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  1. The color reminds me of the 2017 Corvette available "Black Rose Metallic:"
  2. Nice. I don't see a lot of them in that color. I think there was a little less then 3% of the run factory produced in Aqua Mist (under 1500) in 68. I was just looking through my *highly collectable* 68 Buick Features dealer book and really found an emphasis on increased safety. Not a super sexy topic, yet might even save lives and avoid worsened injury. I also feel a bit ripped that the wooden (sorry, I mean simulated wood) Rallye steering wheel was not offered on the Riviera...
  3. Here is a 69 Gold:
  4. Nice, yeah I love the metallic blues that these Rivieras have. I have a triple black 68, but I love the midnight aqua paint. I also really like the shifter on the 68, yet prefer the sloping/pointed grill of the 69. The 69 I think also came standard with quick steering ratio and in 68 it was only an option offered on GS if selected. The RoA site also has some classifieds listed that can be accessed without joining and also a section of HOT ads that can be viewed as a member. Frankly it is worth joining IMO even if you don't yet have one so that you can buy with confidence and know the marking on whatever car you are looking at. You like blues? Check out the 66 Shadow Turquoise on the front of the most recent Riview magazine!
  5. Do you have pictures of past or current vehicles to elucidate your fast in vehicles? Any specifications in mind regarding color, options, so forth? 68 has the added shoulder strap seat belts and increased padding on the dash as safety features increased each year. 68/69 as the last year with hideaway headlights.
  6. Well, you could always add these cornering lamps, however that would require cutting into metal... In 68, according to the Riviera Owners Association website, "14,019 purchasers, or 28.5% of production," had cornering lamps. In 69??? "Cornering lights, option K2, were available and were chosen by 13,309 owners. This is only 25.1% of all Rivieras." NCCprice, you may have already done so, however I highly suggest you join the Riviera Owners Association if you have such an interest:
  7. Riviera Plum hu? None GS obviously, yet probably no posi. Or perhaps added 3.42 or other later. Unfortunately not clear.
  8. 93
  10. 75 GS on eBay:
  11. 74 75
  12. The blue air breather cap brings down the street cred, 8)
  13. Of course these redlines with the wheel covers on this black 67 looks great! IMO.
  14. Thank you for the responses and input. In contrast I put door guard on this 67 green mist (looks sliver in picture) and redlines. I actually like the look of the dual guards here, but the redlines of course are questionable on a none GS and with this color. Functionally if parking my vehicle in a tight garage (storage unit) sometimes it helps for protection. But with darker paint there particularly break up body lines. I know Jason was also talking about this with his MZ 66 (Shadow Turquoise). Also to compare a dark (black) GS with door guards and whitewalls. I personally want to put redlines on everything, yet see the error of my ways...
  15. And all I have on original specifications is that it lists "Radial Ply Tires," at $107.36 and the apparent Chrome Wheels $89.47. So with GS probably had the white walls.