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  1. Let me know if you have any 48 Chevy bumper guards or 50 Chevy bumper guards, thank you
  2. I'm looking for rear bumper wingtips for 1950 Chevy car, please message me if you got any please, thank you.
  3. Anybody have a set or a single crown molding for sale? Please message me if you do. Thank you
  4. Here's the link the pictures were most likely taken from. https://www.jalopyjournal.com/forum/threads/thermador-swamp-cooler.941252/
  5. Person refused to answer any calls and when I tried to call it was a weird calling service and on top of that those pictures were taken from an ad 6 years old, pictures were probably taken off google images. I also understand not paying seller fees through friends and family but crooks also know it's a good way to get away with other people's money.
  6. Somebody by the name of Jason Mitchell ,if that's even there real name, was attempting to scam me into buying this cooler. Please watch out for him or any other offers of people insisting you pay friends or family payments or zelle or any other for of payment that doesn't have fraud protection.The way it started of is was by me posting a wanted ad and then I get contacted by someone referring me to the supposed person with the item and then it goes on from there. PLEASE WATCHOUT FOR SCAMS!!!
  7. Please message me with what you have , thank you
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