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  1. Yeah, good points. Mainly I meant that having a video with a bunch of picture is good. Often these ads have very few visuals. Contents not so great however.
  2. I actually used to live in Escondido California and had some work done on classic cars by this shop (overpriced at the time). The guy seems a bit nervous and their facts are a little off. Personally I think the car would have looked better without that metal flake in that particular pattern. But hey, they like it. They added hideaway wipers!
  3. Although they mention in the video that nobody makes a reproduction horn bar, which we know is not correct...
  5. Here is an example of the Posi code PY (potential GS) and the non-posi PJ (non-GS). And of course the quick check is if it has the metal tag on the differential. The transmissions are the same GS vs. non-GS, so it will be a BT tag trans either way. No special engine stamp, so really if it has the chrome air cleaner top and posi, that would be pretty good (of course paperwork would be awesome to have).
  6. We inherited a 64 from the family. Black with red interior, and the red has certainly grown on me.
  7. Yeah and leather seats. Well you would want to see a the chrome air cleaner top, GS badging in correct places, but perhaps the most telling would be the PY code on the left side of differential tube on bottom. Or if somehow you could determine the robust handling components. Check to see if it has the quick steering ratio, so check the lock to lock. Only GS could add that option. It looks in good condition, however pictures are lacking and not close up. None of engine. Black is a rare color so could be repainted. Got to put this one to the test!
  8. Wow, now thats a lot of Red. Wonderful! There are multiple Riviera Bobs? Probably like 5 of them at least?
  9. Basically another way to put it is that your Regal Black 67 paint is about as rare as a Shadow Turquoise 66.
  10. Basically Riviera 1967 options data are the "lost years," correct? Data destroyed or lost. It was probably about 1500 Regal Black in 1967. Unverifiable shot from the hip number. What ever the exact production, it is a rare breed for such a desired color in our time.
  11. 73 emblems $150: 1970 Red interior, center console, metallic red paint, project, $4K: 1972 Custom: 1966 Surviver, blue interior, $14K: 1965 fenders, door, clamshell $300: 1967 1 owner, low miles, $5k ***Looks a bit scammy***
  12. Sweet Mako Shark you got there!!!
  13. $27K for this Boatail GS someone put on eBay. You pay extra for the wheels! I personally am not a fan of red unless it is metallic or some variation, however many like this flashy color on their chariot.
  14. Certainly the loss of such a wonderful 67 is painful. It is just hard to justify having many. They each are so individual and rare. I might be putting up the 68 Triple black also...
  15. This is most likely Riviera Fawn, Like my old one. It is actually a spectacular color in person, or mine was. I always called it electrum. The truth is that this is a very desirable 67 Riviera, but as we know, condition is King. However, this is the main issue with the current undervalued market, it makes it hard to restore something when it is not worth any where close to the final price tag.