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  1. MikeC5

    Early DB Top help

    Yes, I did get a rear window but thanks for asking.
  2. MikeC5

    Car Logo Quiz...

    44 for me too with no hints.
  3. MikeC5

    need help with my 25 DB carb

    Has the car not been started for a while? If so, it could be something is gummed up. If the dash pot is stuck I believe it could cause a problem like this. A vacuum leak can also cause this symptom. This cross section shows the dash pot and is from Dyke's Automobile and Gasoline Engine Encyclopedia. I found it on Google and was able to download a copy. Lots of good general troubleshooting info in there. Do you have a copy of the DB Mechanic' Instruction Manual? I often see reprints available on Ebay for not much money. Have you searched this forum?
  4. MikeC5

    Pre War Cars - how fast is fast?

    '25 Dodge Touring (no top) is pretty comfortable at 40-45 on a straight smooth road. It can go a little faster but I sense that the engine doesn't really like to be at the higher rpm.
  5. Matt, I'm glad you were unscathed. It appears that the wood crushing must have absorbed a lot of the energy. It looks quite fixable but it does take time away from driving and enjoying. I hope you can get it back on the road soon.
  6. MikeC5

    Early DB Top help

    Hi Willy, I have this photo from a '25 touring (unfortunately without scale). The Dodge parts list says the top rests are part numbers 1420 (RH) and 1421 (LH), which may appear on the casting part of the assembly.
  7. MikeC5

    Starting Dodge Four restoration.

    Looks very nice. You work fast too!
  8. I'm pretty sure you will. It may not appear so in the photo but this is a tapered end on the axle and tapered joints can be really tight.
  9. The e-brakes had the same friction material as the service brake on my car and the internal shoes are not that much smaller than the surface area of the service brakes. As such, I can lock up the rear wheels with either but I find the e-brake harder to modulate. I don't use them normally but I did test them because it's good to have a redundant braking system. There isn't much to adjust (just the one bolt on the right to center the assy) but you do want to check that the pins on the internal linkage are in good shape. New ones are available at Myers. Otherwise, the adjustment is done at the front clevis.
  10. MikeC5

    Font question

    I find the DB font to be quite interesting. The Amelia font, as used by the Beatles is also a favorite of mine.
  11. The new brushes will have leads with screw eye terminals, just like the ones in there now.
  12. MikeC5

    Neg Ground or Pos. Ground

    My '25 is hooked up as positive ground. The battery cable (assuming it is original) seems to support this since it would be a little short to reach the other side of battery box.
  13. MikeC5

    Dodge ancestral home

    The Lexus sounds nice Ray. I hope you get to enjoy it too...
  14. MikeC5

    Dodge ancestral home

    That sounds like a great idea! I'm glad you didn't sell too.
  15. MikeC5

    Dodge ancestral home

    That's very interesting Ray. I didn't know the Dodge's history traced back to the UK. It's nice to see the setting will be preserved.