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  1. Oh ok, I knew he owned the 1917 Pullman that is owned by the York Heritage Trust but I was unaware they owned another Pullman. I assume you are talking about the 1910 Model O? How does it work when you contacted Harrahs? I would be curious to know the information they have on the two Pullmans they owned.
  2. I have not had anyone ask me if I am the original owner of our 1916 Pullman but once when I was out for a drive, I stopped to get gas. When I went in the store to pay the cashier said "nice car does it run?". I had driven the car up to the gas pump.
  3. Are these for Pullman Juniors with the GBS engines?
  4. Thank you, I believe too that is a 1909 Pullman Model K, built in York PA. I also think the third car is a Pullman as well. Either a model 6-60 or 6-66. The middle car, the roadster is the one I am really unsure of.
  5. I am trying to find out where the 1910 Pullman Model O Roadster is. It owned by a collector in York, PA for many years. However, it was sold at the RM Auction in Hershey a few years ago. Dick Shappy purchased the car at the auction but now his website is listing the car as sold. I am a Pullman owner and I try to keep track of where all the Pullman Automobile are and who owns them. If anyone has any information I would really appreciate it.
  6. Can anyone help me identify the cars in the photographs? The pictures were from an old family album and taken in York, Pennsylvania.
  7. #39, The 1910 Pullman is indeed alive and well. Here are some pictures from around that time period and how the Pullman looked at the time and a much more recent picture of the car.
  8. Thanks for sharing the photograph and information. I am a Pullman owner and am interested in and collect anything related to the Pullman Motor Car Company.
  9. Can I ask where you got this photograph? Do you know the location and people in the photograph?
  10. I agree, I think it is a Pullman but I think its a Model L Toy Tonneau.
  11. Keiser31 a Ford Model K was my first though as well because of the hood shape, however the fenders never matched correctly in the photographs of Ford Model K's that I found.
  12. Can anyone identify the car in this photograph?
  13. Thank you for the information guys!
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