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  1. 1965 Riviera Gran Sport

    I have family in the SF Bay Area and visit often, but live on the Mendocino Coast (North of SF). I don't have a 65 currently (66,67,68,71).
  2. Well, got any pictures to upload? Engine compartment metal firewall tag has some data also. Tell us more 8) Gran Sport vs non-gran sport. Engine codes. Options. Condition.
  3. 1965 Riviera Gran Sport

    Im in Northern California, yet the 65 I posted was just one on
  4. I want to do this with a boatail. Needs a few more modifications and + a serious push bar.
  5. Certainly not mine.
  7. 1965 Riviera Gran Sport
  9. It is amazing how the 66 is the only car for auction in this estate sale that does not have a picture of the engine compartment shown: The cloth interior looks to be in great shape! Looks like the "GS" is on the Glove Box.
  10. I think of the 66 year as part of first generation (or 1.5). I know this is not correct, however it makes sense to me. Nailhead engine, still have the faux wood steering wheel, metal knobs (not plastic) for radio for example, so on.
  11. Very Nice! 66 Riviera Red on eBay currently. Non-GS
  12. Numbers matching engine intel. Apparently it was the 32,242 car off the line in 67.
  13. Not mine.
  14. Ok, thanks. It is working to full screen.