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  1. Straight forward branding is always nice and honest. Jolly John!
  2. The 68 it pretty loaded, out of southern California and have original order form. Even with the front disc breaks (less than 6% of run). I also have a bunch of parts, manuals, and accessories to go with cars if someone is interested. PM me, thanks.
  3. I may be selling a couple Rivieras. If anyone is interested in a 66 GS Super Wildcat Riviera or Triple Black GS 68, please PM me for details.
  4. low miles Well documented stunning 66 GS
  5. 68
  6. Thanks Steve. I have one question about this chart. If you look at the Codes (Riviera Only) list it shows PY under locking for both 3.91 and PY for 3.42GS. Both then it also shows 3.91 as a PZ under the Riviera section or all model section 3.91 is PX or PS. So what would I expect to find if a Riviera had a factory 3.91 regarding the P_ Code? Thank you once again, Gabriel
  7. Has anyone ever seen the stamping on the differential tube of a vehicle with factory 3.91 posi gear ratio (any year 64-73)? It should have a code of PZ, PS, or PX right? Thanks for the intel! Gabriel
  8. Deleted my post on the topic. It ended at $2225. Hmm, is that even real? wow...
  9. it went up to $7800? Yeah sometimes people see what the max bid is then retract. Thats not in good faith. Seems a bid sketchy.
  10. 67 Low mile Silver Riv with a showroom price of about $44K...act now to get $5K OFF!!!
  11. Not recommended and Most likely not a factory GS (absent posi), but thought I should still post this one, perhaps just for references:
  12. Yeah, I usually up for some R-12 fun.
  13. 68...Brass knuckle shifter!