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  1. Correct drain plug washer

    Thanks Randy, my dilemma is that I have already changed the oil and put back the old washer, so no chance to match the old one. Besides, in Australia much of what we now have is metric so I really need a sample. Also, I was uncertain as to whether the PO used a correct washer. At this stage I have a nos plug and washer being posted out, so I should be able to match it. 😀
  2. Firewall grommet

    No problem, see above.
  3. Firewall grommet

  4. Don't feel dumb, this forum is great for information from simple to complex. Rivieras are almost over engineered, no compromise so you need to remove six screws. On a Chevy it might be 4 and a Ford just two would be used. 😜. There is a real wealth of knowledge here that we can always tap into. Another good move if you haven't already is to look at joining the ROA Riviera Owners Association. Again gives you access to a wealth of information. I'm in Australia and we have a number of Rivieras here, but the association and the forum are priceless. Enjoy, Rodney. 😀😀😀😀😀
  5. Hi, if you mean at the front, they should be the same as a '63 whereby you remove the cast metal grille with six screws, then remove the outer and inner lenses to get to the bulb. Should look like this.
  6. Does anyone make a replacement firewall grommet that fits the drivers side. According to an old post, the opening is 1" X 1 5/8". My half of a grommet is an oval shape and has a few wires that come through the dash into the engine bay., Can't find the other half otherwise I would seal them together. VillaRiviera had a post sometime back but no positive reply.
  7. Hi, just a simple one. Can someone advise the correct oil pan drain plug washer size ( inner and outer diameter and thickness) on the '63 Riviera 401. When I drained the engine oil for the first time, I never had a new one, so reused the old one. The one I removed was a thin nylon material, but unsure if this is correct for the motor. My jobber store in Australia may have them, but I need the specifications. What do you guys and gals use?
  8. Gunky deposit left by new plug leads

    Hi Steve, thanks for for your reply. I just spent an hour yesterday removing each lead, checking resistance, dunking each end in methylated spirit and cleaning the crap off each lead and the plug, checking the resistance again and re-installing. Reset the dwell and the idle speed down to 475rpm so will see what transpires. Only thought I did have, was that on each lead I had a ring of masking tape loose with the plug number on it. Whether the glue from the tape had run down and gunked up the end, don't know. Mr Wells in his email sent me the engineering drawing of the leads and suggested it was a points or fuel issue re the miss, but that doesn't explain the rubbish left on each lead. Looked more a production issue than a used set, the sachet of dielectric grease was intact, however the instructions were missing, so didn't use it. The resistance reading of between 560 and 620 ohms on each Wells lead shows continuity and perhaps better than the ones I removed. At least the Wells ones look ok, black with black boots and gold lettering, rather than some of the garish coloured ones I have seen in the past. Am planning an interstate trip to Bendigo Swapmeet in November and want Snowflake to perform at her best. Still not thrilled with the automatic choke, but that's another story. Might end up with a cable operated manual choke as another owner installed option, 😀 Rodney
  9. Gunky deposit left by new plug leads

    Hi Steve, nah, who would think to look inside the lead boot, although I'm certain if their was anything obvious coming out, I should have seen it. I'm usually fairly thorough when replacing bits, so don't think it would have gone unnoticed. And I have contacted my parts store who has offered to replace or refund. I have also emailed Wells Technical from their website but yet to receive any response as yet. If I need to replace them, are their any brands you would recommend, as some may be made in the same factory. I see OPGI do a OEM style set, any help would be appreciated. Rodney
  10. Fitted a new set of Wells plug leads to my '63 Riviera and thought I detected a miss. After a couple of trips decided to check by removing one lead at a time. What I found was a sticky black gunky deposit on the end of the plug where the metal clip attaches. I pulled the lead closer to the end of the cover , cleaned the gunk off the plug and put it back on. Ran much smoother, so I did this with all the other leads. All plugs had the same gunky deposit that I then wiped from the end of each plug. Plugs were new too. Almost tempted to put back the old leads as these were fine and tested ok with an ohm meter. Is this gunk some dielectric grease or something else! Does not seem right to me. Can anyone shed any light on this?
  11. Bob, both side eyeball vents come out without removing the dash pad. The fixings are hard to get to, much easier if the hose is off. I replaced the felt strips making them much firmer. Then attached a new hose from Cold Air Products while the vent was out of the dashboard, the refitted them back in. Much easier if you have ten fingers on the one hand and are double jointed in that area. It is tough but highly rewarding. Rodney

    And when we went to microfiche we were also issued teeny weeny little pens to write in to the blank columns all those good to know details that you document as you go. Lots of my hard copy parts books had all the useful information written in which made it easier to interpret the correct part. I remember in the early introduction of microfiche, one model Chysler Lancer (later the Mitsubishi Lancer) listed two different chromed headlamp. They used the engine number as the change point. Up to engine number 123456 use part number abc and from engine number 123457 use part number xyz. When you compared the two surrounds, one was metal and the other was plastic. Try writing that on your microfiche. My reader had lots of white out on the screen too! Rodney Just my two bobs worth 🙁😀
  13. Gumby, thats a fine looking Riviera in a great paint and trim combination. And lots of great options too. Great choice, congratulations. Rodney 😀
  14. Hi Ed, Bought a set of 5 about 18 months ago after a friend showed them to me on his 78 Cadillac Coupe de Ville. He had a good experience with them and he is super critical. They had a wide band whitewall that I was after and a R235/75 footprint on my 6 inch optional rims for '63. Havent done too many miles to be an expert, but on a run last Saturday they seemed to ride well, are quiet and priced reasonably well. I would have preferred to fit a better known brand, however white walls in Australia are almost non existent. Coker and few other brands are sold here but require several kings ransoms that I could not justify. Too early to tell, but I think I would buy them again. Hope this helps. PS the yellow Smiley Face valve caps were a rare option in 63 😀😀😀
  15. Spend a few minutes on the website of Aurora Designs and watch their demonstration using a Wonderbar radio. Absolutely amazing technology into your stock radio using the original knobs and push buttons.