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  1. Hi guys, thank you mike6024 for posting the youtube film. It is a beautiful car but it is completely restored to show condition , that is why I've posted the condition of the car I'm looking to find as a grade 3. Oh and Bob, just so you know I have not been sitting around doing nothing regarding the search. I always look to other hobbyists for tips on how to improve my style. It probably will be more difficult to find one in an anything less than restored condition.....
  2. Hey Xander, I called Ross but they have not returned my call, could be BS?
  3. Thank you for your interest John but I'm going to hang tough on this. Again I do appreciate your input.
  4. So here I am still looking for that elusive 1929 Chrysler Model 75 roadster and a thought came to mind. What methods of search yield the best results? Car Wanted ad in Hemmings, online collector car for sale sites, Ebay, Craigslist or the enlistment of an "agent" of some sort who does the search work for a living? I'm interested in finding out how you fellow hobbyists have successfully found a not so common automobile, what has worked and what has not. Please advise.
  5. leomara

    1929 Chrysler Model 75 Roadster Wanted

    Steven 123, thank you but no.
  6. leomara

    Collector Car Market for Pre War Dying???

    You guys are all very friendly and engaging. Thanks for all the input and opinions and if any of you comes across a 29 Chrysler 75 roadster please advise.
  7. leomara

    Collector Car Market for Pre War Dying???

    Why a 1929 Chrysler Model 75 roadster? That's an interesting question which has infinite answers. I own a 1930 Ford coupe which is the second Model A I've restored. My interest has always been in cars from the late 20's to early 30's. Amelia Earhart owned a Chrysler 75 roadster and the same car was featured prominently in the 1930 Our Gang comedy "Teachers Pet", with Miss Crabtree driving. The headlights have to be outside of the fenders next to the radiator. What else is there? Why do any of us look to buy a specific car?
  8. leomara

    Collector Car Market for Pre War Dying???

    Rite On Cahartley........
  9. leomara

    Collector Car Market for Pre War Dying???

    Back in the late 60's, yeah you know what they now call "mid-century" now I got my start in this great hobby and at that time I remember being labeled as eccentric or daft. How things have changed. I have to confess that I have contempt for those who have pursued this solely as an investment to make money, just a commodity that they have no love for. They have in some instances succeeded in driving up values to the point of excluding true affectionados from the hobby. Not a good thing.
  10. leomara

    Collector Car Market for Pre War Dying???

    Hey guys, I know you are all well intentioned when you refer me to a site having some other car for sale but I'm not interested in anything other than what I'm looking for. Thank you just the same.......
  11. leomara

    Collector Car Market for Pre War Dying???

    Hi Rusty, what color? Don't really care about that since as you said find one is hard enough without being fussy......
  12. leomara

    Collector Car Market for Pre War Dying???

    Matt, I like your philosophy very much. Time is the most valuable and non-infinite thing that we have.
  13. So I'm looking to find a 1929 Chrysler Model 75 roadster in acceptable condition (not show restored) and in the past few years....nothing. Meanwhile, the talking heads are saying that the pre war collector car market is dying because the owners (the baby boomers) are dying and the more youthful collectors have no interest in pre war automobiles. I've read quite a bit on this and I don't know if I buy it based on the prices I see being paid for pre war cars on the auction circuits. What say you?
  14. Looking for one of these automobiles in grade 3 condition, serviceable unrestored or older restoration requiring maintenance. Leo