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  1. This is an amazing collection, just amazing !
  2. Still looking for a good Monza Coupe ....... at a reasonable price.
  3. for sale

    I would appreciate any info on a restored or a nice driver. The wallet tells me the "nice driver" would fit my budget better, but who knows. Any assistance would be appreciated.
  4. for sale

    Bob, I see that you own a Monza and are in TN. I'm in NC, looking for a well maintained '65 to '69 Monza Coupe. Any leads would be appreciated. Bob G.
  5. Brand new, reproduction, one piece bumpers, still in the original shipping box.
  6. Anyone out there thinking of selling their well maintained '65 to '69 Corvair Monza Coupe with P.G. ? Let me know. Bob.
  7. for sale

    I don't know how you guys do it, but I'm amazed at the vehicles within your stables. I've been looking for a well cared for '65 to '69 Corvair Monza, with P.G., yet all I find are mediocre vehicles, at best. Hats off to you guys !
  8. Must be a '65 to '69, must have a powerglide tranny. Why no turbos ? Didn't think a turbo came with powerglide.
  9. I continue to look for the '65 to '69 Monza out there, who is looking for its next caretaker. A TURN KEY CAR, NO PROJECTS. 110 H.P. IS FINE, 140 H.P IS OK, BUT NO TURBOS. Must be Powerglide. Must have a clean title, in the current owners name. Contact me with pics, mileage and asking price. Email Thanks, Bob
  10. Keep in mind, FREE DELIVERY to Charlotte Autofair, after bumpers are purchased.
  11. One Set of NEW Reproduction One Piece California Style Bumpers. Fits 1949 to 1952 Chevy Passenger Cars One Front Bumper & One Rear Bumper. New Bumper Bolts Included. NEVER USED, NEVER INSTALLED, Still in original shipping box. Compare To Online Prices Of $610 to $720 ...... Plus Shipping. MY PRICE IS $575.OO. LOCAL PICKUP or FREE DELIVERY to CHARLOTTE AUTOFAIR, after your purchase. Send P.M. or Contact
  12. Thanks Marty, should add that both my wife and myself have had our "clutch knees" replaced. I need to reconstruct the wording in my ad, stating "must be powerglide". NOW REWRITTEN.
  13. Thanks Al, Marty explains it all so well.
  14. Thanks John. At this point, I am not yet a fee paying, card carrying member of AACA. Is membership required, in order to place an ad in the magazine ?