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  1. Are these for Pullman Juniors with the GBS engines?
  2. Thank you, I believe too that is a 1909 Pullman Model K, built in York PA. I also think the third car is a Pullman as well. Either a model 6-60 or 6-66. The middle car, the roadster is the one I am really unsure of.
  3. I am trying to find out where the 1910 Pullman Model O Roadster is. It owned by a collector in York, PA for many years. However, it was sold at the RM Auction in Hershey a few years ago. Dick Shappy purchased the car at the auction but now his website is listing the car as sold. I am a Pullman owner and I try to keep track of where all the Pullman Automobile are and who owns them. If anyone has any information I would really appreciate it.
  4. Can anyone help me identify the cars in the photographs? The pictures were from an old family album and taken in York, Pennsylvania.
  5. #39, The 1910 Pullman is indeed alive and well. Here are some pictures from around that time period and how the Pullman looked at the time and a much more recent picture of the car.
  6. Thanks for sharing the photograph and information. I am a Pullman owner and am interested in and collect anything related to the Pullman Motor Car Company.
  7. Can I ask where you got this photograph? Do you know the location and people in the photograph?
  8. I agree, I think it is a Pullman but I think its a Model L Toy Tonneau.
  9. Keiser31 a Ford Model K was my first though as well because of the hood shape, however the fenders never matched correctly in the photographs of Ford Model K's that I found.
  10. Can anyone identify the car in this photograph?
  11. Thank you for the information guys!
  12. Can anyone help me identify the type of automobile in this photograph?
  13. My favorite kids in my favorite car!
  14. Thank you so much for the information. It does not appear to hard to make a new cable I just wanted to make sure there were no pre-made cables before I make one on my own.
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