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  1. I have now read draft 17, I'm not certain, but believe "WAR AND PEACE" was shorter in pages. Thanks Carl !
  2. The word "RARE" is the most abused word, in the automotive collection hobby, as illustrated in this Craigslist ad.
  3. Dave, a very cool collection of Corvairs !
  4. Amazing piece of history !
  5. "And unlike so many of our friends , we got to grow old. " Carl, I have put the finest comments you could state into bold type and quotes. In September I will turn 75, inside my head, I still feel 17. I grew up in the '50's, the very best of times. I'm here today with issues, but no complaints, for I'm on the top side of the grass ....... instead of the root side. We did get to grow old, for that I am so thankful.
  6. Alvin Lee was the lead singer back then, passed in 2013 or 2014. Never heard of one group with so many "name changes".
  7. Great story Dave, although I did not attend, the "pics" of Woodstock are forever burned into my memory !
  8. Carl, thank you very much for your comments and your direction to the "oil " site. If you have enjoyed this ongoing journey with me, as we looked for the "right Corvair", I am pleased. Again, I certainly appreciate your comments. Carl, I wish you only the best. Bob.
  9. No kidding Dave, I really thought I was being way to picky, began to get a darn guilt complex over the entire issue. Some members here told me to hang in there, for my car would come ...... one day. At any rate, I think this Corvair will suit our needs, like the documented history, certainly appreciate your searches ..... and your transportation input.
  10. Thanks Kevin. Car will arrive in early July, will then post some pics.
  11. V.L., If you asked that question of me, I would answer "state of confusion". :-)
  12. After many months of hunting, I have made my purchase. A 1969 Corvair 500 Coupe, 28,000 miles, 2 owners. Its claim to fame was being on display in the Tacoma, Washington Lemay Auto Museum during a CORSA Convention. Thanks to each and every person who took the time to offer advice, took the time to find vehicles for sale, took the time to offer support when I was down and out from hunting. Thanks to each of you ! Bob.
  13. I'm not a welder of cast, but can tell you these manifolds appear on ebay.
  14. A beauty of a Merc. Never understood a chopped Merc, with such fine factory lines.