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  1. MikeC5

    Rebuild of a 1926 DB 4 Cylinder

    If it's the reverse idler I wouldn't be overly concerned since it only comes into play when tranny is in reverse. The one on the right looks a bit better shape to me.
  2. I used this High Strength Brake and Clutch Lining from McMaster Carr and it works great (I can lock up the rear wheels) https://www.mcmaster.com/#catalog/124/3639/=1do89p9 (scroll to bottom of page)
  3. MikeC5

    Who did ‘57 Better? Ford or Chevy?

    From a purely aesthetic point of view, I think the Ford is a cleaner, more attractive design. That's also why I prefer the '55 Chevy to the '57. I think the '57 Chevy relies too much on chrome. I also agree that the '57 Plymouth was a very attractive design.,
  4. MikeC5

    Thanks to AACA and all Forum members....

    Congratulations on retirement David! It looks like you have plenty of projects to keep you busy.
  5. MikeC5

    Rebuild of a 1926 DB 4 Cylinder

    Great photos and descriptions on how to for future reference. Thank you guys!
  6. MikeC5

    Trade advice,comments

    If you decide to keep the MGB it will be worth seeking out an overdrive tranny. It makes for a much, much more comfortable highway ride. I would also recommend lowering the car back down to pre-bumper height regs. Is it a Model A or AA truck?
  7. MikeC5

    Why does my 1929 Cadillac ride so poorly?

    Yes, I would like to learn more about this too. My 25 Dodge has leaf springs in front, pivoted at the front but steering box is well aft of the axle (i.e. a drag link roughly 2 feet long is used).
  8. MikeC5

    Appropriate amperage reading at idle?

    The 3rd brush current regulation-type of generator on the Dodge behaves similarly with the exception that current drops off at higher speeds (approx 25 mph). I suspect your car has this type of current regulation. This link provides an explanation that I found helpful in understanding the system (even though it references motorcycles). I do leave the headlights on when driving to prevent overcharging (it also helps other drivers notice you and perhaps increase safety). http://www.splitdorfreg.com/Splitdorf Information/three_brush_generator_systems.htm
  9. MikeC5

    Rebuild of a 1926 DB 4 Cylinder

    Good photos and information! Thanks Ray.
  10. MikeC5

    Can someone here ID these radiators

    Um.. did you intend to post photos?
  11. How about "it ran until it didn't"
  12. MikeC5

    Future of the antique car hobby

    Wow, what kind of seafood does your car enjoy? Love that auto-spell! It looks like you covered it well. You didn't mention if you got the charging system to work. You can drive for several hours in daytime if you start with a fully charged battery (no headlights on) but if you're doing a lot of short trips, use the crank instead of starter to preserve the battery.
  13. MikeC5

    Out from long team storage

    Nice to see a happy ending for a car like this. Best of luck with it!
  14. MikeC5

    1924 dodge transmission gear oil

    I tried filling with the Resto Supply 1500W stuff which is very thick and still wasn't able to double clutch a 3rd to 2nd downshift. I guess it depends how much grinding you can stand before the the countershaft gets spinning fast enough.
  15. MikeC5

    Generator cutout: 1929 Hupmobile

    Keep in mind that if the coil has a broken wire somewhere, it will not pull the contacts closed. I'm a fan of using a diode too for the fire prevention aspect.