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  1. Wind Wings

    Thanks Guys!
  2. Wind Wings

    Well I took the idea behind Pete's wind wing mounting scheme and refined it a bit. I designed this flat plate support (3/16" / 4.76 mm thick) and had them machined at Emachineshop.com. It was easy to get a quote and the price wasn't too bad. I machinedup some larger diameter, thicker wall spacers to replace the original thin wall ones. This should prevent tilting with wind loading. The wind wing clamps are circa 1929 Model A as are the tempered glass pieces. It would have been nice if the glass was a few inches longer but my budget wouldn't allow for custom made ones. I also had to shorten the springs a bit to compensate for the extra thickness (to keep enough thread bite for the acorn nut). All in all, I think it looks OK. If anyone would like a copy of the support AutoCad file just send me a PM with your email.
  3. Manufacture part from CAD file?

    Here's a screen shot of the AutoCad drawing. It's going to be used to mount wind wings on the Dodge. I had been looking for some time for some wind wing mount brackets and the choices were pretty much limited to either clamp-on style (on the windshield stanchions) or brackets designed to thread into a tapped hole (or bolted through) the stanchion. I wasn't too keen on either method and did not want to drill holes in the stanchions. A fellow Dodge brother posted a photo of how someone mounted them to his car (2nd pic), which to me seemed much more elegant than clamp-on brackets. The flat bar bolts on in place of the windshield pivot washers, giving a place to mount the wind wing brackets. I simply refined the idea to make them look more integrated. If anyone wants a copy of the AutoCad file, I'll be glad to send a copy. I'm using Ford Model A-style brackets. Cost was $104 for 2 of them, including the steel and shipping.
  4. Manufacture part from CAD file?

    I recently used Emachineshop .com and was pleased with the results. It was a simple 2D shape made from 1/4" steel (I supplied a .dwg file) but they quoted quickly and I had my part in a week.
  5. That hood badge really pops now!
  6. I always found Moon discs to look good on those trucks...
  7. Rebuild of a 1926 DB 4 Cylinder

    If you go with new pistons and pins, I would expect them to be pretty close to each other weight-wise. It was when you mentioned the possible mixing of rods from 2 or more engines that I'd be a little nervous about the rods being close to the same weight. Production variations and all that...
  8. Rebuild of a 1926 DB 4 Cylinder

    Using another crank will not be a problem as long as the new mains babbitt is line bored/reamed to the appropriate diameter. The crank should be checked for cracks and bend too. I see no reason not to use the other rods you have so long as they are checked for cracks and straightness (I don't recall ever seeing new rods for sale). It would also be good to have them all weigh near the same too. As for the cam, I know I've seen lift specs, probably in the MIM.
  9. Tony, the car looks really nice in that pale yellow!
  10. You might search around at the Model T sight, MTFCA. I've seen many interesting posts on blocks that have been brought back 'from the dead'.The older, pre-1912 or so blocks are rare enough that much effort goes into saving them.
  11. I was happy with the work I had done here: https://www.harryheitinauto.com/ They pieced together a radiator for my 25 Dodge from two carcasses and a new core. Nice work and fairly priced imho. They're in Worcester. Mass.
  12. Sorry to hear. Good thing you have a spare. We're getting another 6 inches of snow today so the Dodge is still in hibernation.
  13. DB bolts

    I was just kidding. But it does remind me of the B&S logo...
  14. DB bolts

    At least your 50% there with the B&S....