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  1. Hi guys, sorry have confused the sales code O7 with the plate option codes. The original sales order and invoice show 4 note horns, so thinking they were factory installed, however they could also have been dealer installed. Hope this clarifies things.
  2. Bernie, it looks a lovely place, why do you need a car? If I lived there I would be walking every where. Very scenic from the photos along the river, the lift bridge etc. We are a little bit lucky here, we only need to travel 80kms before we hit real traffic. Except in the holiday season, when it gets a little busy. Locals complain because they can't get a park right outside the Post Office like they always do during the year. Being a seaside holiday town, it is very seasonal, like in winter, some say you can shoot a gun down the Main Street, not hit a thing. enjoy
  3. Hi Bill, this is the set up on my '63, November 62 build. Factory installed option on plate. Hope it helps Rodney If you need a better photo, please let me know,
  4. Thanks for all that info, going to try the R43S because I have them. We live in a country town so lots of places are on roads with 100km speed limit, certainly not bumper to bumper. Then if no joy might look at 45s or even NGK equivalent to the 44s. many thanks Rodney
  5. Hi Jan , thanks for your input, 😄
  6. Can any one offer advice as to correct AC Delco spark plug for 63 Riviera with 401. Shop manual states AC44S and what came out were R44S (resistor series plugs). However my supplier has given me R43S which the AC online catalogue suggests. According to what I can tell from the numbering system, this will be a next step colder plug than what Buick recommended. Can anyone confirm what is the correct AC plug for this Riviera? BTW how does one change the one under the air conditioning compressor without moving everything?😔 thanks Rodney
  7. Hi Eric, thanks for that offer. I have a few feelers out there at the moment, one with the original seller, so hoping one will eventuate. I did think of making one as it will be covered anyway, so if need be, will let you know. Rodney
  8. Thanks, I will do that.
  9. Hi, looking for the bracket/ guard that attaches to the body when installing the remote vacuum trunk release on a 63 Riviera. unfortunately it was missing when I purchased the unit and was unaware it was needed. Photo of shop manual shows a picture and the trunk lock chamber bolts to it. Referred to as a guard for the power unit. many thanks Rodney
  10. IMO when you compare the photos of the Boss wheel equipped to those with the spoke covers and the turbine covers, you are talking chalk and cheese. The Riviera with the oversize wheels have lost their elegance, their pizzaz, their flair, as the wheels are what hit you in the face. Whereas with the other Riviera photos, the covers are distinctive but blende the package. i must admit I do love Cragars and Supremes on first generations, as well as the factory rallye wheel and IMO suit the Riviera much much better as they are a period style wheel. I can understand it can be a generational thing where one generation wants to be so different from the previous ( long hair, tattoos, body piercing, rock music, et al) and its your money to spend how you wish. And I can understand one wanting to be different and make a statement with their car. I don't think I am old fashioned but ......... just st my two bobs worth down under Rodney
  11. The 1963 parts book on page 128-A1 also shows in mounting alongside the battery for model 4747, so it must be right! And same position for the other senior series too!
  12. Hi Telriv, see you picked up on the detail on the 4 ohm speakers. Yes the radio has been upgraded by Aurora Design and now incorporates all the features of a modern system in the original case. Now have Bluetooth/USB/MP3 capability as well as AM/FM plus hands free telephone and Cappachino on tap ( well almost ) and 4ohm speakers are required. Aurora Design have a great presentation on YouTube using a Wonderbar radio that explains what they do, worth a look if wanting to keep things " looking the part " Rodney
  13. Thanks Schmiddy and Paul, hopefully no vibration through the mountings as they are both on timber surrounds. The passenger side is a 6mm timber mounting fitted on 4 corner pieces made from the same thickness timber. The speaker and timbers all attach using self tapping screws, fixed inside a metal panel. The panel has what may be a 12mm thick dense foam or similar at the front as it is very firm, the entire front then covered in vinyl. Drivers side is the same 6mm mounting glued to a 3mm timber panel that is fixed at the front with the original screws and sits on a lip at the rear as per the original panel. Have since covered it in a thin red cloth that has firmed up the fitting. Will be hoping to install the radio in the next week or so and put some power to it, thinking that Deep Purple's " Highway Star" might be a good test. PS the installation in Schmiddys 64 looks so professional, with extra detail as the mounting rubbers. Lucky you have the spot up front for the that speaker that we never had in 63. I must admit the thought of mounting some in the armrests did cross my mind but so did the idea of keeping the looks original. Wonder how those speaker grilles would look painted the trim colour???? Rodney
  14. Your right on that Ed. But tis only the one screw that is the issue and thinking that if it became a nightmare to re-install, it might even be left out ( it would improve performance and fuel economy with less weight) however there does seem enough room to get it back in and to snug it firm. May even look at using a hex head or slotted head screw replacement if necessary even though that would not be original. Will know fairly soon when the replacement ducting hose arrives.
  15. Success, yes you can remove both eyeball vents without take the gauge cluster out. A stubby Philips screwdriver, tiny delicate hands of a surgeon and some perserverence. The PK screw at the top is the difficult one, just remove the flexible hose and feel around till you can turn the screw bit by bit.