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  1. What is the name of the garage this gas measure stick is from?
  2. I have a subscription to Newspapers.com which has newspaper archives for the York papers as well as archives from 20,000 plus newspapers from the 1700's through present. I have done extensive searching and can find very little about Pullman and The York from that early. I have however found many great articles about Pullman from later years. Newspapers.com is a wonderful resource. It would be great to track down the original photo used in this ad if it still exists. My search will continue.
  3. I have seen this ad before, however I must admit that I always thought it was an illustration and not a photograph. I guess it is actually a photograph of the car. Thank you everyone.
  4. Yes my father-in-law purchased the car from Fred back in 2003. It does indeed have the GBS engine. It is a good running car we have had no issues with it other than with the carburetor. It is a lot of fun to drive, unfortunately we have little time to drive it. Maybe when my daughters are grown I will have more time to devote to the antique cars.
  5. dibarlow: I have been fascinated with York County history and in particular its transportation history most of my life. My father-in-law purchased the Pullman in my avatar from Fred Rosenmiller right after the book "The 100-Year Journey of the Pullman Automobile". was published. My father-in-law actually wrote one of the chapters in the book. Meeting my future wife and finding out her dad owned a Pullman really sparked my interested in the Pullman Motor Car Company. The car had been on load to the Agricultural and Industrial Museum in York for years when he purchased it. He left it there until their special Pullman exhibit was over and then brought it home. Between my father-in-law and myself we have done a lot of research and amassed quite a collection of Pullman memorabilia and photographs of Pullman automobiles but have never come across one of "The York" I also spoke to the other Pullman owners that I know (which is most of them) and none of them have a photograph of the car either. I knew it was a long shot asking her but you never know what someone might have.
  6. Being a Pullman owner, I know most of the other Pullman owners and have checked with to see if any of them have seen a photograph of the car, However I do not know Mr. Grundy and have no way of contacting him. I am planning to check with the HCCA as well as the ACCA libraries to see if they possibly have a photo but I doubt they do.
  7. I am trying to find any photograph of an early car. The car was called "The York" and was built in 1904/1905 by the York Automobile Company which later became Pullman Motor Car Company of York, Pennsylvania. The car was the second car built by A.P. Broomell. The first being the 6 wheeled Pullman. When the 6 wheel car was not successful it was dismantled and a new car called The York was built. They reportadly built 17 of The York model. I have seen several black and white as well as color factory renderings of the car but I have never been able to track down an actual photograph of the car. Has anyone here ever seen a photograph of this car? I am posting some color renderings of the car for reference. I look forward to hearing from anyone who may have seen or have a photograph of this car.
  8. Oh ok, I knew he owned the 1917 Pullman that is owned by the York Heritage Trust but I was unaware they owned another Pullman. I assume you are talking about the 1910 Model O? How does it work when you contacted Harrahs? I would be curious to know the information they have on the two Pullmans they owned.
  9. I have not had anyone ask me if I am the original owner of our 1916 Pullman but once when I was out for a drive, I stopped to get gas. When I went in the store to pay the cashier said "nice car does it run?". I had driven the car up to the gas pump.
  10. Are these for Pullman Juniors with the GBS engines?
  11. Thank you, I believe too that is a 1909 Pullman Model K, built in York PA. I also think the third car is a Pullman as well. Either a model 6-60 or 6-66. The middle car, the roadster is the one I am really unsure of.
  12. I am trying to find out where the 1910 Pullman Model O Roadster is. It owned by a collector in York, PA for many years. However, it was sold at the RM Auction in Hershey a few years ago. Dick Shappy purchased the car at the auction but now his website is listing the car as sold. I am a Pullman owner and I try to keep track of where all the Pullman Automobile are and who owns them. If anyone has any information I would really appreciate it.
  13. Can anyone help me identify the cars in the photographs? The pictures were from an old family album and taken in York, Pennsylvania.
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