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  1. I assume you have searched and found this online so maybe it isn't relevant but it seems like someone made what you are looking for
  2. Found this online There is a simple way to get the 12 volt meter to work on the 6 volt ignition system. It requires a battery from a motorcycle, dry cell from a light, whatever has 12 volts. Connect the power wires from the tach/dwell to the 12 volt battery, then, add a ground wire from the 12 volt battery to the engine, and connect the sensor wire form the meter to the negative post on the coil. read dwell/rpms, set accordingly.The power supply from the 12 volt battery will NOT interface/interfere with the 6 volt system. The ground wire from the 12 volt battery to the engine proper only completes the READ circuit on the meter, the two different voltage systems remain separated.Dwell meter/tach reads correctly when connected in this method.
  3. I think you posted you management link, this should be the correct one
  4. I used the wayback machine to retrieve some of the photos and text from the Hemmings ad, I hope you don't mind Duesenberg early 1930s AAA Dreyer Sprint Car, originally powered by a Rochester Duesenberg Walking Beam engine. All original, history known from new. Built by Pop Dreyer for racing great Don Moore who in the 1920s drove for the Kline Kar team that used Duesenberg and RD engines in their cars. Don installed the WB engine himself. Walking Beam engine blew up in the 1940s and was discarded. Was replaced with the current 1941 Ford flathead six engine. Only WB engine race car known to exist. Locate a RD engine and install or display with the car. Shown Amelia Island Concours 2010. Lots of original photos, history.
  5. Talked to Dan at SEMA a few years back and he came off as a pretty good guy. I enjoyed his show because they gave a realistic idea on what the work costs and how long it really takes
  6. I will be sure to attend. At least the show in Show Low and maybe I can finagle the tour as well
  7. If you are going for the drinks it really isn't such a bad deal. 10 drinks per person, 2 tickets and 7 days so $500 for 140 drinks! Add to that you also get the opening Gala which has food samples and with of course more drinking! I look forward to attending a National Tour and learning more about this hopper opportunity
  8. You can pick up a pen to check the cash like the stores use
  9. Kind of like comparing driving and old classic to watching a show where someone else drives one. Really much different to be there, I recommend it at least once
  10. It is 10 drinks per person and that is only because it is the law in Scottsdale that you cannot give more than 10 drinks per day. At the other BJ auctions there is no limit. It is certainly a lubricant for some of the attendees
  11. I live close to the Scottsdale BJ auction and we go every year. We have met lots of great people and have good made friends with quite a few. We look forward to seeing them each year and being part of the circus that is Barrett-Jackson. Part of that includes the people watching and part is seeing what the vendors have to offer but the majority is sitting in the bidder area and watching the action. We always sign up as bidders. For $500 you get a bidder's pass, a guest pass, a parking pass and tickets to the opening gala. The passes include ten alcoholic drinks per day (while the cars are auctioning which might explain some of the prices).You are correct that there are are plenty of "parking lot" cars but there is also a good selection of quality cars as well, really the diversity can be pretty amazing. Yes you deal with all the people that think that it is a car show and it is always terrible to see where someone has written "wash me" in the dust on a classic or custom but even with all that it is an experience that I am glad I take part in. Of course if it was more than a 20 minute drive I might not be so quick to go each year. What is a national tour? My wife and I want to go to Hershey but I really don't know what a national tour is
  12. Elvira, our 1972 Riviera. Powered by a multi-port fuel injected 455 built by TA performance with their aluminum stage II heads
  13. Looks like eBay has pulled the auction down, thanks for addressing this and the warning Steve
  14. Do you get the antique electric newsletter? That would be a good group to check