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  1. What's your thought ?

    Well folks, I started my thread 10 days ago ....... but have had a bit of a physical setback, so there is no 235 humming away, as of this date. Just a note to say I will update.
  2. What's the better buy?

    All good info and replies. The Model A has been restored in the past, the work needed to bring it back to its former glory will be faster and less expensive. If the poster is counting time and dollars invested, the Model A will be the choice. If the desire to resurrect a more luxurious vehicle at a larger "out of pocket" investment, the choice is the Buick. Antiques are fun AND rewarding ...... when everything is working correctly. For me, I don't like the idea of chasing 1931 Buick parts, knowing Model A parts are readily available. From a standpoint of initial investment, work needed, and parts availability, I would have to go with the Model A. Best of luck, Mr Coyote, whatever you may decide.
  3. White Cars

    I don't know about "daring", but this white Imperial certainly looks good.
  4. 1960 T-Bird Excellent Original w/21000 miles

    A real beauty !
  5. I have to Brag

    Having "been there" with my parents, I understand your thoughts and your words. Always do what your gut tells you ...... then proceed, one day at a time.
  6. Things to restore/fix up for young mechanic

    You show a very positive attitude, a very good trait ! I have presented you with your first "thumbs up" ...... look just above the word "post", and below your avatar.. Fix what you like, but always enjoy what you do. You'll earn money working, but it will never feel like work. Best of luck.
  7. I have to Brag

    I would be "lacking" if I neglected to say I wish your Dad peace, as his journey continues. Maybe, just maybe, he is able to detect the twinkle in your eye, when you talk about your joy with his retract. Seeing the pic with the top in mid travel position reminds me of my friends '57 retract. We went to a car show, displayed the top, just as you have done. When it was time to call it a day, we hopped in, started the car, but the top made up its mind to stay in the mid travel position. This happened many years ago ...... and not being a Ford guy, I can remember fussing with relays and limit switches and jumper wires to ultimately get the top to cooperate and go back to its "fully up position".
  8. WANTED: N.O.S. # 993628 MIRROR

    This part # 993628 mirror was common to both Corvair AND Chevy Nova in 1969 ...... right side, MANUAL ROUND, outside mirror ..... no bowtie on mirror.. I'm thinking someone out there in "classic car land" has one squirreled away in their garage. It would look good on our Corvair. Thanks !
  9. 1955 chevy 2dr wagon with 427 4spd

    Your phrase in capital letters should be on the window of every classic car for sale. :-) Good luck, it'll make someone a "fun car" to own.
  10. WANTED: N.O.S. # 993628 MIRROR

    I want to purchase a N.O.S. # 993628 RIGHT HAND OUTSIDE MIRROR, used on a 1969 Corvair or a 1969 Nova, as a factory accessory. Thanks.

    Well, I believe I will close the door and lock it ! The potential purchase of a Chevelle by my Ohio buddy would have been his first BIG DOLLAR PURCHASE of a classic car. Whether my fault or not, it appears my buddy has been overwhelmed with so many choices ....... along with the issue of price versus quality. Thanks to all who participated in this search ....... a special thanks to Auburnseeker for his daily "finds".
  12. A.S., A very nice addition to your family ! Each year in Dawsonville, Georgia ..... a "moonshine festival" is held, along with a fine car show. Being that the '40 Ford was the car of choice to make the "moonshine runs", you'll never seen a finer gathering of '40 Fords. Being that 2017 is the 50th anniversary of this event, it should prove to be a great time for all ....... especially if you love the '40 Ford.
  13. 1955 chevy 2dr wagon with 427 4spd

    Half way there ..... CE = chevy engine. 9 =1969. Behind the drivers side valve cover, closest to firewall, where engine block bolts to bell housing, there is a casting number. You can see this casting number from the top side, looking at the location described.
  14. What's your thought ?

    Yes, I will respond with my answer. Your comments align with my concerns, as well. I like to hear the results, as well as the problem.
  15. What's your thought ?

    I have problems with the light bulbs, as well.