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  1. Wrap in Alfoil, place in oven on moderate heat, bake until just right, serves four!πŸ˜€ Finally finished!
  2. Hi Tony, well done on producing the disc brake conversion. If it is the standard Buick 5x5 pattern, does this means that later factory rally wheels will bolt straight on to a 63 (with the large front hub) without the need for spacers or machining of the wheels? Rodney
  3. Hi Hagster, Welcome to the Riviera forum and congratulations on your first Riviera. Looks a nice one with plenty of sort after options and nice colour. (Had a similar experience myself where I missed out on one only to end up with a much nicer Riviera. What will be, will be!) Enjoy your ride and enjoy this forum. The forum, a workshop manual and a parts catalogue will be your best friends!πŸ˜€ Rodney
  4. Hi Kev, my suggestion would be to find a suitable donor car and source all the bits, including the mounting hardware, switches, wiring loom etc etc. Not sure 100% but possibly the 63 and 64 may also suit. Just a thought, good luck.
  5. Hi, have just spent an afternoon trying to adjust the LH rear quarter window on my 63 with power windows.😑 Every time the adjustment is made so it works ok, the top of the glass scrapes the body belt moulding on the up motion, when adjusted so it doesn't scrape, it wants to bind. I was hoping the right adjustment would stop the scrape but so far it has eluded me. Have lubricated all the guides and made sure the motor mounts are firm. Shop manual gives a guide but it sure ain't working for me. Can someone shed some light on " the secret of the rear quarter window"πŸ˜€ Thanks Rodney
  6. Winston, one of the ultimate joys of owning any first generation Rivieras is the thrill, the excitement, the challenge and the ultimate ecstasy after you have finally replaced the heater core and it all works again as it should. My life has never been the same since, am much more focused and my perserverence level has trebled, my life is much richer and my pocket poorer because of the experience. I want to suggest that there be a certificate or a medal or an honour board listing those who have " been there and done that", should be named after the engineer who decided to build a car around the heater core. just my two bobs worth from down under!πŸ˜„
  7. Hi Mitch, thank you for the compliments, glad you like it. The red interior was one of the things that influenced me to buy when I saw the photos. Has that real wow factor! cheers Rodney
  8. Hi Black River, this is a November 1962 build, 140mph speedo with smooth finish dash panel, spare wheel on RH floor. So thinking the two changes did not necessarily go together. Remember reading somewhere that it took some time to get the dash board change to give some BLING to the I interior. However this does have factory air. Hope this helps😊
  9. Thanks for that reassurance, as you can see the next layer of waterproof underlay now going in. Soon should be able to put in the console and front seats. Been extremely difficult driving from a kneeling position, they think I'm a dwarf!πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
  10. Is this too nice to cover up with carpet! Just finished putting in the Car Builders stage 1 sound deadening over the floor which had been sanded clean and re-painted with POR 15. Certainly hoping it deadens sound as good as it looks, a layer of carpet underlay covers this, then the carpet. Distributor re-installed a few days ago and it now runs after a too long a time off the road. Getting close, getting excited! Rodney
  11. Winston, you need to wonder how show judges and others would react when seeing the overspray. Many would deduct points for "poor paint finish, overspray under hood". If there was "factory overspray" you may need to put a sign there saying it is "all original!πŸ˜„ Including .... Jmtbw from down under, Rodney
  12. This certainly clarified that the spring is attached to the seat frame at the rear and the adjuster at the front. Many thanks to Bill, Randall and Allini for their contributions. Lesson learnt here is, lots of BEFORE photos when you start to dismantle, no matter how obvious it seems.
  13. Jan, as an alternative you possibly could try to restore your originals if not cracked or broken by using a very fine 2000 grit wet and dry paper and a cork or rubber sanding block with a soapy water solution. This will usually remove most of the marks and blemishes. A nice polish with a automotive polish (test first before using) will then bring out the lustre. As a daily driver ( soon ) they came up a treat and most of the marks and scratches have gone and are certainly nice and clean looking. Then while the lamp was out, used a fine mill saw file to clean off all the unsightly casting flash on the rear edges (top and bottom) of the lamp grille bars, giving a nice clean finish to each bar. All this made a big difference to the lamps, sorry I don't have the fore and aft photos! cheers Rodney
  14. Hi guys, mine is definitely silver on 63, noted this only the other day when installing new spark plugs. hope this help confirm.
  15. Hi, the parts listings for 4747 63 Riviera list some variations between those fitted with electric vent Windows and manual vents. Different part numbers usually means different parts. This may be the problem as the book lists 10.661 4747 REGULATOR 4808183 R 4808184 L and for the A32 option power windows and power vents 10.661 REGULATOR AND MOTOR 4860658 R 4860659 L So the regulator may be the problem! hope this adds to your solution,