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  1. Keiser31 a Ford Model K was my first though as well because of the hood shape, however the fenders never matched correctly in the photographs of Ford Model K's that I found.
  2. Can anyone identify the car in this photograph?
  3. Thank you for the information guys!
  4. Can anyone help me identify the type of automobile in this photograph?
  5. My favorite kids in my favorite car!
  6. Thank you so much for the information. It does not appear to hard to make a new cable I just wanted to make sure there were no pre-made cables before I make one on my own.
  7. My 1949 Packard 22nd series is in need of a new horn ground wire that goes from the center of the steering wheel down through the steering column to the horn relay. The wire that is there now is in bad shape. The insulation is cracking and very brittle. It has been wrapped with electrical tape in places to cover the bare wire. When you turn the steering wheel at times it will ground the wire out because of missing insulation and the horn will blow. I would like to replace this wire but I am not sure if anyone currently makes a new replacement wire or if I will need to cut the brass disk off the end of the wire and connect it to a new wire. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
  8. You can find a lot of pictures from the 1910 Harrisburg Endurance Run in the Detroit Public Library Digital collection. A 1911 Pullman (made in York, PA) was the official pace maker in the 1910 fall Harrisburg Endurance Race. The races were sponsored by the Motor Club of Harrisburg.
  9. It is a nice car. When it was for sale before Markey purchase did my father-in-law and I went to look at it and considered purchasing it. However at that time the engine had been removed because it was blown and was in Philadelphia to be rebuilt. It also had cosmetic issues and we decided it was more work than we wanted to take on.
  10. This car? Will Markey purchased the 09 from Wagmans a few years ago. I believe Will's daughter has the car since his passing.
  11. Our Pullman still runs and drives great, esp, for a 100 year old car. This was the first time we have shown a car at Hershey. I wanted to show it since it was 100 years old this year.
  12. Mopar, I am glad your Bell came back to the York area. Good luck with the restoration, you have a big job ahead of you.
  13. I do not know who purchased the two Pullman Cars at the auction. However I highly doubt anyone in the York area did as I am sure I would have heard.
  14. Its a real shame the Bell car will be leaving York. Another piece of York history gone. First the Meisenhelder, then 1908 and 1910 Pullmans and now the Bell.
  15. ksbortner


    I have a 1948 Packard and would like to have seat belts installed so that my 4 year old daughter can safely ride in the car. I am not comfortable installing them myself. Besides a restoration shop, do you have any suggestions as to what sort of places might do that type of installation? I would like to get them installed before spring.