has the gas tank today and was told they have lost two workers and are way behind with work... Not exactly what I wanted to hear and feel helpless at the moment. Summer is slipping on by and jury rigging something for any lengthy driving is not what I want to do. I do have the Cougar for a car show tomorrow some 40 miles away but discovered the brake lights ore not working again. My mechanic is not going to be happy seeing it come back on Monday!
  8. dei

    Me and my beautiful 1956 Buick

    Dang Ben. Almost seems like she wants to fight you at every turn... Try and hang in there Sir, you know the joy behind the wheel when things are going right and will be there again.
  9. Likely the coil springs on the wagon... The boat trailer wheels look like they are straining too. Fiberglas boats are not all that light either.
  10. dei

    The 2018 - 2500 Challenge

    Still in the Pits with the Special but wanting to get back into the Race. Glad so many of you have join the Challenge.
  11. Since I did such a good job shelving the new gas gauge float I purchased at the National last year (and could not find it...) decided to order another from Cars for when the gas tank is ready to install. While looking for it I came across a fuel pump that was in a box marked "rebuilt". It definitely has not been installed but... not sure when I bought it and therefore not sure if the parts used are for the new corn-a-hole gas... so ordered the rebuild kit just to be safe. They came in last week and if this heat wave we are having ever subsides, will get under the car to clean things up before the tank goes back on.
  12. Decided last minute to go out to the small Town of Essex Friday evening with a call from my friend saying he was driving his '56 Cadillac to the show. Had to laugh when I pulled up to the the barricaded entrance and the vested attendant waved me away from entering... I proceeded to drive right up and recognised him as a fellow member of my local Car Club and asked just what he thought was an antique car? He soon recognised me and said go ahead after I said it was a 1989 car. This is the third time the car has had that reaction... Good show with about 200 cars and the local Chinese Restaurant had a good buffet. Will be dropping her off to the garage to get the air conditioning looked at again next week as it wasn't finished and wanted to drive her this weekend. It's kinda nice to have something to drive while the Special gas tank is getting rebuilt but looking forward to being on the road again with her!
  13. dei

    1958 Wells Fargo Limited to be Auctioned

    Thanks Brian for the info. Being only three hours from me I should go and see it in person as once it is bought, we all can figure it will go into a private collection at that price and not be seen till the next Auction... Good to know it is still alive and well though. I noticed from the pictures the Steer Head is wired onto the original (obviously replaced) '58 Buick hood emblem.
  14. dei

    1958 Caballero

    One really has to! I personally have seen it at various stages and can say it looks even more spectacular than his photos show. (Of course I'm just a bit biased...) Truly nice work Joe!
  15. Well, dropped the tank to the shop today and the owner says (like we all figured...) it has to be sandblasted, completely cleaned, sealed and then coated and baked. States they stand by this process as long as I own the car. Just had to tell him I have owned it already for 45 years so... NOT planning on getting rid of it anytime soon.
  16. It is Sunday night (late) and reflecting over the days events... I find myself pausing to ponder how life is such a wonderful mystery at times. My wife and I drove 45 miles today in the Cougar which I inherited from a customer, turned close friend, after she had passed to celebrate my Great Aunt's 105th birthday. The day was perfect for a leisurely drive and back to an area I spent many happy summers at the beach with my grandparents. I watched as the odometer turned over to 72,000 kms just before we arrived and once inside the Retirement Home saw a room full of people all there to wish my Great Aunt a happy birthday. When we finally got to her she asked if I drove the convertible Buick today? Nothing gets by her at this age!!! Imagine.... Told her the short version of needed repairs and then excused ourselves to sit with my sister and family up from Tennessee and our Mom waiting for my other sister and husband from Michigan. There was a piano player starting sing-a-long songs and it was very entertaining at a level to still be able to talk with the various people who I had not seen in a looong time. Cake and punch was served and after what was all too short a visit it was time to say good bye (for now). Now... Probably should not be posting this but my Aunt has shared a few stories as I got older about her past that in some ways didn't surprise me so... What does one get for a 105 year old woman? My cousin (her grandson) told me years ago, she still enjoys a nip once in awhile. Upon giving her that goodbye hug, I told her there was a gift bag beside her bed in the room with a little something to enjoy. Sharp as she still is says, "Thank you! My reserve is almost gone and I needed to stock up!" GOD LOVE HER! While this is not totally about cars, still wanted to share. That is my Aunt in the chair and my Mom standing in the dress (without a cane) who is 90 and still driving Dad's van. To end this posting in keeping with cars, the Cougar will be back in the shop this week to further work on the air conditioning but performed wonderfully there and back! Brought her to the garage where the Special usually is parked to end the day and say good night.
  17. Gary, Actually it is Santings Tire in Windsor who I spoke with on the phone. Naturally he needs to see the tank and determine if it can be chemically cleaned or cut open to sandblast the insides but the later is not going to be cheap (nothing is right?). He did a quick search for a re-pop tank and naturally nothing comes up for '58 Buick's so, hoping to drop it of Wednesday and get my issues fixed. Will keep you posted on which Saturday Car Show we are going to and try to get together. We went to WAMBO several years ago and I just might have had a ride on your friends Fire Truck. After meeting you with Len at Plunket's Car Show this year and you saying about the fire trucks, I was with Len when they did a parade through Wallaceburg that year. Any chance this is the friend? That's Len sitting on the right, in front of me. Hate to admit it but this was 2005...
  18. Can't say as I feel sorry for you there John. LOL! At least you are stretching her legs and with my gas tank issues holding things up for me I can't keep up with you right now so will live vicariously through your wonderful shots. Keep it going! The Electra did you proud at last years National and so sorry we didn't connect while there. The trip to this years would have been a test for the Super had you taken her. Guessing you might be planning to attend the National in 2020 in Ohio being so close? I just might have all the bugs worked out of the Special before then to be able to go...
  19. John, With that cornfield background, the darkening shadows in the tree line and that black top she looks, well ... just SUPER!
  20. Hi Gary, Yes I have gone to the Bothwell Show, in fact I go to the Swap Meet on Fridays with my friend who owns the two Monarch's (among others). Not 100% sure if going to the Saturday Show yet... My wife likes the Wambo Show which is the same day because she and the ladies can wander around Town and explore the stores. Sure hoping to have the tank back on the Special by then as I have decided to go the route of having a local shop clean it out and do the coating. Made great headway cleaning the inside bottom of it but the top... just too much flaking coming off still so into the sand blasting with it and hope it can be saved if not turned to swiss cheese! Meantime, Off to a 105th Birthday Party in the Cougar.
  21. Tony came after lunch and brought his Special as promised. We enjoyed an hour or two looking over mine and answering questions he had about his car and the few differences between them like the fact I have power brakes and steering while his does not. I explained that the Special series was the base level of the '58's and his being the 4dr sedan came standard with standard brakes and standard steering. If you notice his car has trim all around the door opening/windows which would be an upgrade from standard but the brakes and steering wasn't upgraded (ordered). The car also sorts it's original interior and the dash pads are is excellent shape further hinting at the low mileage. There is something recognisable to my ear from a 364 V8 and this car needs no introduction with only 54,000 miles showing on the odometer. Told Tony I can't wait to get both cars together at the next Car Show and hear the noise from the crowd! This is the only other '58 Buick here in Town for a looong time!
  22. WOW! She(s) a beauty sir!
  23. I hate electrical gremlins but at least there are no "electronics" like the new cars. Glad you have the top working! Now, how about a picture of your baby?
  24. Tony retired from years as a body man and has a 1928 Model A he bought in Argentina that is a right hand drive export car. He totally restored it and likes the Buick because of it's style and the ability to keep up with traffic. I will definitely be showing him things like my rusty fuel float... You are completely right EmTee about low mileage and the state of gas in the tank being a 60 year old car. It is starting out to be a nice day and should be a good get together.
  25. Friday today. Checked on the Cougar and the air is not fixed but charged and wanted to drive it this weekend. Shop suggested it would be OK to drive but the air would not run so... Picked it up and will be using it to drive to my Great Aunt's 105th Birthday on Sunday!!! Decided to flush the solution from the Special gas tank and will let it dry over night. Meantime, Received a call from the other owner of the only 1958 Buick I know of in my home town and he wondered if we could get together this weekend. Hoping to see him tomorrow with the car at home and grab some pictures. Guess he is having a problem with his gas gauge too... Not sure if it might be ground or... It is as low mileage car so??