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  1. Cadillacs Peacock fire-mist sounds awesome.
  2. I like the look personally.
  3. Looks like a great white shark.
  4. Nice, can we get some light on that paint? Is it basically charcoal?
  6. Cougars and Mustangs are related. Riviera is a very distant relation to cougars because the increased size and hideaway lights.
  7. It may take a bit to get the right buyer. Something like that it might be better to have in a Barrett-Jackson like auction during early Summer season or Spring. Might also want to wait a few years for the market to catch up with the fact that Rivieras are the coolest cars ever made in history. The public is sometimes slow to figures things out...
  8. 1966 GS
  9. Where do I go to buy the Data from Joe? Thanks!
  10. Not mine...eBay:
  11. Yeah, but we all know what the main thing is here. The most important point of interest is that the vehicle has an LL paint code. MIDNIGHT AQUA...BINGO WAS HER NAME OOoOOoOoo!!!
  12. It is really a strange contraption. If taking apart, note the spring loaded copper fitting. Didn't notice at first and went flying. It seems to have a tack system, yet without spring would be able to move to the back, and copper does not seem to line up well. Rod sticks out a bit (missing boot).