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    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Hendersonville, North Carolina !
  2. 4,000th post - A "Thank You" to our forum members

    Marty, congrats on your post # 4,000 ! I will echo what others have already stated and simply say " thank you" for the guidance and direction you have provided to me, as I mutter my way through the world of AACA. You have made my AACA journey more rewarding, for that I am appreciative. To solve the concern, regarding meeting all of us, we'll all meet at your place for a week of fun and frolic. You name the time. Best wishes for the next 4,000 posts ....... I'll be reading them as long as I'm around.
  3. How were Ford Model T cars delivered to dealers?

    Imagine that for a minute, 10 million MODEL T's by 1927. Amazing accomplishment, considering how they were assembled, back in the day.
  4. I guess I need to clarify what I'm selling next time

    To summarize the above comments .......... there are more horses azzes than horses.
  5. Front license plate bracket

    Matt, When and where is the NC region annual meeting ?
  6. Front license plate bracket

    I did see the 124 pages, which could be downloaded. I'm looking for the handbook or manual to carry with me.
  7. Front license plate bracket

    I'm wanting to purchase an AACA Judging handbook, since I want my car shown & judged in the 2018 season. I'm told I can purchase this manual / handbook here, online or the AACA store, but all I see are shirts, emblems, license plate frames, etc. Direction is appreciated.
  8. Judging for Newbies

    Thank you.
  9. Front license plate bracket

    I would believe the intensity surfaces because of the "fly crap in the pepper" attitude of the judging process on that 1965 Corvette.
  10. Judging for Newbies

    Is there an AACA book or a manual that I could obtain that explains the classes and judging process with AACA ? I would be interested in obtaining one as we prepare for the 2018 season.
  11. Front license plate bracket

    In any case, the front bracket is probably the last item to be considered.
  12. Front license plate bracket

    If a vehicle came from the factory WITH a front license plate bracket, and the bracket is not on the car for judging, it is a missing part. If the license plate was available as an OPTION , and for extra $$, then no points should be deducted.
  13. Move over Tesla this was around 100 years ago

    The longest Craigslist ad I've ever read.
  14. Do we have any Corvair owners on this forum?

    Sorry for your loss but glad this nice convert is staying in the family.
  15. Do we have any Corvair owners on this forum?

    It certainly is the nicest that I've seen ....... there were some at Maggie Valley NC this year and more in Helen, GA this past April. Your dad's goes beyond what I've seen.