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  1. This is out of the 66 Buick Sellers Manual and the 66 Chassis Service Manual.I know this could be incorrect compared to what was produced, I just want to get some of the data together. Standard number of wheel turns says 3.79 (over-all ratio quoted in selling manual 19.4) while quick 3.25 from wheel lock to lock (15:1). The Chassis service manual has standard ratio at 17.5:1 and quick 15:1.
  2. Ha! But still the mystery about the date code. 091 5
  3. Yeah, thats the math I did; also got about 24 on the one rotation so 360/24 = 15. OK, will check for the variable ratio.
  4. Ok I made a time machine and found a unicorn in the Rivi-laboratory. Maybe that’s a stretch, yet I did test a saginaw steering box poportedly out of an early run 66 GS Riviera. 3.25 lock to lock. Tested the ratio and kept coming up with about 24 for one rotation and about 77 for the full 3.25 rotations. The box has a date code of year 5 and 091 for day, so the 91st day of 65 (or 75???). But it seems to match literature for 66 quick steering that states 3.25 lock to lock with 15:1 ratio, right? Still skeptical about factory origin, yet interesting.
  5. Thanks for speaking slow guys. Helps me!
  6. 64 coral mist
  7. Dude I need a youtube video for this, hehe...
  8. Thank you for all the information. Yeah, I would guess the variable ratio is an upgrade. So if this box I posted is about 3 turns lock to lock, then if the pitman shaft goes about 72 degrees, that would be 15:1? Im trying to nail down if this a quick steering or if this option was actually put into 68 Riviera (it is in the literature). Thanks!
  9. Yeah it is an original 68 box. the literature says they had 15:1 as added on the GS package (extra option), but don't know anyone who has a quick ratio from factory documented.
  10. See picture for best description, hehe.
  11. Got a 68 factory steering box that can't be tested at the wheel because the steering column is gone, but the box turns lock to lock around 3 turns. might that be quick steering (out of 68 GS)?
  12. 67 GS 455 Beast mode no Star Wars program...
  13. O wow. I thought the car seemed familiar. Well, it does say negotiable! 8) It is a really clean 71 for sure.
  14. 71 GS Nice.