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  1. Time Machine! Congratulations
  2. Wow, thats a neat blue plate electra there. I understand the faux wood steering wheel and panels (should have been real wood!), but the faux wood cloth seats??? What the hell? I can see the board room discussions about how to make the cars more groovy and earthy. Earth tones and never black! 20 shades of tan! We got tan tan, gold tan, brown tan, green tan...oh and tan wood.
  3. Make a brass one! that would be cool.
  4. Please let me know if anyone is interested in this setup; or perhaps elements of it. Best reproduction IMO. Base is original, in great shape, and California edition. Original Screw Down was sold to me as NOS. Looks the part. Price would of course be much lower for members (DEAL!?)
  5. Perhaps we can tell something about the times by how they name colors and design choice. Of course earth tones were in, but what about the "Judicial Black" and "Liberty white" paint? Independence Red Constitution Green Colonial Yellow Musket Brown Seems very patriotic for sure...
  6. That interior looks like cloth with a wood grain pattern on it. Not sure I have ever seen that. In ANY car...
  7. Looks like a nice clean car. One thing I noticed is the lack of a dent in the aluminum valve cover, hence not from a 66. So good chance not original GS (not showing posi and so forth).
  8. Someone is selling a decent "wood" steering wheel with reproduction horn bar on eBay:
  9. Here is my opinion. Both of the two vehicles above look fine with the newer custom wheels. In fact they look great. I like the way these wheels look (venomous and wicked). However, what something looks like also has context connected to a cosmology of the viewer. Taste is developed and fermented, like a fine wine and sometimes even distilled down even further. I personally think that it is very hard to find wheels that look better than the Buick Riviera Chrome Rally (or whatever they are technically called). I also like the look of the aluminum turbines style (very medieval). The wire wheel type are not as good looking, yet sometimes they may be most appropriate, for example if that particular car came with those wheels. There is something very original and authentic about sporting the look that is true to origin. Now when it comes to custom wheels, I would seek out something that no one else has, or very few have. Part of the gravity that Rivieras maintain is that you do not see them very often, and so are much more appreciated when see. Ideally a custom wheel would be engendered with the spirit in mind of original genetics, yet perhaps a different size or artistic interpretation with tasteful variations. All the examples above are very tasteful and look better than most other classics on the Road IMO, however put bluntly, I do not like that style of wheel very much because I see them used very often and in my eyes cheapens and might even drop the value of a nice Riviera (like breast implants on a women/sorry for the crude comparison). Keep the stock spinners; do you have a picture? If you want something different and modern, save up and have the wheels custom made so that you are the only one on the road with them. Then, it should not only look badass/elegant/classy, but also maintain the value and be more of a rarity.
  10. Need pictures and more information to know. Where were the parts stored?
  11. Was they guy in the original post the driver? Looks like he found a convenient chair while he was txting, hehe. I purchased my first car (65 Riviera) when I was 18 (now 39) and my 10 year old daughter loves Rivieras (influences). These classics are being cherished, discovered, and rediscovered by all ages, tribes, and creeds!
  12. Getting a lot of action in views and watch (not my sale).
  13. Relatively lower run 1968. Burgundy.