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  1. Thanks for the update Tom, I was trying to find some info.
  2. Originally Arctic White with Fawn cloth deluxe seats.
  3. Here is my 65. The first car I ever purchased, same year I graduated high school. Totaled after some jack wagon hit me causing me to spin out of control breaking a utility pole in half with my base 401 white with blue interior American steel. Totaled in 1996!
  4. Certainly the auction setting plays a roll, but that goes for any vehicle. It provides entertainment and sport; this is all part of the car market however. Still the reality is that there is growing interest in these vehicles with collectors now wanting to add the infamous 65 to their stable. I spent a lot of time hunting down a solid numbers matching 65 Gran Sport in a good color combination for someone to purchase. There really are not that many available and those who have them tend to dragon hoard rightfully so. More exposure of Rivieras = higher sales, because as we know, they are the coolest cars ever made. Number one sellers are still the survivor unaltered originals.
  5. Yeah, the other went for $120K, considered an outlier. Of course the setting is huge when it comes to car sales. With this sale it certainly does indicate further into the rising collector car statues. Without question.
  6. The Download!
  7. This is the second Riviera I purchased where the seller, attempting to clean the vehicle, discarded the build sheet thinking it was just trash under the rear seat. I found all that was left stuck to the rear seat in the 71. Be warned...check the trash bin when on seen checking out survivor Rivieras.
  8. NICE! Looks like a deep sea crocodile...In a good way.
  9. Well think about this: Without the vinyl can't have triple black!
  10. Hey Steve, What color is the above Riviera? Green? Black?
  11. Yeah, Paul posted the 69 on this forum. I met him in person in Fresno to go check out a silver 67 he was selling at the time. Great car...honest guy. Old school a good way.
  12. 66 with a dual quad setup (no dent in driver side cover).
  13. 3925S with G4 and the other has 3645S with AF4 (or AFA?) under
  14. Hard to know and Occam's razor is not always the best tool. Certainly the odds of someone finding a block with this VIN on it would be super low odds, but you never know, hehe. Tom's story also further invokes the reality of chaos theory. I would think a replacement block would be issued regardless if dual quads or not if required. The carbs are 64 or late 65. Still, digging down into the dealer installed 66 dual quads would be interesting intel for everyone. If anything can be dug up regarding. Thanks again!
  15. The great thing about Rivieras is they look superb with or without a vinyl top!