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  1. Basically you need to ask to see the posi tag hanging off differential, also stamping that shows posi code (should be a PY right for a 3.42? also circle with X), and the transmission plate for BS. Its easy enough to put some GS badging on a non-GS certainly and the custom plate basically means little to nothing regarding actual custom orders. Most likely not an original GS, but doing the detective work is essential if you want to get to the bottom of it... Good things its the 425 instead of the 401.
  2. I will give him a call and see what is what. Always up to talk Rivi.
  3. Guess I will answer my own question, but also please PM me if anyone just so happens to have NOS calipers or rotors for a 68 Riviera (long shot I know).
  4. I have to get the calipers rebuilt on a 68 Riviera. Does anyone have suggestions where to buy a correct rebuild kit? Thanks!
  5. Chimera

    Buick Tachometer

    I put it up on eBay. Is it correct that this 7K tach is from 1962? Feel free to make offer if interested of course; Discount for RoA members!
  6. Chimera

    Buick Tachometer

    Can always count on Ed for the punk. Truly helpful Ed... Yeah, 7K as in 70 hundred...thanks.
  7. Anyone interested in purchasing a 62 Buick 70K RPM high performance Tachometer in excellent condition with NOS housing before I put it up on eBay? PM if interested. Thanks!
  8. © craigslist - Map data © OpenStreetMap (google map) 1965 Buick Riv cylinders: 8 cylinders fuel: gas odometer: 39000 title status: clean transmission: automatic 1965 Riviera GS, 39,000 m, 425/365 hp Dual 4 barrel, Super Turbine 400, Original Seafoam Green paint n int, POP, manuals, Approx 2700 built, a beautiful car, Great investment Hard to see, yet it looks like it had the 66 valve cover indent. Did that ever come perhaps on late built 65?
  9. It would be good to see the PY stamping for the posi 3.42 on this to verify the GS, especially with the blacked out air cleaner top.
  10. Did the 68 originally have a decal on the air cleaner?
  11. 66-67 Bumper.
  12. UPDATE: Yeah, I don't mind the high volume seller status as a mechanism, in fact it can save money if you actually sell the vehicle, because after speaking with eBay I found out that they don't charge the $120 if sold. So the $50 can be cheaper if sold. The issue was that a glitch on their end made me repeat an auction that I did not want to with no way of shutting it down. I just experienced another odd eBay happening where an interested party sent me an offer and instead of the normal 48 hrs. to review and respond to the offer, it was only 12 hrs (it happened multiple times). They admitted that this was actually an unusual bug and the gentleman I spoke with said in his many years of working in the automotive department at eBay, he has never seen it. There are some other recent reports of this happening to other he said. It can cause issues, for example one offer came in at about 10:30PM for me and then expired in the morning. Thats not much time to respond effectively. I was really getting frustrated with eBay on these last experiences, however they ended up treating me well enough not to leave the platform by giving me some free auctions ($200 value) and took off some other fees for me. They did not take me off the high volume status, but I consider it a decent resolution. Another update is that to set a reserve is only $40 for vehicles and not the $100 I mentioned previously. They think I may have been in the parts selling mode which can have a reserve up to $100 depending on a percentage of the part price. With this, if anyone has issues or questions, I recommend calling the eBay motors department directly to find resolve: 1-800-682-3229 PS: I got another scammer wanting to purchase the vehicle at full price and pay in-full with PayPal and wanting to pick up the vehicle quickly. Geez...
  13. Well it is also odd that my auction automatically re-listed and even after being on the phone with eBay, they could not figure out why the button was missing to take it off the automatic re-list option. This "glitch" could potentially be driving up $$$ for many sellers...who knows. More than 6 vehicles in one year (even if the same vehicle AND never sold). I think only for cars, but I am sure they have other types of fee schedules for non vehicles. I get that they want to promote a sale and so make the reserve $100 feature and perhaps 6 listings is enough per year to keep prices in the might sell range, yet knowing the fee schedule certainly helps. Seems that if someone is not a dealer, the goal would be to not be branded a "high volume seller" related to vehicles, because even if I don't sell any vehicles for years on end, the status is permanent. For me if I am spending $100+ it might be better to go with Hemmings and Craigslist combo.
  14. I poster a couple Rivieras up on eBay (66GS/68GS). Once it automatically re-listed the auction automatically even though I didn't want to and there was no way to uncheck to remove the option of resisting. Anyway, now because of their glitch I am listed as a "high volume seller" (over 6 per year), even though I have not a single vehicle. So it is $50 to list a vehicle if this status that will remain now year ofter year and of course not so long ago they made it $100 just to set a reserve; these are just insertion fees even if not selling. If you actually sell the vehicle, more muggings occur. I am not putting this up here as a whining post, but instead to make others aware to used the 6 listings per year wisely and don't get into the high volume status if possible. I was personally not aware of this statue previously and so didn't really push back when eBay magically made me re-list. Im going to be using Craigslist, Hemmings, and other venues much more for sure, personally. Posting a link to the 66 below. Did not resist the 68, because of higher cost:
  15. HOT 71!!! Purchased off the lot for $6K...Buy it now? $75K.