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  1. Thanks Dave, looks like this red Monza was in an auction this past weekend in Tacoma, Washington ...... the Corvair supply state for the U.S.A.
  2. A.S., Sorry for my delay in returning to you, got into O.T. shipping. Thanks for the find here. Connecticut is due north, the 140 carbs and the convert are not number one on the list, but worth a call, to get more info. I appreciate the assistance, hoping the search concludes quickly. Bob.
  3. I appreciate your feedback, 61 Polara. I will advise as to how this chess game proceeds.
  4. V.L., I admire your dedication to get through a lifetime of your Dads collection. In his current condition, he may not realize the efforts you have set forth, but certainly, we have observed your ongoing efforts. I'll bet I speak for most and will offer you any assistance / information to make your tasks easier to endure.
  5. Country Travler, I'm retired from 35 years with GM (Chevrolet Division). I understand how the vehicles get to the dealership, more importantly I really understand the dollars spent by GM and various carriers on "transportation claims". When I saw the posted car carrier pic a few posts back ...... it lit up my memories of fluid damage to paint, body damage from swinging chains or lack of chains, etc. A giant P.I.T.A., for all those involved.
  6. If a person had a "nice" vehicle to be transported, I could not see using a multi-car carrier, thinking of all the possible paint damage from dripping fluids from the cars above. Enclosed would have to be the way to go, I'm thinking.
  7. I'll bet you could make a package deal with a car carrier company like in the pic that Country Travler posted. Maybe Country Travler could give you pointers as to how to make such a deal .
  8. Back in the '70's, I would take GM techs on various "field trips", to Lordstown ,Ohio Vega assembly plant or the Flint, Michigan truck assembly plant or the Tonawanda, NY engine assembly plant. The largest "warranty dollar spent" back then was for cosmetic issues, such as paint orange peel or paint runs or misaligned or incorrect trim. A good example was watching a 1/2 ton GMC truck being assembled. The GMC and Chevy trucks ran down the same assembly line. This particular GMC received a "CHEVROLET" tailgate ...... correct color but wrong name on tailgate. Our plant tour guide assured us the incorrect gate would be discovered, pulled off the assembly line and refitted with the correct tailgate. We followed the truck, the inspectors viewed the truck, the truck went off the assembly line, into the water leak testing, then onto the roller dyno and out into the yard, to be parkjed for shipment. The CHEVROLET tailgate remained ...... onto the dealer for them to correct. The most organized assembly plant was the Lordstown Vega assembly plant. Super clean, superior organization, but the Asian sheet metal rotted so quickly, the car was doomed from that factor alone.
  9. The idea of you utilizing a hired carrier makes good sense !
  10. Have to say their rates are appealing !
  11. Thanks, I have said that in my ongoing search, many more Corvair Monzas have surfaced in the Portland or Seattle area.
  12. Charlotte is 100 miles due east of me, I'm very, very close to Asheville, NC.
  13. If my "anticipated" Portland, Oregon to Hendersonville, NC is on a "favorable" west to east route, it would seem the rate to make that trip with a Corvair should be easily calculated.
  14. Will do .... thanks V.L.
  15. I'm still in limbo here, 6 weeks since my last NC DMV communication, almost 8 months since the first vehicle inspection.. I have not been advised of any positive resolution being reached by the NC DMV. I spoke to an AACA member / police officer who stated the state may wait until the anniversary date of my title and license plate issuance, then refuse to issue a new "yearly sticker". It's my hope the state shows professionalism and concludes this ongoing nightmare, with a positive resolution for me.